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These People Are Destroying Lives – Who Will Stop This Madness?

Pennsylvania Health Secretary, Rachel Levine, ordered all nursing homes and long-term care facilities to accept any coronavirus patients from hospitals. Remember New York did the same thing and it led to a disastrous outcome of death?

Levine then admitted, on Tuesday, that she moved her mother out of a personal care home in Pennsylvania after giving the orders for all nursing homes and long-term care facilities to take covid-19 patients.

“We are seeing community spread of this virus in most areas of Pennsylvania. And we need to make sure that our loved ones in nursing homes stay safe. And that is why actually I am not able to visit my mother, either,” Levine said on March 29.

There is a big problem here, though.

According to the Daily Caller, this was '11 days after she ordered nursing homes to admit all new covid patients'.

Governor Cuomo has already acknowledged that his move to force nursing homes to accept the coronavirus patients was a disaster and reversed the order.

So, why is Levine making the same 'mistake'? Removing her own mother from a Pennsylvania facility is a big tell that she knew the consequences.

Pennsylvania is also facing a class action lawsuit that claims the Dept. of Health stopped inspecting long-term care facilities where the virus has spread like wildfire.

This is beyond negligent. But who is going to stand up and do something about it? These people are destroying lives like we've never seen before and so far, they're largely unaccountable.


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31 thoughts on “These People Are Destroying Lives – Who Will Stop This Madness?”

  1. No one is going to stand up for Pennsylvanians, because we as a people have given away most of our power. We have given protection from prosecution to all the elite Gov. officials in Washington and in States, that we are now nobodys. Sad day for American……it is just gone too far and the greatest generation is now dead so there is no one brave enough to stand tall. This woman who is has freaky ideas about health didn’t just “not visit my mother” she moved her mother to safety from death…..what a lousy piece of poop

    1. This woman should be arrested for indangering life’s, and should be personally suited as well as the people she works for. This type of thing should never be tolerated. The Governor should be held responsible as well, he knew better than to through infected people into a high risk inviroment, how stupid.

  2. This old troll looks like she’s mad at the world. As unattractive as she appears,
    I guess one can’t really blame her. HAAAAAAAAAAAA!

  3. That this big fat selfish sel-centered corrupt physical transvestite was even elected says that the Pennsylvania electorate got exactly what it deserved. Elections matter folks. You elect a perv and you get perverse behavior.

    1. I don’t think it was elected. I think Wolf made an appointment and I think Wolf as well should be held responsible.

  4. The FED Gummitt! State’s too Are ALL About ” CONtroling The Citizens ! Every ASpect of Life !

    Thisss VirASS has shown MAGNIFICANTLY the Differentation Between satanic socialism and Their

    Facades and The AMERICAN Way Personified By Our POTUS!

  5. Talk about someone who needs to be booted from her job, that person is the one. Anyone forcing nursing homes to take high risk patients and pulls her mother out of a nursing home is a total hypocrite.

  6. Sounds like HOMICIDE to me . . . Deliberate and DIRECT. She needs to be LOCKED UP for MURDER. One DISGUSTED Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  7. Well, at some point, the lights of the -public, – consumer, – voter will “chaseth away the darkness of evil.”
    So, I would ask: if you are lied to as a daily way of life, OR, if you believe the liar and lies as a daily way of life, when the lights come on – truth is exposed, who are you mad at?
    1. Trust me, I am from the govern-ment and here to help you!
    2. The check is in the mail!
    3. Of course I will love you in the morning!
    So, if you had to put air in your car tire every morning, how long would you keep putting air in the tire each morning?
    I saved this for last:
    4. Vote for me, I will set you free!
    Reduce the spread of stupid, demand vasectomies and tubal ligation at the onset of puberty. (Reversible once intelligence, ethics and morality are determined to be present!)
    The answers to all life’s problem is found the bible! You do not need to believe me, it is as always your choice. However, given the choices you have made through your life, what do you have to lose that you have not already lost? 🙏

  8. Cuomodid the same thing in New York. Notice it’s only the democrat states that are putting COVID19 patients in nursing facilities and locking down their states. This is all being done to further the democrat political agenda. Vote them out in November. Save our country.

  9. Rachel (nee: Richard) Levine and Tom Wolf *MUST* be held accountable, as must Andrew Cuomo and the other Governors involved in this fiasco. This is malfeasance of the highest order!

  10. How dare anyone question what a mentally ill democrat does. You must be a bigot on several counts, or maybe you are just telling the truth and if that is true how dare you! The rules are you can only talk that way about normal people like President Trump.

  11. No more votes, no more leaders, no more governments, people need to grow up, be self sufficient, responsible and free.

  12. Wolf needs to go. As do most Democrats. They seem to like this virus and hope it will mean the end of Trump. But hopefully the opposite is true. People are tired of their tyrannical behavior. As a society we need to figure a way to keep living, working, shopping, etc , safely through a pandemic , etc. we can’t shut down every year or so. If we do we might as well pack it in. And we can’t trust foreign countries like communist China to make our drugs, and manufacturing products. They are in fact , an enemy. Get out of China. Make America Great. Trump knows this, he’s been saying it since he announced. “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer”.

  13. Levine and the governor are neglecting all wisdom and ignoring people that are more qualified to make these decisions. When you ignore wisdom you end up destroying lives and becoming arrogant! All of the people of Pennsylvania deserve better. Vote these arrogant self serving people out of office. They are a disgrace to those who serve our state!!!

  14. DEMOCOMMUNIST “Population control” at it’s finest..Next they are talking about FORCING all citizens of the U.S to “receive” “Mr vaccine” and “mark of the beast” pusher, bill gates “vaccine”, who by his own words, has openly “proclaimed” will help “control the population”.

  15. These people need to go to jail and never serve the public again. How can we get justice moving? Any ideas?
    This kind of liberal hypocrisy needs to end.

  16. Typical move by Ralph, errr, ahh Rachel. These people do not care one bit about us, only themselves.

  17. Can anyone tell me what mental conditions that Democrats suffer. I am just so sick and tired of them. Why can’t they accept the American People elected our President and it is not up to them to change our vote. They are just sick individuals and ALL OF THEM needs to be replaced. Let’s do it in November and stop this needless spending of OUR TAX dollars.