New Press Secretary Is All The Rage

The New White House Press Secretary, Kayleigh McEnany, is winning over fans of President Trump very quickly. She may just be pulling some independents that way as well. She’s tough and she’s smart.

Needless to say the White House Press Corp probably doesn’t like her too much. She’s embarrassed them multiple times already for simply not doing their jobs as ‘journalists’. They’ve been playing the role of political advocacy for the DNC, for the most part and have lost a ton of credibility over the past 4 years with issues like the Russian collusion fable.

McEnany might be speeding that up that erosion of press creditability. She ended Friday’s press briefing with a set of simple questions that, she says, any real journalists would have asked. The questions revolved around the unmasking of General Flynn by Obama team members and possibly Obama himself.


“I laid out a series of questions that any good journalist would want to answer about why people were unmasked and all sorts of questions, and I just wanted to follow up with you guys on that,” McEnany said. “Did anyone take it upon themselves to pose any questions about Michael Flynn and unmasking to President Obama’s spokesperson?”

A couple of reporters tried to interrupt but she wasn't having it. She kept on.

“Oh, not a single journalist has posed that question?” McEnany continued, as ABC reporter Jonathan Karl tried to interrupt. “Okay, so I would like lay out a series of questions and perhaps if I write them out in a slide format, maybe we’re visual learners, and you guys will follow up with journalistic curiosity.”

Then she laid out these 5 Questions that the Daily Caller listed out for you.

  1. Why did the Obama administration use opposition research, funded by a political organization and filled with foreign dirt, to spy on members of the Trump campaign?
  2. Why was Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn unmasked by Obama’s chief of staff, Joe Biden, Susan Rice, and others?
  3. Why was Flynn’s identity leaked — a criminal act — to the press?
  4. Why did the DOJ learn about the FBI’s interest in Flynn’s conversations with the Russian Amb. from a conversation with Obama in the Oval Office?
  5. Why did James Clapper, John Brennan, Samantha Power and Susan Rice privately admit under oath that they had no evidence of collusion while saying the opposite publicly?

Before she left she said she'd give them the weekend to have a chance to follow up on these questions.


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25 thoughts on “New Press Secretary Is All The Rage”

  1. Good LORD, she is going to crush the media with all their lies and bull-crap. You go girl slam them down, for the imbecile’s that they are. I just love karma.

  2. Kayleigh McEnany is the kind of women that makes me proud and a prime example of what many women want to be and can become. She is standing strong and not folding or manipulated by negative forces who create And report illusions not facts. Thank you Kayleigh and President Trump.

  3. I think it is great that she speaks loudly and clearly about the bias and prejudices held by the MSM and hope that she continues to hold them accontable for their failure to provide fair and balanced reporting. I don’t care about their “opinions”, just report the facts and I will form my own opinion. Keep it up Kayleigh !

  4. I eagerly await watching her and listening to her everyday she is awesome! She says on TV everyday what a lot of Americans are thinking the American Press has forgot the concept of being journalist they are no more than prompter readers with no investigating reporting skills going on these days just readers. Thank you Miss McEnany you are a true professional

  5. The left media gets away with there lies and fake news which is hurting America, I am glad to see the new press secretary standing up and exposing the lies, it makes them look foolish, dumb, and shows them what they really are DrmocRAT lying mouth pieces of evil!

  6. Kayleigh McEnany is another pretty face in President Trump’s Administration, but certainly there is a lot more brain in that pretty Lady. There are quite a few pretty faces in the President’s Admin and ALL seemingly are quite knowledgeable about their fields of expertise. SHS was also a great asset and held her own with the Press Corp in a different and efficient way. Kayleigh McEnany has a different and effectual style to handle the Challenges and Jabs the Press Corp tries to throw at her and the President. Thanks to the WHOLE TRUMP TEAM>

  7. Love her Questions hope to hear the Reporter investigators answers, but only the truthful ones…

    GREAT, addition to President Trumps truth fenders, very good pick Mr President she’s a pistol…

  8. finally…..a gutsy, well informed advocate of president trump combatting the fake news reporters who WHINE at the first need to defend

  9. Classic!
    So happy to hear another someone (as was Sarah Huckabee Sanders, thank you) retain and be motivated recognizing conversation requires answers to actual questions and not became lost following diversions freely and constantly spewing forward interrupting and rudely interfering with the intent of the forum with the hope of rendering it a mute accumulation of nonsensical, disrespectful rhetoric and total waste of valuable time intended. These people are an insult to all citizens and our Country.
    Kayleigh McEnany is qualified and very effective in this position.

  10. This gal is FABULOUS! She is finally making the press accountable instead of worrying that she might puss them off! I hope she does & those troublemakers stop attending. All they do is skew the facts anyway.

  11. The FakeNewsMedia, White House Press Corps led by Jonathan Karl, is a bunch of biased, politically left wing DNC and Democrat Party’s Public Relations representatives. If the subject doesn’t bash Trump or help the Democrats, anti-American, NeverTrumpers, it isn’t raised.

    The new White House Press Secretary, Kayleigh McEnany, has proven she is smarter than the whole bunch of “pretend-journalists” in that select group. She will continually make them look foolish – its SO EASY!

    By Adam
    May 25, 2020


  12. GO KAYLEIGH !!

    Your ability to listen, critiques, analyze and respond is “right on”. A breath of fresh air after all the last three years of the whinny, arrogant, judgmental press contingent. Actually, the citizens are NOT interested in your opinion but facts…we can make up our own minds. A for many you get e D !

  13. Democrats are quickly becoming THE laughing stock of clown like idiots to the entire word as their corruption, lies , greed and power lusting continues to degrade America and Americans with their vial actions. Virtually every dastardly crime they blame on Our President are proven to be crimes the democrats themselves committed in attempts to fulfill their dreams to turn America into another communist China run by the democrats all the way up to osama bin obama !
    The self destructing Demcrazies are soon to find themselves in jail and the new oppressed and cast outs from American society! Their is no worse cuss word or racist slander now in America than the term democrat and those who support or claim to be one. The moronic behavior of democrats shall go down in history as the biggest criminals , dimwits and uneducated non humans to ever exist on this planet!
    The only thing they have done right in 16 years now is to prove they are unworthy to be called human!

  14. Good for her! She is embarrassing a bunch of self-important WH newsies that are more interested in attacking the Trump administration than they are of any questioning or clarifying any developments in the news.