What Are These People Smoking? Not a Hint of Corruption in Obama Administration

Claire McCaskill just woke up from a 12 year nap, apparently.

The former Democrat Senator from Missouri was on MSNBC (MSDNC as President Trump might say) on Wednesday where she made an outlandish claim about the Obama administraiton.

He wants to get to the point where they’re chanting lock them up at his rallies about Obama and Biden, who have done nothing illegal. Nothing, nothing, not even close! Not a hint of corruption during eight years of Barack Obama.


How about the Fast and Furious gun running operation?

How about the new revelations that Obama Treasury Department Spied on Flynn and others?

How about going after whistleblowers?

How about Obama spying on General Flynn, the press, and the Senate?

There's also that whole failed coup attempt on Donald J. Trump.

Then there's the Obama DOJ ordering no charges for Hillary while Espionage Act charges were being discussed.

Does anyone remember the rigging of the Democratic Primary in 2016? That was on Obama's watch.

It's all a smokescreen to keep the people from watching what is really going on. Corruption at such a high level is being exposed, piece by piece, as you can see from the above sourced articles.

McCaskill goes on to say what many already have come to realize.

The coronavirus pandemic was their savior and they're going to drag it out as long as possible.

I think there are going to be three metrics that this president is definitely afraid of, to use an unfortunate phrase. He’s going to be afraid of the unemployment numbers in September and October, and so far, the complicated and byzantine stimulus that’s been put forward has not eased unemployment.

Could this have something to do with why many Democrat Governors are wanting to keep their states locked down?


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16 thoughts on “What Are These People Smoking? Not a Hint of Corruption in Obama Administration”

  1. Of course the most vile, evil, reprobate cretins that ever escaped a birth canal would say that about their supreme being, the Kenyan Lyin’ King Lord Ovomit. Having zero morals, ethics, or integrity goes a long way too.

  2. When are they going to start building the gallows’ for the corrupt filth that was and still is in Washington. Even a good solid wall, I’m sure a firing squad would not be a problem.

  3. Democrats have no use for truth, it’s a pesky thing that only slows them down at times. Dishonesty is paramount and a requirement to be a loyal member of the democrat socialist party. Corruption is only named among anyone that opposes them and is a badge when used against that opposition. Cheating to them is a necessity and justified in order to maintain power. After all; to the elitist They always know what is best for the Smelly Walmart deplorable folks that cling To their guns and religion.

  4. Liberals tell their lies so often their ignorant voter base and they themselves believe it. 2020 isour last chance to purge the behemoth federal government of liberals; any employee associated with democraps should be forced out, it MUST be done, democrap/fascists are destroying America.

  5. This could be the biggest JOKE of the century. The biggest corruption was the FACT that this FRAUD was NOT “eligible” (by his own admission in a speech right on the floor of the Senate) should have never been let anywhere NEAR OUR oval office. But “thanks” to finagling by the DEMOCOMMUNISTS, we got him shoved down our throats so he could attempt to destroy our Constitutional Republic and “fundamentally change” this country into a communist-controlled crap-hole full of foreign INVADERS.

  6. I am not one bit surprised this has come out. If course the rest of the nation knows better. Of course with Attorney General William Barr not going to investigate Obama, and Lindsey Graham unwilling to subpoena Obama for the sake of getting along with Democrat’s. It’s now the Democrat’s turn to bitch slap the Republican’s from one side of the nation to the other. Trust me, that’s just what is going to happen. The Republican’s keep emailing me trying to raise money for the election. Other wise they think not only won’t retain the House. They are afraid they will also lose the Senate. Money won’t be the issue. No one is contributing because the Republican’s have the fight of a dung beetle. If Barr, and Graham aren’t willing to go after Obama for all the corruption his administration was involved in? Why would anyone contribute to such a gutless party of Imbecile to begin with? So we can hear again, and again how they can’t do anything to the Democrat’s? By Barr, and Graham being in the pockets of the Democrat’s. Why doesn’t Graham go to the Democrat’s for his election funds? I’m waiting for the Democrat’s to shred Attorney General William
    Barr too. It’s coming. They will show him their gratitude for getting along. The swamp runs very deep, and in the case of the Republican’s very stupid.

    1. I heartily agree! The deadbeat Repubs are going to destroy America. The Dems are gonna shellack them in November and “we the people” will be no more! Sorry to be so negative, but the writing seems to be on the wall.

    2. Right on mike. I’m 2 waiting on replubicans 2 grow a pair. If the humanoids demonrats put trump on 4 a 3rd trail I’ll never vote 4 repukeacrates again.

  7. How did they come to this conclusion you ask? By Attorney General William Barr not willing to investigate Obama. Lindsey Graham unwilling to investigate, and subpoena Obama? The Republican’s themselves have set this stage. It is time for the Democrat’s to birch slap the Republican’s from one side of the nation to the other.

  8. Of. Course this is why the Dem Governors are holding their states back. They want to try to turn the people against the President. But most are not as dumb as the Dems make us out to be and are more likely to turn against them. And isn’t it interesting that Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania were all swing states that carried Trump over the top, and they’re still locked down. Coincidence? I think not.

  9. That’s why she is former Senator. Besides fact that she is stupid and never should have been elected in the first place.

  10. Well of course the Democrats can’t find a hint of corruption. That is because the party is so corrupt itself that they are in lockstep with Obama and all other corrupt Democrats.

    Nothing here to see??? Geez, about half of Obama’s administration should be in jail along with Obama and Hillary.

  11. If Democrats had critical thinking abilities and were moral people who were fundamentally fair and honest they wouldn’t actually be Democrats.