Breaking: New IG Report Exposes FBI

Department of Justice Inspector General, Michael Horowitz, released a damaging report on Tuesday of their findings of the FBI FISA applications. FISA is the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act that establishes guidelines and procedures for surveillance (both electronic and physical) and collection of intelligence on foreign powers or foreign agents. This was passed to help prevent terrorism and battle espionage.

You might remember that the IG criticized the DOJ & FBI in last year’s report on the use of FISA courts and applications to spy on members of the Trump campaign. In that he found at least 17 significant errors relation to the warrants for Carter Page, a member of the Trump campaign.

Since then, Horowitz has reviewed 29 more applications and what he found should be deeply disturbing to every American.

Of the 29 applications to spy – 4 of them did not include any Woods files (Woods Files contains supporting evidence for the claims in the application to spy). This means either the Woods files did not even exist or were removed.

That’s not all.

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