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Candace Owens: “I Do Not Support Floyd as a Martyr for Black America”

Candace Owens unloads a reality check in an piercing, must watch, 18-minute video about the current outrage and what she calls martyrdom of the death of George Floyd.

She criticizes a what she sees as a trend in the African-American community of sort of ‘celebritizing’ folks in their community who are in and out of prison for committing crimes while ignoring those who are doing good.

Owens, who is African-American, criticizes what she describes as the African-American community “cater[ing] to the bottom denominator of our society” by “demand[ing] support and justice for the people in our community that are up to no good.” The holding up of Floyd as a “martyr for black America,” she suggests, is an example of this trend that she forcefully rejects.


Candace contrasts the image of George Floyd that the media has portrayed versus the record of crime and autopsies indicating he had hard drugs in his system. Owens says this doesn't seem like someone who was reformed but instead making the same kind of choices.

Owens held her silence in the beginning, thinking it was best, but now thinks it was a mistake to stay silent on the issue.

“But the more that I would think about it, I realized that we are being sold a lot of lies, at the detriment to the black community, at the detriment to the white community and at the detriment to America as a whole,” she continued. “So I want to come out and say that I do not support George Floyd and the media depiction of him as a martyr for black America.”

She's not absolving officer Chauvin's of his actions but is not jumping aboard the train to make Floyd a hero.

“For whatever reason it has become fashionable over the last five or six years for us to turn criminals into heroes overnight, and it is something that I find to be despicable and there’s something that I refuse to stand by any longer and I am not going to play a part in it — no matter how much pressure comes from black liberals and black conservatives as some token of people wanting you to believe that this is the only way you can be black,”

Watch the video for yourself. The Daily Wire has it here.

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45 thoughts on “Candace Owens: “I Do Not Support Floyd as a Martyr for Black America””

  1. This whole incident could haves stopped earlier by Rev Sharp. He likes to instigate Every occasion he will be the first one to stand out and cry discrimination instead of calm the irrigated crowd. I being an Asian, I had a few experiences being picked by whites and blacks. But I just ignored them. I was taught by my grandmother that there is one kind of rice feeding kind of people with million kind of personality and thoughts. You just do the right thing you been taught

  2. Candace,
    I so appreciate your wisdom and insight; it is a gift you have from God.
    Our great country has been lied to, hoodwinked, bamboo sled, led astray by a press and elements that have their own personal agenda and facts have no place in their movement.

    This group wants to keep this country decided in the name of unity ; for their own plan for power.

    The truth is they have no power other than what these misguided , do gooders give them. They no nothing of history.

    This is a Socialist, Communist attempt to gain power form themselves and attack our democracy. Socialist, by evolution, Communist by revolution. An effort to control our means of all production

    There is no Democracy without Responsibility!!

  3. There are many wonderful black s but there also many bad blacks as there are many bad whitest s. they are honerimg Flyod as a hero he was on drugs committed many crimes but he did not deserve to be killed by the police many black stores were destroyed by the rioters who were also black and whites also it has to stop we have enough problems with theConvid-29 virus! ,

    1. I do not see them as honoring Mr. Floyd’ as a hero.l see them sharing his life as many of us saw,and continue to see him take hiss last breath.cv-9 is a money maker . The USA holds the patent to this virus that was made in china.But the USA holds the patent along with the list of people on the patent.Look it up.

    1. I agree totally with Candace! She makes a good point , in stating that a portion of the African American community are up to no good, as with any demographic!!! There are a certain part of america that contend that the whole world is corrupt and that only makes them feel empowered to do the same! If only people would try to do the right thing in spite of others that want to corrupt the system for their own good many things in our society would improve. Do the right thing in spite of the crowd. Don’t act as a group!!!! Groups get dissolved. Individuals that do the right thing get revered.

  4. I agree with you 110 percent. It appears when a criminal is alive they are no good, and when they are dead, they are an angel, made a hero. I mostly blame the media for the kayos that happened. If the media had stayed home we would have not had to put up with that. It causes the police force to be skeptical of arresting people that are breaking the law during the riots. I think it should be against the law for the media to cover something like this. These people just want the police abolished.

  5. Mrs. Jones,

    You are a realist, you see threw the bs and the fake news it’s just sad the majority don’t see it or hear it because of the liberals, the liberals are killing this country the liberal media is killing this country, the conservatives can’t voice their opinions on anything because if it’s not in line with liberal thinking your a RACIST, if you don’t support the liberals your a RACIST, if your white male your a RACIST, the media and the liberals which the majority of them are white have turned on all of white American and have an made it hard for the average white male to walk around in their own neighborhood or shop because we are viewed as racist and every white talking head on tv throws the white male under the bus saying there a racist, so white males have to sit in silence because our voice can’t be heard because the talking head on tv makes the rules and tells us how to think and feel, I watch a lot of football(American) and all the talking heads who are so righteous and have never said anything racist or ever had any racist thoughts are fanning the flames. African-American athletes saying all the powerful white owners need to go to President Trump and demand change for all the injustices of the African American huh? Funny all these multi-million dollar athletes are the biggest racists everything is bout race with them for some reason its always the first thing that us brought up when something doesn’t go their way, how about looking at it like maybe it’s a right way vs a wrong way and not just because you didn’t get it because it was the wrong way, I won’t watch football anymore if this spills over to regular season and all the talk is about everything but football and the season hasn’t even started yet and the employees are demanding to the owners to do this and that and if they don’t there racist, well if owners let there employees run their teams goodluck you won’t have a audience to play for or revenue coming in because we white American will not watch or attend.

    I just wanted to say your line about making criminals one day hero’s the next was brilliant, I so wish you would run for office I think a lot of people would vote for you, your views are realistic and common sense and that’s what America this day and age is lacking.

  6. Candace I would like to talk to you about my best friend who is black she’s a Democrat and her family is awesome her sister has said things to me that I would say to no one else everyone in her family is a Democrat I have put out what our president miss that Trump has done for blacks and she just gets angry at me I’m so frustrated I don’t know what to do I respect you and I have spoken about you she just ignored me because you’re one of the few African-Americans that understands I love our president and I pray for our country but I don’t know what to do besides vote for him I cannot discuss democratic politics Republican politics anything do you live like France they called me a redneck and everything else and hurt my feelings very bad soI don’t know what to do besides saying thank you

  7. You are very brave to come out and say I’m sure what other people were thinking. I agree with everything that you have said. I feel very badly for the Floyd family and he should not have died that way he was a human being. But yes he was a criminal, and the police officer will be tried and convicted with the other ones for doing such a Heinous crime.
    All this could’ve been avoided. Let’s hope and pray that we weed out the bad apples in the bunch and be able to stand together and change things

  8. Thank you for your honesty and I would hope that more thought is put into a persons ethics before jumping on a band wagon of celebrity!

  9. No matter what his past crimes Mr Floyd did not deserve to be murdered by the police. This is not about him this is about the injustice of this racist system and the continuation of the violence against Black people in general. Enough is enough. Mr Floyd’s murder was just the final straw that broke the camels back and your bringing up his past offenses is irrelevant.

  10. Hip Hip Hooray. Finally an African American that has my respect in this whole affair. Media has a great deal to do with this problem. The officer that did this is now being charged with murder and that does seem to be enough. The whole country seems to have gone crazy. If a person of any color is acting like a criminal, they should be treated as one.

  11. It would be beneficial if more of us would take the time to analyze what is really evolving as Candace has done. She is showing a level of maturity well above many of our seasoned politicians.

  12. Thank you for your words, Candace! I agree with you 100%, but as a white woman have been afraid to comment about the situation because I thought I would be seen as racist. I don’t have a racist bone in my body, but do feel like all these situations that are lumping all whites and all cops as bad are now causing whites to have to stand up and support themselves. That will cause more racism. I’m sad because it seems like instead of all of us trying to get along in this big beautiful colorful world, people of all colors are now making it a fight to be “one up” on each other. I just pray we can stop seeing each other’s skin color and look for true character of good. Bless you!

  13. Candice is a voice in the wilderness. Shame on the useless
    political elite, ubiquitous race baiters and Pravda
    like media. As a kid of the 60s and a son of a policeman,
    I am amazed how each generation is so willing to become a
    political apparatchik of the leftist agenda.

    To advocate dismantling our society’s structure by an emoting mob is ludicrous on its face. How does abusing
    our constitutional rights and trashing our precious freedoms
    secure justice? Wanton destruction of life and property is
    hate for hate’s sake. It mocks the sacrifices of an entire nation’s people. No solutions exist in such action. Try looting, burning buildings or criticizing the leadership of Red China. The result is too grim to describe! No Life Matters there. Freedom is fragile. Once gone, only man’s
    tyranny remains.

    Each person will do what he or she must. There is one undeniable fact of life; if you keep knocking on the devil’s
    door, he will eventually answer.

  14. Ms. Owens.did he deserve to die with that officers knee on his neck?I am concerned for everyone,you included.Ms.Owens please do not allow yourself to be a tool

    1. Taz, if you’d watched and listed to Ms. Owens’ message, you would clearly hear that she does not think he deserved to die that way…..no reasonable human being would believe that. But to speak out with such a articulate, well thought out message (with factual content) takes a lot of guts because of the criticism she’ll receive, especially from her own community. Taz, she’s not a tool….you are!!!


  16. We cannot permit the continuing proliferation of organized crime in Black communities. Chicago is a prime example of where leaders need to address needs of the local community and their need for safety.

  17. Thank you Candance for standing up
    & speaking out. We honor those that
    are actually bad examples for others
    Esp youth and never lift up those
    young (black & white) who work hard
    do well and respect others.

  18. She is 100% correct in what she delivers. I think she is a wonderful roll model to the black community and even whites should listen to what she says. She has some important things to say.

  19. Thank you Candice for saying the truth about everything you’re a good voice for all of the stand up people in America we appreciate your comments

  20. I appreciate your wisdom and incite into the Floyd incident which has uprooted the community. I too was shocked watching Officer Chauvin. The unfortunate incident brought many in our society causing riots which damaged communities and business owners and watching these rioters created a bad image, but enabled some liberal politicians to literally ignore and let the rioters go free and thus, blaming law enforcement. There is good and bad in many professions, and from these actions, good can come from the communities. We all have a stake in America to work together, not against each other.
    I admire your wisdom and strength. You fall into the category of Shelby Steele and Bob Woodson, who I was fortunate to listen to yesterday evening on Mark Levin. They both support the young blacks and want to educate them to learn that they can survive and become good leaders. Reading or watching liberal and conservatives leaders or media, one can decipher truth from lies – this is learning and become educated.
    I am of Asian and Hawaiian descent and first generation. My mother, who was ‘Hanai’ never knew her parents or siblings since she was brought to SF at the age of 15, and struggled. Also, my father came from the Philippines in the 1940’s worked as a migrant farmer in Central Valley, began a US citizen and worked as a Merchant Marine.
    Hanai is Hawaiian word for a child who was taken care of by another Hawaiian family. I write this because I am grateful to them.

  21. I strongly disagree with your opinions “Candace Owens” because that’s exactly what keeps us divided. When I say us, I am referring to BLACK people. Let me start by saying anyone bringing up his or for that matter anyone’s past offenses please know that it’s irrelevant and has no correlation to this matter. Honestly, I believe that anyone that wishes to bring up factors with no relevance or tarnish the character of someone that has lived or succumbed to similar situations such as George Floyd has a hidden agenda (Motive). Regardless of our pasts and our sins, as we all sin. There are no good blacks and bad blacks, that’s what they want you to believe. How and who determines the defining factors of a good and a bad black? (You tell me) I live in Baltimore City and most of the people who are drug users/abusers are using to escape or cope with traumatic events, escape or cope with something that’s unbearable/oppressing them and or has/had some medical condition(injury) that required them to take drugs etc. Addiction is a sickness (disease), but instead of treating it as such people want to demonize the users/abusers as if they just decided, “Well today I’m going to become an addict/junkie”. That’s not how drugs have become a part of most of these people lives. To the contrary of what most like to believe, majority of these people who sell drugs etc. are trying to provide for themselves and or their family. A lot of them have no other choices for different reason/ underlying factors. True indeed this is not every person of course. Everyone knows that George Floyd didn’t do anything significant himself to be in the spotlight or as you say “celebrated”, but this doesn’t give you the right to disrespect him or his family with such despicable choice of words. The fact alone that his life was taken so gruesomely and for everyone to see makes him “heroic” as well as someone we should speak up for! (He can no longer do so himself, that was ensured.) Let’s keep in mind that Georges’ story was not finished, it was stopped and interrupted. We’ll never know the changes he could’ve made or improvements of his present situations that could’ve come to him. He is “heroic” to his loved ones, friends that he cared and provided for. He is a hero because he’s one of the many victims’ names that will and have changed what we’re all trying to accomplish (ending Police Brutality, ending Racism, and establishing a Justice system that serves all people etc.). As the news outlets and others attempt to turn George Floyd (A Human-Being) living his life and struggling through choices of life into someone less than worthy (as they do every victim). Instead of tarnishing his character and throwing dirt on his name try saying your brothers’ name. Say it until it rings and burns in the souls of every racist, every cop that feels they can use their badge as a get out of jail free card, and every person that feels they have the right to take someone else life. The same way we must uphold the laws and abide by them, the police officers who are supposed to PROTECT & SERVE must do the same. Remember that you don’t truly know him or his past (perhaps you never would’ve heard his name if he was arrested instead of executed) and even if you know him you still have no right to judge this man! I say how dare you and how dare anyone who speaks on someone else pain and path of life as if your life is so good/perfect/better and lacks flaws or bad choices. Until these systems that has been set in place for so long to keep our people in circumstances where it is nearly impossible to survive let alone succeed are dismantled we must all come together as one to see it through. “Owens held her silence in the beginning, thinking it was best, but now thinks it was a mistake to stay silent on the issue.” I think your first thought was your best sis, so stick with that!!!

  22. He is drug and sale drug , grab in house , a criminal history and use fake money . He just trouble , the police in jail , lay law justice , the riots it’s shameful should be protesters of riots

  23. I agree that he shouldn’t have died like he did. But he was a criminal with a record and not a good person. It seems to happen like this all the time. A criminal is not a hero or worth destroying property over!

  24. U agree with you that nothing is mentioned as to why the police had Floyd in the first place. He was breaking the law. If he was a decent citizen this would never have happened.

  25. Candace Owens….is a very brave and very intelligent woman, I hope and pray she runs for some type of office, I SUPPORT HER AND HER BELIEFS, I wish there were more people who were willing to speak out on this craziness that is going on by the left, you are a shining light in a world of darkness, I hope you run for office in California and turn it back to a red state.

  26. Well said. It is a shame that he died in this way on social media but he is not a hero or a fine upstanding citizen.