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Charles Barkley: We Need The Cops

Charles Barkley, the famous former NBA star, is also famous for having unique opinions and stances on issues that aren’t necessarily in line with the mainstream narrative.

He often thinks ‘outside the box’, if you will. He’s going against the mainstream grain on the whole ‘Defund the Police‘ issue as well.

“We need the cops, most of the cops do a fantastic job, but instead of defunding and all this other stuff, let’s just do police reform. Everybody should be on board for that whether you’re a Democrat, Republican, conservative or liberal,” Barkley said Tuesday on CNN.


The George Floyd death that has led to violent riots has also led to sweeping calls for completely defunding the police. It has pitted black Americans against police and Charles isn't buying it.

“This is not black or white, this is just about humanity,” Barkley said. “To see a grown man die before our eyes. If you’re not upset by that if you’re white, Jewish, Chinese, anything, there is something wrong with you.”

He also said the Republicans and Democrats are 'clowns' for not being able to have a discussion on the issue of police reform. Instead, we are talking about extreme measures of getting rid of the police altogether.

Barkley also addressed the media coverage of the Drew Brees fiasco. When Brees came out in support of the flag, he was immediately attacked and ultimately he bent the knee and apologized. Then, it seems, he was forced to take the opposite stance on the issue.

“Drew Brees, whatever he said, I felt he talked about, hey the flag means different things to different people. But the way he was portrayed on television and radio today was not fair at all.

Read more on this story at The Daily Wire.

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12 thoughts on “Charles Barkley: We Need The Cops”

  1. Dear Charles: A reasonable view of the events and problems involved. The pendulum of change swings widely and wildly with no time to think of consequences. Sure, changes are needed but we have to change the way people behave, both those breaking the law and the police. We have great technology that should negate the standard use of firearms. We have the scientific knowhow to produce defensive uniforms and weapons that provide safety for the police, impenetrable to bullets, knives, etc. thus negating the need to use killing weapons. And how do we tame the behavior of the person going “crazy”. Who needs to be stopped before he hurts friend or foe in a rage. New weaponry is available and should be utilized to avoid “guns” as the answer. The “tech” type of police training should be re- evaluated to provide protection for both offense and defense. God Bless You, Harry

  2. Well said. We are all human beings and need to unite against injustice. United we stand, divided we fall.

  3. Charles I have always appreciated your thoughtful comments on life🏀. Keep reminding folks who
    Live in America that there is no freedom without order.
    Judy C

  4. I agree with Charles Barkley. We do need the cops. What the cops that murdered George Floyd, are racist. They are the ones who give cops a bad name. I know many cops. They are fair, just, and uphold the law. Don’t defund the police, advocate for police reform.

  5. WAY TO GO, CHARLES!!! I have long had great respect for you. Not only do you make me laugh in those credit card commercials, you always speak your mind, even though it isn’t always “politically correct”. KEEP TALKIN’ TRUTH, BROTHER.

  6. Being a cop can be extremely difficult mentally. They are forced to see and deal with horrors that would make most of us sick or angry. We don’t have to deal with horrific murders, child abuse, wives beaten within an inch of their lives, the poor elderly person that was mugged on the way to the store or accidents that involve mutalated bodies. We sit in our cozy house and let the cops take care of it. After all “it’s their job”! When your house gets broken into or your child never gets home from school, who are you going to call, Pelosy or Biden or one of the other brainless people? All cops have to go through psychological tests to become a cop to begin with. Maybe they need to do it every 5 years to weed out the ones that have been subjected to as much as they can handle. I am by no means saying what happened was right. It never should have happened! I don’t think getting rid of police is the answer. It’s going to cause a free-for-all. If you don’t have cops, there is no reason to have courts or jails. It would be worse than the old west. If you want something, take it. If someone does something you don’t like, shoot them. Nobody’s going to do anything about it. Charles Barkley is only one of the people who are being sensible and realistic about all this. And so far , they have all been black!

  7. Heh this guy has a brain i.e. is rational at looking at problems. I agree, it is not a “color” problem, it is a “character” problem. Didn’t someone famous, once talk about something to do with “…the content of their character”?

  8. Charles is right on! And I called the Brees thing, you can’t give an honest comment these days unless you’re bending over to take it or choking on the stinky black stick (hear that greeny…and all the other dipshits at the sports network)…

  9. thank you for standing up. my son was murdered by 6 REPEAT OFFENDERS in MD crime has gotten out of control. more rights are for the criminal. now our country is being turned upside down because of another repeat criminal. ALL LIVES MATTER GOD BLESS US ALL