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Minneapolis City Council to Disband Police Department

Minneapolis City Council is about to embark on a path to disband the Minneapolis Police Department. Following the death of George Floyd and the violent riots that ensued across the country, the city council members decided they will pull the plug on law enforcement.

City Council President Lisa Bender told CNN that 9 of its 13 members are in favor of the move.

“The City Council’s decision follows those of several other high-profile partners, including Minneapolis Public Schools, and the University of Minnesota, and Minneapolis Parks and Recreation, to sever longstanding ties with the MPD.”

This comes at a time when Minneapolis’s Mayor, Jacob Frey, is also asking the Federal government for at least $55 million in tax dollars.

I can’t quite see President Trump making sense of this one.

However, given who is on the City Council, I also can’t say I’m completely surprised.

Jeremiah Ellison, the son of Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison, is a member of the Minneapolis City Council and has recently given his support for Antifa.

In response to a tweet by President Donald Trump that the U.S.A. will be designating Antifa as a Terrorist Organization, Ellison replied:

“I hereby declare, officially, my support for ANTIFA. Unless someone can prove to me ANTIFA is behind the burning of black and immigrant owned businesses in my ward, I’ll keep focusing on stopping the white power terrorist THE [sic] ARE ACTUALLY ATTACKING US!”

Despite an overwhelming opposition by the public, the City Council has said it is steadfast in defunding the police.

9 in 10 black, white and Hispanic Americans oppose reducing the number of police officers in their community—and a third say their community needs more officers the Cato survey found. And a Yahoo/​Yougov survey found that only 16% of Americans favor cutting funding for police departments, including 12% of whites, 33% of blacks, and 17% of Hispanics.

Minneapolis also claims another title that is in direct opposition to the people of the United States.

Fox News reported last year that “more men and boys from a Somali American community in Minneapolis have joined – or attempted to join – a foreign terrorist organization over the last 12 years than any other jurisdiction in the country.”

It seems that many of our elected officials have zero interest in actually representing the people of the United States. Why would anyone do something this dangerous when their electorate is overwhelmingly against it? Who are they representing if it's not the citizens that elected them?

That's a question that needs to be asked and answered before anyone votes this November.

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25 thoughts on “Minneapolis City Council to Disband Police Department”

  1. Let them defund the police. It’ll be interesting to see how they’ll cope with the huge number of businesses and people, that will move out of the city. The loss of the tax base will leave the city with no funds to operate. Oh well, at least they won’t have the police dept. to fund.
    The upheaval in the city will make the riots seem like small potatoes and it’ll spread to a much larger area.
    The cure for all of this is to get rid of the liberal cancer that has been the downfall of this city along with NYC, Chicago, LA, etc.and etc. On and on it goes. Where it’ll stop, no one knows.

  2. Communism has reared its ugly head and has established a foothold in the heart of America. It seems that Christianity is failing in the United States at a surprisingly rapid movement. I am glad that I am an old man and will not be around to see the destruction of America. The Army is now considering changing several military post name to something other than after their confederate Patriots of our history. The black minority is wining its awards and laws so that the majority will be punished even more that now if it rears up in defense of its equal rights. This country should have a basic set of laws for all people, not color orientated, not religion orientated, we as a nation with many races should only need one set of laws to govern itself. I am praying that our government, especially the branch that writes the law will see the right path to follow and let common sense reign. God bless the United States now and forever. James I Poore

  3. Good, place is a sheethole anyway…..let the hard working public servants who put their life in harms way daily to protect the trash that don’t appreciate or deserve their service and protection find jobs in jurisdictions that will appreciate their sacrifice. There you go BL-Ohmar….lets see you BS your way out of this one…..hopefully aoc and dislobio’s district will be next.

  4. I would think crime statistics would be measured by black Hispanic whites to compare with the percentages you will find it runs exactly online with those wanting to defund police. It is just like why are more blacks in jail than whites. Well yeah! They are the ones commiting the crime

  5. JEREMIAH ELISON’s un-American positions include endorsing ANTIFA and getting rid of the Police in Minneapolis, Minnesota. ALL STATES should not allow the citizenry from that State to enter their State borders so that Elison cn spread his poisonous ideology. Let them kill each other without the rule of law and social norms.

  6. This seems incredible, i don’t recognize our country
    anymore these people that are definety not
    representing the people have an agenda
    I see the hand of the deep and propaganda o

  7. Just a thought…if there is no more enforcing of law, then why would we even need law makers? Sounds like the city council needs to be disbanded.

  8. They won’t need Federal monies if they get rid of their Police Dept. after they sell off the Dept. assets and quit paying wages and insurance.

  9. What they are doing in this country, disbanding the police when we should be backing whole heartedly. What a scary time and what are they trying to let take us over. I pray to God it is stopped before it is too late. The people have no say until November, that may be too late

  10. If they disband the police officers of the city. The only thing I would do This as a citizen is arm myself, And get ready for a war with the criminals. With out police there will be no protection for the citizens. This will be in danger of total Chaos

  11. PLease, Please: I want the head of the police officers union in Minneapolis to have a sick out day tomorrow. Every Minneapolis police office should call in sick tomorrow. No cops for 24 Hours. Let them see how that works out. They will be the ones on their freaking knees, begging the cops to come back. PLEase, PLEase.

  12. I don’t live in Minneapolis, but as a Vikings season ticket holder, I visit often. I feel I will need to discontinue my season tickets, and along with that will be the end of my money to support local business.

  13. If they choose to “Defund” or eliminate the Police force in Minneapolis? It will fall to the citizens, to defend themselves and their property from the criminal elements within the city and area.

  14. Kiss Minneapolis good bye. They are just another in a long list of why you can’t fix stupid They have screwed their own cit, no one will hold any conventions there. Who are you going to call when you need 911. Sorry that number has been disconnected.

  15. Why are you complaining . The Democratic liberal citizens voted them in ( you got what you asked for ) .

  16. Who will be left to protect the citizens of the cities if the there aree no police? I don’t believe these officials are thinking rtionally. I don’t think they are thinking, just reacting. I pray that these people pray and get some
    divine wisdom before they make irrational moves. All police officers are not haters of African Americans. I am
    praying for this situation and asking God to help us.