The W.H.O. Director Tedros Led Group Designated As Terrorist Organization

Dr. Tedros, the World Health Director, has been in the spotlight lately due to the W.H.O.’s handling of the coronavirus outbreak and its ties to China. However, new revelations about his past and ties to a group, labeled as a terrorist organization have come to light as well.

Dr. Tedros was a leader of the Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Entrance. The group that was designated as a terrorist organization by the United States. In 2014 the Department of Homeland Security released a memo that outlines the actions of the EPRDF.

The TPLF is a political group founded in 1975 in Ethiopia, as an opposition group. The TPLF engaged in prolonged armed conflict with the government of Ethiopia, which, along with other groups, it succeeded in overthrowing in 1991. The TPLF then joined the Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF), a political coalition that became the governing coalition in Ethiopia. The EPRDF continues to control the government of Ethiopia. The TPLF qualifies as a Tier III terrorist organization under INA section 212(a)(3)(B)(vi)(III) on the basis of its violent activities before it became part of the ruling coalition and the government of Ethiopia in May 1991.

So, how did he get to be the director of the World Health Organization?

That's another story with a hazy picture. He got the job after multiple rounds of 'secret-ballot' voting. Prior to landing this job he was accused of covering up multiple cholera epidemics and attempting to change the narrative by leaning on media and gov't officials to stop calling it a "cholera" epidemic.

Sound familiar? He's also been accused of helping the Chinese fight a public relations battle on their handling of the outbreak. Some of that is documented here.

Gordon Chang, a foreign affairs expert, in an interview with Fox News said this:

"Tedros is the second-to-last person who should be heading the  World Health Organization at this time," foreign affairs expert Gordon Chang told Fox News. "The last person is (Chinese President) Xi Jinping."

President Trump has recently called on the US to stop funding to the World Health Organization, a move that has landed him some criticism from the left and the Chinese.

That move is starting to look quite a bit more clever than Democrats will likely admit.


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