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Lt. Col. Allen West: History is There For You to Learn From

On Saturday, Lt. Col. Allen West joined the folks on Fox & Friends Weekend to discuss the current push to scrub parts of our country’s history from the books, the movies, and from any monuments. He advised that we are on the wrong path.

“History is not there for you to like or dislike, Jedediah. It is there for you to learn from,”

Many deep blue states have taken to removing any statues of the slave era in the United States. Some were abolitionists. It has gotten to a point that if you are alive at that same time in which slavery took place then you were likely guilty in today’s eyes, no matter what side you were on.

The argument to remove old statues of the Confederacy is a heated one, as you can imagine. There are those who feel it's no longer necessary to leave up statues of a dark time in our country's history. Then there are those who feel it is exactly that reason why we must be reminded.

West served at Fort Bragg, which was named after a Confederate General Braxton Bragg.

"I did not think about them as Confederate generals. I thought about the honor of being able to serve on those military installations," he remarked.

The Memorial to the 54th Massachusetts regiment, in Boston, was defaced as well.

"That was the first Black organized unit to wear the uniform of the United States of America and fought in the Civil War. And, their history was depicted in the movie 'Glory,'" West pointed out. "And, I would challenge people this weekend to go back and look at that movie and understand: these were former slaves. These were freedmen [who] stood up and fought for this country."

It has many people scratching their heads and asking the question:

When will it stop or will it simply move onto something else when all the monuments are gone?

Read more at Fox News.

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12 thoughts on “Lt. Col. Allen West: History is There For You to Learn From”

  1. My personal view is we can’t change history. This is our country. Let’s all stand up and be proud. How can taken down a statue change that. Sad Sad time in the lives of everyone in this beautiful country.

  2. Sir- thank you for your insight. History is there, both the bad times and good times. We need to learn from history and pass it on to our youth so they can avoid some of the mistakes that have been made.
    Again Sir thank you.
    Mark A. Fulton MAJ USA {RET}
    Vietnam Veteran USMC
    Iraqi Freedom Veteran USAR

  3. Thank you for standing up for our country’s history and monuments. Those who were there fought for everyone’s freedom. Am thankful to leave free because of those brave men.

  4. I vote for Donald Trump to win the presidency however if Donald Trump tonight when I would love to see Mr. West run for president I would definitely vote for him I fully support him…

  5. It won’t stop until gov’t leaders have the balls to put their feet down and say enough is enough!…..or the militias step up and take the action those pussies won’t !!

  6. Renaming those bases will not change history. Neither will defacing or removing statues. Might as well take slavery out of history books. Kids don’t learn about it then they won’t know about it. B.s. history should be a strong learning tool. Throughout history there have been slaves of all races. Jewish, Arabs whites, Asians, black , Hispanics. We can’t just erase history.

  7. The history of this great country is what makes it great, warts and all. Certainly today’s thoughts of erasing history by tearing/taking down markers, changing names of military installations and eliminating the police force are a few of the thoughts of those who can’t see the forest for the trees. These changes will not change history nor eliminate the knowledge people already have. People can not truly understand or even know what their 3rd-4th-5th-6th generation ancestors were thinking or feeling in their times. They need history to help forge a new way of life and make greatly improved history in their own time. The recent rioting and looting is but another wart on this country and a sad part of our current history and should be an embarrassment to anyone and their family who has been lawlessly involved. I share with Lt. Col. West his affection for those military bases named after Confederate Generals. As a veteran of Vietnam, I had basic training in one such facility and was able to return there safely after my fourteen and a half month tour that will always hold a special place in my heart, the same base that many trained for WWI, WWII and Korea who feel the same way. Only a veteran would understand this or know the history of those great military leaders.

  8. I learned about the 54th Mass Regiment when I was in my twenties walking the “Commons” and thought, What is this I never heard about this in school.

  9. How would we feel if Germany started placing statues of Adolf Hitler and his senior Nazis all over their country. The “Lost Cause” people have, for years, painted Grant as a drunkard and butcher-talk about revisionist history! The planter class of the Confederacy should have been totally destroyed and all their wealth expropriated – instead, they were allowed to get back into power. We have been paying for that mistake ever since. These men were traitors and all should have been hung- instead certain people rhapsodize how what great leaders they were. Jefferson Davis in a dress!!!

  10. Thankyou Lt.Col. West from an old Vietnam Vet who served with black ,white brown we allbleed red we are one Nation under God.

  11. Thank you, Lt. Col. Allen West for your voice and the truth that you shared. History is there for us to learn from, while we are growing and living and moving on. So here we are in 2020 and there is a spirit that wants to rewrite, tear down, and remove any and all history that is not liked or understood.