De Blasio Now Supports a Fence – But Around New York

Fences don’t work. Walls don’t work. They’re a waste of money.

That’s what we’ve heard from Democrats for the last 4 years.

New York Mayor Bill De Blasio has been on the attack trail of President Trump for years over the President’s call for a border wall. He’s said the wall would be inhumane and racist and a waste of taxpayer money.

However, De Blasio is now considering the construction of a fence along the beaches of New York to ensure New Yorkers don’t access the beach area, especially for Memorial Day.

De Blasio was on a Fox News show on Sunday where the topic came up.

In an interview with Fox News, de Blasio said he didn’t want to build a wall but he might have to in order to keep the people away from the water.

The mayor explains that he concerned that the beaches get crowded quickly and that we are not close to the end of the pandemic.

In contrast, Governor Cuomo (D-NY) has already announced that the beaches will be open for Memorial Day.

Which is it?

De Blasio has suggested that he may use the NYPD and even want military to keep people away from the beaches.

As Del Duduit posed the question: Is this about the safety of the people or control of the people?

Read more at Western Journal.

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7 thoughts on “De Blasio Now Supports a Fence – But Around New York”

  1. Sounds like the beginning of the Movie Escape from New York.. I’m that movie they turn New York into a prison. DE Blasio must have seen the movie as a child, and now he wants to make New York a reality. The criticizes of New York are living DE Blasios dream. A year from now unless the voter gets this lunatic out of office they will be escaping New York.

  2. Were there any real Americans left in NYC this would concern me.Since, however, DeBlaBla is still breathing, one can assume that there aren’t any left there.

  3. Voter fraud notwithstanding, people keep electing Progressives (there are no old school Democrats left). They deserve what they get. The problem is there are conservatives living in the states where Demorats rule that get caught up in their tyranny.

  4. good and don’t let the inmates (liberalism is a mental illness and it’s run rampant in NYC) out of the asylum

  5. This is preview to socialism.. if you like all these rules and lockdowns then vote the Democratic Line. But there’s a simple solution Term Limits on all elected seats.. but they Republicans & Democrats will never do it!