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Democrat Leaders Seeing Backlash From Businesses

Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey is feeling the effects of is decision to support and allow the protests that turned into violent riots almost immediately. Businesses that have operated in Minneapolis for a long time are already deciding to leave the city.

The owner of 7-Sigma Inc., Kris Wyrobek, said he’s decided to relocate his business somewhere else after the city refused to protect their industry and citizens. 7-Sigma Inc. produces high-performance polymer and metal components/assemblies.

“They don’t care about my business,” Wyrobek said. “They didn’t protect our people. We were all on our own.”

He’s seen enough.

Their building was destroyed by fire and he says the fire department just parked a truck there and didn't try to save it.

"The fire engine was just sitting there, but they wouldn't do anything," Wyrobek said.

The Star Tribune reported that close to 1,000 commercial properties were damaged and 52 businesses were completely destroyed.

Minneapolis and Jacob Frey are not alone.

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot is reportedly begging businesses not to leave after some of the larger businesses have publicly said they may leave for good.

Walmart is one of those businesses that is deciding whether they will return after  their stores were ransacked. They're now trying to determine how much, if any, of their properties can be salvaged.

“My hope is that they will come back,” Lightfoot said of Walmart’s evaluation of how to proceed in Chicago.

From a business standpoint, why would anyone want to stay in a city while knowing that their business might be looted and torched to the ground at any given time? Can the Mayor promise them funds to rebuild? Even if so, can she guarantee this won't happen again as soon as they get rebuilt?

Lightfoot, like many other democrat leaders, has failed to take action to quell the riots and turned down help, in the early days, from the federal government. Now they'll have to live with the consequences.

Only time will tell what the cost of weak leadership will mean for these cities.

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20 thoughts on “Democrat Leaders Seeing Backlash From Businesses”

  1. It’s a case of be careful what you wish for. You wanted to stand up for something positive and people took it as an opportunity to spread hate and violence. We live in a society of commerce not handouts and when this is gone you end up just living without. Let us pray for peace and that leadership can weed out those who will not stand up to progress in voicing what they need, but create violence and crimes that set the cause back to where it was to begin with. Now it seems that any progress that was being made has been lost as are the communities and business that once were our homes and jobs.

  2. When the city won’t stop looters or rioters, let’s them run wild. You know it is time to leave for greener pastures.

  3. I totally agree with you. Seattle is even worse. They have a zone blocked off being secured by an untrained rapper. And the zone was being looted. For sure those businesses won’t stay. WAY to keep your jobs!!!

  4. This is what happens when Pelosi and her house minions go on a powertrip to destroy an economy that Trump built back up

  5. Good …. a peaceful protest to express an issue is one thing…. but to almond rioters to destroy private property and loot and burn stores is altogether another matter. These businesses should leave .

  6. God said vengeance was his , not for the people to take matters into their on hands. Anyone who kills will have their day of judgement and will have to answer for his/her actions. As far as the business closing go if I owned one in these large towns I would close them down and move .

  7. Oh, but it gets WORSE for democrat cities!
    The truckers of America just weighed in on this democrat stupidity.
    77% of them will NOT DELIVER to cities with disbanded or severly curtailed police forces.
    Democrats are about to get REAMED in November at the voting booth.
    Biden will soon be at home to drool in peace.

  8. In response to not helping their people in time of great need. The business have a right to make the best decision for themselves. It is only fair to them and their employees. So sad for everyone that this has happened. Sorry for you all. God Bless you and help you all.

  9. I hope all the businesses that were destroyed definitely leave and go elsewhere. Let these idiotic Democrat leaders explain to the rest of the citizens why they allowed this?

  10. Any person with a lick of common sense would pull up stakes and go some other place over this garbage that the mayor allowed to happen. I would tell her to rebuild her p.o.s. city with out any aid from federal money.

  11. Every business that was destroyed or ransacked should leave that city permanently! These state governors should have called up their reserve services to stop and control these riots! These businesses should leave the city and let the people do without their business and the state do without the tax income from these businesses!

  12. Go ahead abolish the police, defund them and let’s check back in a while and see how that works, a society that doesn’t learn from history is doomed to repeat it.

  13. What ever happened to “We don’t negotiate with terrorists”?….Appears to me just the opposite is taking place and the terrorists are not only given free run of the city but have been actually supported by the local “politicians”. Politicians are aiding and abetting those destroying our country and culture and nobody cares.

  14. There comes a time when common sense and reality take over. Without protection, there is no freedom. When and if businesses decide to leave for more business-friendly climes, please leave your prior voting habits and irrational ideology on the ash heaps of your prior endeavors. Can anybody spell Detroit!

  15. Folks–relax. I have a perfect solution to this. It is easy and non-violent, and I will guarantee you if they do it in Seattle, and word gets out they won’t pull this crap elsewhere. First off, you cut off the electric and water sources within the 6 block radius they have taken over, then you also cut off cell phone communications so they can’t communicate within the area. And finally—-the real killer—-since these people hate America, you line up a bunch of loud speaker trucks, and blair in at full volume the American National Anthem and play it over and over non-stop for days until their little left-wing heads explode, and they run out screaming “UUGHH–SAVE ME— CAN”T STAND IT ANY MORE!!!! Then the police who they hate take them into custody, charge them with sedition, and acts of terror, and you don’t allow bail from a reliable judge. And finally they end up serving LOOONG prison sentences which they richly deserve. If you like this idea tell your patriotic friends, and as I said, this horseshit will end real fast!!!

  16. When you get in bed with the Criminals, you become one of them. These Democrat losers are not leaders. They haven’t got a clue on how to deal with the radicals. The National Guard should have been activated immediately and given orders to shoot to kill. When the Killings begin, the Vandalism ends. Simple fact. All welfare should be stopped until all the vandalism is paid for out of the Welfare funds. These are criminals. Animals, vermin, sickos. Grabbing boxes of shoes they know do not fit them. Running into stores looting and grabbing everything you can. This is criminal and they should be made to pay for it financially by not receiving any benefits until the debt has been paid. Walmart and the rest of the businesses should never return to Minneapolis. Let the vandals go without. They think it is funny, walk 6 miles to the nearest Walmart now.

    1. The nearest Wal-mart or similar stores are much farther then that for many of us in middle America. Though I gave up on WM when I found out they were in favor of having old lady / hag Clinton as President.

  17. This is part of the largest problems facing America today! The division in political parties. These elected leaders are supposed to be working together for the best interest of the people. Instead they purposely do not which hurts the people! A lot of this can be traced directly to the Clinton’s and Obama s as administrations due to the fact that Trump became president. The people in this country are to blame for continuing to put people like Nancy Pelosi in power. She has no intention of working with anyone but Democrats. How does this help the people? The republicans are also guilty of the same. The words “We the people “ in our constitution seem to have no meaning to either party. Our country has become so divided. I agree that “Black Lives Matter” but shouldn’t it be “All Lives Matter”? Sorry to rant on but the division in this country makes me sick!

  18. hahahahahaha..Walmart??? They’re the assholes playing bl(don’t)m slogans over their intercom systems in the stores…fuck them, they deserve everything they get!!!