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Minnesota Freedom Fund Blasted: Where’d The Money Go?

The Minnesota Freedom Fund, the fund created to bail out protesters in Minneapolis who have been arrested and jailed, has come under fire for a bait and switch tactic.

In a tweet, the Minnesota Freedom Fund boasted it had spent more than $200k on bailing out protesters who had been arrested during the violent protests in Minneapolis after the death of George Floyd.

The fund quickly got burned and came under fire after it was revealed that they raised more than $35 million. In fact, even liberals on Twitter blasted the fund and demanded an investigation into where the money went.

Eugene Gu, MD, whose Twitter profile looks more like it exists to troll every Donald J. Trump tweet, laid into the fund and demanded a full investigation.

Cool Quit gave much more than $200K in free services, free medications, and free medical equipment than a charity that received $35 million and we aren’t even a charity. We have received a whopping total of $0 in donations. The Minnesota Freedom Fund must be fully investigated.

This is the organization that had celebrities like Justin Timberlake, Seth Rogan, Steve Carell, Jameela Jamil, and Chrissy Teigen speaking out to raise money for it.

Joe Biden staffers also donated to the fund, at least 13 of them.

Now, since less than 1% of the money went to the stated cause, people on both sides of the aisle want to know....Where is the money actually going?

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5 thoughts on “Minnesota Freedom Fund Blasted: Where’d The Money Go?”

  1. Someone has to pay for the concerted efforts of the terroristic militarized control of these riots and protests. So much better for those in charge of instituting the United Nations take over of the world if they don’t have to pay for it. Don’t you know that somebody’s laughing that these people are giving their hard earned money to help hey to take away their own freedoms. Isn’t patient control of the media hey beautiful thing. First you change the way that they think when people are young, bring in a few real issues that really seem to exist stronger in the very environments that say they are trying to change that those issues. It’s like a research center that spends five years and tens of millions trying to study how to prevent the jump of a virus from animals to humans actually becomes a source of a very effective human contagion. But facts seems remain unreleased as if telling them will unleash a monster or another world war. China’s government has been supporting a economic and technological campaign to control people within their grasp like Hong Kong and destabilize the rest of the world. They go as far as to poison fish and reefs in there part of the world so that the islands will someday fall under their reign. The United Nations claim sovereignty overall peoples of this world and that the government’s should rule under their rules and directives. Once again the world is falling under the rule of thought this is what we sink must be and we have to make you comply just like the political thought before each of the political takeovers of socialism and communism, as well as each of the world wars. This kind of push mission impossible for individuals to live without fear and peacefully coexist. We are living almost without hope.

  2. SHAZAM! Now you know what all the chaos is about – the same thing that Jesse and Al have been doing for years. Racism is too profitable to ever be abolished, and Black leaders will see that will never happen. Morgan Freeman says “Racism will stop when they stop commercializing it”.

  3. No S***! It got stolen! By who you say. Well by anyone you would not want to have that kind of money that’s who. Pick your poison and that’s who got some of the money. Surely antifa wouldn’t have gotten any you say. Don’t be so naive. Surely the city officials of Minneapolis wouldn’t have gotten any. Oh really. I venture a guess that everyone BUT those who were arrested got the money. “Racism” is big business and no one wants it to expand more than Democrats. The more it is addressed in the media; the uglier it is portrayed, the better the democrats like it.

  4. Talk about a scam, there you go! $35,000,000,000.00 raised and where is it now besides lining some people’s back pockets? It’s time to get Federal Auditors to fully investigate that today.

    1. It’s the government! Haha IRS better investigate that oh, that’s a lot of tax money that somebody’s not paying. Like 25% of 35 million dollars. If they wanted to take it out of the FBI easily track down the fake websites or whatever. Maybe it might link back to the doctor Eugene. LOL