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Karl Manke is Becoming the Hero We Needed -Gov. Whitmer the Villain

The 77 year old Michigan barber is becoming a shining example of what America was founded upon. He’s standing tall and proud in the face of tyranny – and he’s not alone.

Manke made headlines just days ago as Governor Whitmer (D-MI) ordered him to keep his business shut down. He did not abide and she’s doing her best to make him pay the price.

“I’d gone six weeks without a paycheck with no money coming in. I’ve been in this business 59 years…I’m 77. I’ve always worked,”..“I’ve never looked for handouts. I don’t even know what they are. I had somebody call me and say why don’t you get on food stamps. I don’t want to get on food stamps. I want to work.”

Whitmer took it a step further.

Manke was taken to court by the state but the judge refused to order him to close his business down. Whitmer then sent the attack dogs from the Department of Health to his doorstep.

Finally, on Tuesday, Whitmer had his operating license pulled.

“Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs has suspended Karl’s license,” attorney David Kallman told radio host Steve Gruber.

“Not thinking about it, they’ve actually done it without a hearing, without any due process,” he added, saying the action took place some time after 5:00 p.m.

“It’s an unbelievable abuse of power,” Kallman said, arguing there’s no legal basis for the action.

“This is pure retribution by the governor’s office and by the AG. This is so petty and vindictive, it’s beyond the pale,” he told Gruber.

The tyrants within the State of Michigan's government are beating down an elderly man who wants nothing more than to work and to provide for himself, his family, and his clients. The government says not so fast.

When asked about Manke, during a press conference, Whitmer replied:

I expect people to follow the law. These executive orders are not a suggestion. They're not optional. They're not helpful hints."

This is not a government that fears the people. This is a government that puts fear into the people. This is not what America was created to be.

Hat tip to Manke and all of his supporters across the country. We need more of him right now and less of Whitmer's kind if we're going to be a free country again.

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58 thoughts on “Karl Manke is Becoming the Hero We Needed -Gov. Whitmer the Villain”

  1. The people of Michigan can recall the governor if they so choose more Americans need to stand up against the government this a government by the people. We elect them to do our bidding not what they deem best for us FIRE HER NOW

    1. True,but to do so requires a person collecting signatures on a petition. Chances are that Whitless would have the canvassers arrested for not staying at home or violating social distancing.

  2. Witmer is a demorat Stalinist. She is supposed to be a representative of the people not the head of the politburo. These petty dictators should be shipped to Cuba, China or whatever tyranny they choose!

  3. If all Americans stand up and do the same as Mr. Manke has done the government will have to listen. Government is for the people and by the people. Go America.

    1. I so agree! She isn’t upholding the Michigan constitution only her own version. I say ship her to China!

  4. We cannot run a state by executive order. Crisis or not it must not be up to one person to dictate the actions for an entire population. using tactics like suspension of licensing is what is done under a dictatorship. licenses are in place to regulate the quality of services and provide insurance of skills necessary to provide the services offered the people.they are in place to protect the citizen not to force obedience on someone that is self-employed. it is time we remove this dictator and show the nation we won’t put up with a dictator. ——I am a free man and I resist. ——-Grampa

    1. I agree! She needs to be removed! Good for him to be standing up against the Stalinist Queen! Hopefully God will deal with her!

    1. When did America become such a nation of wimps? This government is to serve the people, not rule the people.

    2. She is a NWO flack of the Bilderberg Cartel and Georgi Soros, her puppetmasters. A cookie cutter of Comrade Jenny Granholm the Canadian carpetbagger sent here to destroy Michigan!

    1. I would care less if I picked up the morning paper and read that Gov. Whitmer, George Soros, Nancy Pelosi, Dianne Feinstein, AOC, Ilhan Omar, Pressley, Adam Schiff, Rashida Tlaib, and a few others in Congress all caught the coronavirus with terminal results… God needs to do a thorough housecleaning in Congress and business…any US company who outsourced to China needs to LOSE EVERYTHING…ABSOLUTELY NO IMPORTS FROM CHINA… NOTHING…Seize the Chinese made crap at the border if necessary and deep six it…

  5. Mr. Manke, You are a good man!! I hope pulling your license will not slow you down!! A Go Fund Me page is in order for you to build a legal fund to sue this socialist dictator wannabe!! I salute you Mr. Manke!!

    1. Me too! Mr. Manke! What all these small businesses need to do is a class action lawsuit on the Stalin dictator! Bury her in law suits so she is no longer politically viable for anyone!


  7. I wonder how many who voted for Whitless regret having done so. I have Schadenfreude telling everyone “I told you so”! I knew something like this was going to happen when this Granholm clone was elected! This over-reach is exactly what the Constitution was designed to avoid. There has been no due process in this whole ordeal, it is all fiat from one person, that is not a democracy! it is a dictatorship. I didn’t vote for Granholm or Whitless because I knew they would be petty dictators! American women shouldn’t be in leadership roles, they are control freaks, they will do whatever it takes to control everything! They don’t care one whit about the democratic process, they just want things the way they want them, and everyone else, be damned!

    1. I didn’t vote for her. She don’t belong in power. Another possible Killary wannabe!

  8. Maybe Whitmer is Hitler’s granddaughter. She is certainly using gestapo tactics from Hitler’s rise to power. Just what we need a female Hitler. Those who do not know history are doomed to repeat it.

  9. Whitmer missed her true calling, she was born 50 years late, she needed to be in charge of a German killing camy, Auschwitz for example. She could have killed , tortured and run the camp with her Iron Fist. She would have been right at home there, full sadistic command to kill, hurt, torture and harm people at any time her dark world brain wanted to get it kicks.
    She a true Bitch by every definition and needs to be removed and charged with crimes for grossly exceeding her power. Good job Michigan for electing that sadistic bitch!

  10. Said my prayers yesterday….I would care less if I picked up the paper and read that Gov. Whitmer caught the coronavirus with a terminal result. Mr. Manke needs to go back to court, get his credentials and operating licenses reinstated, and sue for damages and attorneys fees.

  11. Yesterday was Sunday and I said my prayers. I would care less if I picked up the paper and read that Gov. Whitmer caught the coronavirus with a terminal result. Mr. Manke needs to go back to court and get his licenses and credentials reinstated, as well as sue the state for damages and attorney fees…

  12. Open your business everyone be safe social distance move slow stand up for America! I wish I owned a business I’d open now. This virus was mitigated to slow it so as not to bombard healthcare but number are going to be the same. We are being lied to. It was a new virus and it was going to conduct itself the way it did and they was nothing we could do about it except to stay home if sick wash hand keep them away from face just like any good hygiene.

  13. Whitless claims that she has saved 3500 lives with her shutdown. How many lives has she ruined in the same timeframe with substance abuse, suicide, bankruptcies,etc?
    Where is her medical justification for keeping the pot shops and liquor stores open but closing gun stores? Where is the medical justification for keeping abortion clinics open as “life sustaining “ while stopping surgeries that improve or extend life?
    This is all a power grab, orchestrated by the Dem party to increase power. Notice it is the Dem Governors that are delaying opening the economy.
    And BTW the shutdown was meant to slow the spread not STOP it, as you would never stop the spread. It’s original intent was to slow it enough for the hospitals to handle the volume. It is inevitable that the infection rate will pick up as people will ignore the dictates at increasing rates The longer she extends it and with warmer weather.

  14. Following the constitution, licenses are illegal anyway
    Keep cutting hair, change your name to Pelosi. That way you can do anything you want

  15. When are people going to stop electing these power hungry democrats into office? What is it going to take to open their closed minds to what they are helping to do to people like this poor guy? I just hope that a go fund me account is opened for him to help this poor guy get by.

  16. The Democrat rot that has infected the ‘”Blue States” has finally been exposed as to who these people are, control monsters who are following the Communist-line. Recall, Recall, Recall these slithering, slimey creatures from their respective offices so never again can good, decent Americans be tortured as they are in this pandemic. These Democrat Governors and Mayors have no intention of allowing businesses to reopen until November. Their collective purpose is to destroy the U.S. economy and blame it on President Trump. There’s nothing they won’t do to achieve their evil aim of forcing a One World Government upon the citizens of the U.S. and elsewhere. These Elitists are power mad and greedy and have determined that it is they, the “intelligent” ones who must depopulate to save Mother Gaia. Today’s Democrat Party is more dangerous to the U.S. than any foreign enemy could ever be. Americans must stand together peacefully to decimate their power and return the U.S.A. back to its liberty and freedom. May God bless Mr. Manke and all other business owners who are being discriminated against due to their right to earn a living for themselves and their employees. Americans – pray, pray, pray for the success of our people caught-up in this Democrat plague of destruction..

  17. The problem in Michigan is 1; to many people are afraid to stand up for their liberties; 2: too many people are “sheeple”; they will follow anyone who scares them with un-provable “facts”! 3: WE have a house full of weak-kneed legislatures who are afraid to stand up for their constituents; and their oath of service in which they promise to defend the Constitution!!!
    Whitler must be removed from office, her policies are going to destroy Michigan’s economy beyond repair and will turn Mich. into a third world; poverty stricken state.

  18. I am so proud of that barber, he is a hero of the best kind. Gretchen is a villain of the worse kind. We were brought up to do the things you need to do to provide for yourself and family and so was this man. I hope enough pressure comes to Gretchen that he will get his licence back so he can continue to provide for himself and family, that is the American way.

  19. Did not the authority granted to her by the legislature expire? That being the case, she has no authority for her actions and said actions are illegal.

  20. why don’t the people of Michigan stand up for their rights and either recall or impeach this governor!!! The people of Michigan and other states where Democrat Govern are getting their first look at Socialism and government control, rather than by the people…America WAKE UP, as a life long democrat, I and all America should never vote for, any Democrat again!!!

  21. We need American lawyers that stand with the people to help set down all governors that have been consumed by power and are blind to justice acting like they are kings instead of helping in crisis. They have made things worse. Free America from tyranny and let us get back to work. I believe this crisis is revealing what has been there in some of our elected officials all along covered and protected by the skirts of politics but now it’s no longer hidden and we should not stand for it. That’s not who and what we voted for. Who are the real criminals that should be held accountable for their actions breaking our constitution which is not a suggestion. What things have these elected people of such power done behind closed doors that we don’t know about? I don’t even want to imagine. So sad

  22. EOs by governors are not Law either. Governors don’t make Law. Her Executive Orders only relate to government corporate employees, and corporate citizen “persons,” (fictitious entities), not living Men and Women.

    Gov. Whitmer, shut up and go back to 3rd grade and get an education on America, the Constitution, and above all else, just being a human.

  23. Weaponizing the government against Karl Manke is outright criminal by this tyrannical governor. I hope that the people of Michigan recall her and punish her DemocRat Party the next election for her vindictive behavior.

  24. She will be up for re-election in 2022. I will donate to all her opponents campaigns.

    Kick this dictator out of office.

  25. Really? Tell us how upset you will be when your lungs turn to mush and you can’t breath….those who have zero regard for others because they can not understand the danger to others, the chilling death covid-19 provides, belong in a mental institution……all of them, no favors. Matter of fact, those who have zero regard for the health and well being of others should be locked up permanently.

    1. Thatt is called FREEDOM. And I am sure you don’t get that. I have news for you, big boy. Out of 20 people who get the virus, 19 get over it on their own. Those who don’t go to the hospital.
      And for your response, I hope you get the bad kind.

    2. That is the dumbest response I have seen in regard to this. The ones that are at risk should self isolate. The majority of the deaths have occurred in nursing homes. Focus on that, not the general population trying to make a living and survive. This governor does not have what it takes to consider all options. Instead, what she has done is take the easy way out and made an all encompassing decision to shut down. This is typical of a simplistic management style that either does not have the capacity to make decisions based on an individual states’ situation or needs or simply enjoys the control and spotlight coverage from the media. It is obvious that the majority of those “leaders” emulating this tactic are Dems. So make your own call.

  26. I support manke and all his supporters that are supporting him and what he is doing for standing up for his right to his freedom and his rights and I say Good Job Don’t back down and don’t listen to the haters.

  27. We will obey the law but you don’t get to make the laws and you aren’t above the law. I believe most of us will stick together and follow what is Constitutional.
    I will not stay in much longer and I will drive where I want and talk to whomever I want. You don’t own me. I have stayed in ever since this began…mostly because I have a very compromised immune system. I refuse to stay in my house and die here because of your ridiculous pride and idiotic “laws.”

  28. It is time to vote out of office any Politician from either Party that does not abide by the U.S. Constitution & the Bill of Rights. It doesn’t matter whether they are Democrats or Republicans, if they do not abide by the U.S. Constitution & Bill of Rights, they should resign or be voted out of office.

  29. Need to take action to remove Gretchen from office. We don’t need any dictators in America. Hide and watch. She is trying to become Biden’s female VP candidate. And that will seal Biden’s fate

  30. The fact is there are plenty of Americans in Michigan that do not and never will fear the government. When we do that is when communism and socialism succeed and we the people are nothing in the government’s eyes. The Michigan governor is beyond her given powers by the people and is no longer a representative of what the people want can’t wait to remove her and maybe she will be removed sooner than a vote.

  31. In order to remove her sooner she would have to defy the federal government including the President then he can remove her from office and hope it happens when he comes to see us in Michigan.

  32. Gov. Whitmer of Michigan is a hero, and she is only trying to keep the people of Michigan clear from this deadly virus that dumb Trump says that hydroxychloroquine and a shot of Lysol will kill this virus if you will take it. When all Doctors except the ones who are afraid of trump says these drugs are safe , They are not. both will kill you and Gov. Whitmer is trying her best to keep you safe and not getting the coronavirus that Trump has said is a Fake News , Donald J.Trump and Fox news are the Fake news and their licence should be pulled.

    Donald J.Trump has told over 17.000 Lies since he became president, and I watch MSNBC because they will show a split-screen showing Trump saying one thing in the morning and then later that day Trump will say it is Fake news. Trump is Fake and unqualified to be pResident.

    The USA needs More Governor as Gov. Whitmer of Michigan and maybe the USA would not be in debt over $12 Trillion Dollars.

    1. Also, Trump is trying to lay blame for this deadly virus on Ex-pResident Obama , Obama has been out of office over 3 1/2 years and Trump is a tup of lard,Big Fat Liar, needs to start taking the Blame that he alone has caused the USA today.

    2. You need to get out of your parents basement, get a job and think for yourself. If you are an example of the left, we are in real danger.