China Bullies Australia Over Wanting to Investigate Pandemic

China does not want an investigation into their handling of the coronavirus. China has always been a relatively private, hidden government but they are fighting back in plain sight to any talk of criticism of their actions.

Australia has made public that they want an investigation into how all of this started. Shouldn’t they? Shouldn’t we? Even if not to blame someone for the outbreak we should investigate it to study how it happened and what could be done differently in the future to avoid such disasters.

“Ambassador Cheng Jingye on Monday said the push was ‘dangerous’ and could encourage Chinese citizens to not purchase Australian exports or travel to the nation,” Sky News Australia reported.

So, China makes a veiled threat to boycott Australian goods.

Last week, Australia called for the World Health Organization to back an investigation into the origins of the coronavirus. They're asking for global cooperation but Australian Foreign Minister, Marise Payne, says China has reacted with threats instead.

"Australia has made a principled call for an independent review of the COVID-19 outbreak, an unprecedented global crisis with severe health, economic and social impacts," she said, according to Sky News. “We reject any suggestion that economic coercion is an appropriate response to a call for such an assessment, when what we need is global cooperation.”

China is also accusing Australia of 'siding with the U.S.' on wanting an investigation and 'pandering to assertions from forces in Washington'.

It’s a kind of pandering to the assertions that are made by some forces in Washington. Over a certain period of time, some guys are attempting to blame China for their problems and deflect the attention.

Perhaps we're missing something but wanting an investigation into the origins of a virus that has crashed economies across the globe and killed over 200k people doesn't equate to "blaming someone else for their problems". Their problems happened to have originated from China.

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2 thoughts on “China Bullies Australia Over Wanting to Investigate Pandemic”

  1. China’s Communists Are On The Fast-Track To Hell…!!!! Such Treachery As They’ve Dealt Against Our USA After ‘ALL’ The Advantages The Communist Chinese Have Enjoyed At America’s Expense Lo These Last Several Decades Is Utterly Despicable…!!!! Fucking Ingrates…!!!!

  2. Who can say if China released this virus deliberately or by accident; HOWEVER it has served them well. They were getting anxious about the riots in Hong Kong, how to end them without creating another Tienanmen Square and how to keep the Hong Kong ideals from spreading to the rest of China. They offered an ‘olive branch’ by calling the rioters to come to mainland China and have their case heard; of course that was rejected as an obvious trap. Then along comes the corona outbreak which China became aware of on or before Dec 8 2019. They did not make any report to WHO or to the world until the end of January 2020 — so more than a month to let this spread at least as far as Hong Kong. But as we know it went a whole lot further than that. And what happened to the Hong Kong riots? Over, done, all quiet. Where are those people now? We can be pretty sure they were spirited away in the night and are not either locked in a Chinese jail or executed. Also, 21 million Chinese cell phones have gone dark since January. In China, EVERYONE is required to carry a cell phone and have it on at all times; everyone is being tracked and if you want to go anywhere you have to enter your destination and receive a ‘permission’ code before setting out. So if a phone is dark, the owner is very, very likely to be dead. Under the cover of this virus outbreak, it would be very easy for China to get rid of troublesome citizens and people in prison who are just cost the gov’t money to maintain. In a global pandemic, with a fairly closed society, who would notice? Did they or didn’t they do this deliberately? We don’t know but we do know that two Chinese researchers from Wuhan worked on a corona virus research project in an American facility in 2014 and took (or stole) virus samples when they returned home and to their regular jobs at the Wuhan research facility. The virus samples were found in one of the doctors’ briefcases at the airport when entering China and they were questioned and then sent on to Wuhan. Draw your own conclusions.