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Maxine Waters Attacks Protestors, Says ‘We Don’t Want Business Opened Back Up’

Democrat Congresswoman Maxine Waters (D-CA) says the people protesting the lockdown should be ashamed of themselves. During a show on Spectrum News 1, she went off on Trump and protestors who want their businesses and jobs back.

“You know our governors are under great stress. The protests that have been organized, the protests trying to intimidate our governors to open up everything are protests where the people participating in that should be ashamed of themselves.

She then goes on to say, basically, that Socialism is here and that’s the way it should be.

Waters says she wants the federal government to step in and take care of the families, not to reopen businesses.

I don’t want to see these establishments opened back up. I want the federal government to join with the cities and the states to support these families in every way that we can.

She blames President Trump for encouraging this type of behavior and asks people to stand with the governors who are not opening these small businesses back up.

we don’t want them opened up. We are very sympathetic to the pressure that is being put on by the president of the United States

Waters then praises Governor Newsom, of California, for 'holding the line' and says the governors need to do the same and not open these small businesses up.

California has basically been bankrupt and constantly living off federal money for years. Could it be any more obvious as to why that is, at this point? Where does she think federal money comes from?

Anybody know where federal money comes from?

To keep businesses closed down and pour out federal money while the federal government isn't taking in tax revenue is a giant step to economic collapse. But she wouldn't know that, she's still getting a generous paycheck for her 'work'.

For more on this story go to Breitbart.

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14 thoughts on “Maxine Waters Attacks Protestors, Says ‘We Don’t Want Business Opened Back Up’”

    1. At least she is out in the open as an avowed “SOCIALIST”, (just as the Germain Nazi Socialist party and the Italian Fascist Socialist party) and perhaps the voters will wake up next time she runs for election.

  1. There is no need for that amount of money. Just think, there is approx. 350 million people in the U.S.A. If the
    Government issued out one (1) million dollars to each resident, you are talking about 350 million dollars. That is a hell of lot less then three (3) trillion. You can rest assure that most businesses would profit largely from the spending by
    American citizens. Here is what a million dollars looks like ( $1,000,000). Now look at what one trillion looks
    like ( $1,000,000,000,000). Nancy is asking for (3) trillion which doesn’t reflect good judgement.
    I think she and some of her associates are looking to pocket $$$$’s.

  2. Perhaps Maxine Waters and all her supporters in government should not accept her salary or perks including health insurance during this pandemic so she understands the repercussions she is imposing on the citizens.

  3. This tells the Democrats plan to take over America and ussher in Socialism. Destroy the small businesses. They are using the Corona virus to take over America and defeat our duly elected President. I hope millions of you can see the interview this morning between Pres. Trump and Maria Bartiromo. I found no Facebook icon to share it.

  4. The new socialism: everyone will live off the wealth created by a few. The few will not be allowed to create wealth. How can you be that stupid and live?

  5. Waters is a nasty woman who has advocated violence in the past . She obviously wants small businesses to close
    down PERMANENTLY. If that happens she can continue to blame President Trump for the damage done to our
    country! Why , oh why, does she want Socialism for our country? Probably if that happened and the country would go down the tubes as other Socialistic countries have, then SHE WOULD HAVE SOMETHING ELSE TO BLAME TRUMP FOR. SAD, SAD, SAD!

  6. If Maxine Waters wants to keep businesses closed because she wants the United States to fail, then let her go live in some socialist country where people are dependent on their government taking care of them. None of the people that I talk to want the government to take care of us and dictate to us how we should live. If government takes care of us, where does the money come from? Like all democrats tax mm people to death and take care of the government. How about Waters , will she still collect her big salary for doing nothing, right racing people will take care of her and her big salary, the rest of us want to work and take care if ourselves

  7. Question for Maxine and Gretchen(Whitmer) Are all small business owners Republican? I think not, but who knows, now maybe they will all see the light.



  9. Well she’s barking up the wrong tree she’s a hypocrite and at least these folks are protesting for their way of life unlike this rich peace peace of crap that encourages folks to attack innocent law bidding citizens cause someone was elected she didn’t vote for. This is coming from the same peace of crap that stood up telling folks to break the laws defy authority create havoc, this is the same poc who is still acting like a crazy dumb lunatic standing up and spreading false NARRATIVES when does this crap end are you not tired of hearing the bullshit that comes out of these crooked politicians mouths?
    If democrats would stop to take the time to honestly listen to these braindead bunch of crooks they would be some mad people over how this trash has truly made fools out of them.
    Seriously folks anyone with common sense would realize what is going on pay close attention to all they tell. Go back and read, and listen to the details in every public document, every news broadcast, it’s all public knowledge and accessible folks and event taken place .these idiots have been involved in so much corruption and have aided and vetted all illegal doings all of them the entire Obama administration is up to their eyebrows in crimes against this country and its citizens they have committed treason for wealth folks and all money hungry traders might as well be terrorist folks when congress threatens our way of life and our rights and freedoms. When they become so dangerous they put foreigners in our government and then ignore the citizens that voted them in office to represent and protect the people of this country and they steal our money and take care of illegals while we suffer these folks need to be treated as terrorist and charged with sever consequences for their actions.
    These folks have been testing what they could get by with in receiveing the masses for a long time now .
    They have become bold because they have gotten by with all their crimes without being held accountable for anything they have done.
    When you divide a nation , cause folks from their own party to attack and kill others when they fund groups like antifa to continue to attack innocent people that’s screwed up they pull the race card all the time I’ve heard crap about bigots, racists, they even tried saying trump was involved or affiliated with white supremacists groups which was a lie it’s funny how these folks keep screaming white privilege they are the bigots and racists .they have crossed the line what they are harping about could you imagine if a white person was running around hollering black privilege or standing up for the Klan as they have the antifa groups now truly think about that for a minute. What if we was giving the Klan money and if some white folks got on tv or the internet and was smileing bragging and saying they was funding the Klan because they was attacking the innocent law bidding folks for exercising their rights to believe in whatever they wanted to what if the Klan retaliated came out and became an equalizer because the was fed up with all that these idiots was saying I could see it now of then these idiots would be screaming racist terrorist group calling for justice. They fail to realize all they done and are doing is no different than the groups they stand and ridicule and condemn and I hate to say it nut I’m suprized seeing all the bullshit that has been said and done from that party and continue to get bolder and do worse that some mentally unstable person has not pulled a eric Rudolph on them its shit like this that causes people to snap.
    Watch and see if something don’t start getting done with these Democrats in congress and these multi billionaires and the lieing folks on the news one day one of those sick folks going to get fed up and think well justice dept ain’t doing nothing and think the only way to stop them or hold them accountable is to do it themselves. And that’s sad because if the law and supreme courts justice departments done their jobs and upheld the laws things such as that would never take place. And you got people like crazy Maxine
    Boosting and taunting and acting like she’s God like they know what’s best and the american people are so dumb they can’t make decisions for themselves.
    Well the democratic party so far have been affiliated with pedophiles, you got crazy joe biden in a recording sniffing children’s hair being touch freely and the exspection on those children’s faces says it all they look uncomfortable with him, you got them involved in money laundering, abuse of power, making illegal shady backdoor deals, aiding and funding iran in building weapons with american money. Along with God only knows who else. Every witness turning up dead to implicate the Clinton’s or anyone for that matter, then you got trumped up charges and innocent folks in prison while the true criminals are still committing crimes free to still walk around .
    Then you also got invasion of peoples privacy spying ,concluding, all not all of us are asleep millions are wide awake paying attention to everything folks.
    All I know is this isn’t normal I may not be perfect but folks we best start putting God back in the equation repent and start changing this world back to what its supposed to be before it’s to late.
    Not once in history have we had a demonic bunch in our government like we do today.
    These folks have accused everyone and blaime everyone else for all the damage they have done
    This is the most shameful moments it will go down in history as the greatest american disgrace.
    I use to be a democrat until the Obama’ administration took office.
    I’m sorry you just have to judge me but the truth will be here when the worlds gone all that foriegn terrorist done was destroy america, he legalized, gay marriage,stood before the world and proclaimed america was no longer a Christian nation, he gave the transgenders power took our freedom to speak in public away about anything concerning God or his son or the holy spirit let along his word.
    He upheld murdering babies, pulled a dictatorship over insurance and lied to get it voted in he also abused his power as commander in cheif.
    This man secretly shipping billions by cover of night to our enemies. He aided them yet tried waking our military by taking funding and depriving them of what they needed.
    He also funded his brother over seas who is now a very wealthy man. He is still scheming behind the curtains trying to get back into power our country can not take another democrat in office.
    They are just plum vile folks
    All these idiots should be called something else I don’t know what they evolved into but they
    Are no longer Democrats for sure these folk need to be punished for their crimes against us all .
    Obama is nothing but a trader folks I encourage you to research good ol barry all his names folks barrack Hussein obama. The atheist,who’s socialistict radical father had a dream of destroying america that old barry fulfilled in his 8 years in office.
    He is not what he portrayed himself to be nor is his partner it came out his own mouth folks he called Michelle Michael in a press conference before he even thought or realized he done it. As if his wife was a man guess that’s the reason he legalized all he did I seen something about their kids being the dr and her husbands who supposedly delivered the children being their biological parents and if you look at them those girls do have a big resemblance of them.
    Makes one question all the way around the biggest scam of the century almost as they fooled us all who knows right but all these crazies are hyporcrites.
    Things truly are not what they seem folks best wake up and really research all this mess If white folks was doing what these idiots are we would be charged with hate crimes especially if our republicans was funding a hate group as Democrats have been antifa could u see it now congress praising the kkk like these dems are antifa for attacking democratic voters and government officials encouraging them to
    Hurt them refuse them services and break laws as old Maxine has along with Nancy’s misfits.
    They would be screaming foul play and hate crimes against them that would then become a double standard right just trying to show a point no one is making if tables was turned. Like I said its truely scarry cause eventially another eric Rudolph could emerge because of trash like Maxine you know as bad as I hate thinking bout it if that happened they would deserve it u know even if I think it’s wrong their actions have been beyond illegal, and dangerous to us all let’s just pray it never comes to that anyway.

  10. Waters and Pelosi, Pelosi and Waters both lost it awhile ago although I don’t believe Waters ever had it. Pelosi represents the rich. Waters the homeless. Both in a state that has large deficits and a paternal order of governors. Both should give it up as they have nothing to offer anymore. They are through and holding on by their fingertips. It’s just too bad neither realizes it.

  11. Maxine Waters has let the American people how the DemocRat Nazis want to use the virus to destroy the small businesses that make this country great. As ‘dead fish” Rahm Emanuel said: “Never let a crisis go to waste”. They are using this created crisis to do just that.