Joe Biden Needs to Answer These Questions On China

While Joe Biden is camping out somewhere, unable to make public appearances unless it’s for virtue signaling, he should take the time to have his speech writers draft a response to a list of questions surrounding his involvement, support, and profiting from deals with China. Then he should memorize it over the next few months.

Ben Weingarten, at The Federalist, put together an excellent list of appropriate questions for Joe Biden and his relationship with China. Let’s not forget that Joe Biden has spent a lifetime in politics, literally. He was a U.S. Senator representing Delaware from 1973 to 2009. He then became Vice President to former President Obama from 2009-2017. That’s just short of 50 years, at this point.

The rise of China under the Communist Party of China is, without a doubt, the single greatest threat to the United States. These charts show just how fast their rise has been. China’s trade deals with the U.S. have been advantageous for China and costly for the U.S. Joe Biden has been in an important political role during their entire rise.

China is most known for their major human rights abuses.

Since Joe Biden is running for President of the United States, he must answer for his positions, support, and profiting from business and trade deals with China.

Ben Weingarten listed 23 questions. Here are a few of them that Biden will need to answer for the American people.

Does Biden believe the Obama administration’s responses, or lack thereof, to China’s rampant theft of intellectual property, militarization of the South China Sea, catastrophic hack of the Office of Personnel Management, and liquidation of Central Intelligence Agency assets were sufficient, and successfully checked China’s ambitions? If not, what would he have done differently? Did he propose such alternatives as vice president?

China and Iran killed dozens of U.S spies between 2009-2013. You may also remember that it was the first term for President Obama and VP Biden.

Does the former vice president think it appropriate for former Obama administration national security officials to lobby on behalf of Huawei, the CCP-tied, national security-threatening, alleged U.S.-lawbreaking linchpin of China’s plan for control over global communications?

Huawei's 5G is a company product developed in coordination with the Chinese military and is looking to take over virtually all of the world's 5G network. What could possibly go wrong?

Will Biden disclose any and all funding directly or indirectly emanating from Chinese sources for the Penn Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement?

It is now public knowledge that Joe Biden's son, Hunter Biden, was able to ink a $1.5 billion private equity deal with the Bank of China less than 2 weeks after Hunter flew aboard Air Force Two on a trip to China.

Why has Biden been so pro-China? Could it have something to do with the money flowing into his family businesses and foundations? We are talking billions of dollars, here. By the way, Biden wasn't alone in this endeavor with China. Hunter's business partner was none other than Chris Heinz, who just happens to be John Kerry's stepson.

Americans deserve to know the truth about Biden and China and the resulting rise of China in competition with the United States.

Read the rest of Weingarten's questions, for Biden, here.

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  1. China needs to be stop torturing defenseless animals and the US needs to bring back the industry to our own country! Who consciously supports a country that treats their citizens like crap paynig them pennies to make these cheap ass products and tortures animals to get off. Taxes payers in the US do not want to support products from China we want the industry brought back to our own country. So no I do and will not support a President that does. Covidc19 has not taught you anything 100,000 and counting of people have been murdered and all you can think about is profit, shame on you!