Is Twitter Allowing Racist Death Threats Toward Black Conservative Icon?

Twitter has banned many conservative accounts for ‘offensive’ content that seems to simply be a conservative political viewpoint or a stance that’s against a Democrat politician or viewpoint. They’ve also been accused of censoring conservative voices through “shadow-banning”.

Take James Woods, for example.Woods was banned for sharing a paraphrased Ralph Waldo Emerson tweet, in what appeared to be a warning to the Deep State, saying “If you try to kill the King, you better not miss”. It was an apparent reference to the Mueller investigation as an attempted coup attempt.

Woods retweeted a picture of 2018 Democrat candidate for Governor of Florida, Andrew Gillum, that apparently leaked from the hotel where he was found unresponsive and naked surrounded by booze and meth. His account was suspended for violating Twitter’s policies.

The suspensions tend to go in one direction, though.

Against Conservative voices.

Violating Twitter’s terms of service is a legitimate cause for suspension. However, it seems that some liberals have free rein on the platform. Take for instance the case of Terrence Williams.


That’s some of the lowest and vile stuff you can say to another human.

Williams was showered with racist threats of physical violence, rape, and murder. Twitter users went after his kids with the same type of threat (though he doesn't have any kids). He reached out to Twitter and, according to this latest video, Twitter has basically ignored it. You can also watch his video here:

As you listen to him talk about these threats and show the actual evidence of them, you should also ask yourself what you think would happen if a Trump supporter laid this on a Democrat.

While conservatives are getting banned for sharing memes, liberals seem to be getting away with public rape and death threats.


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