Philly Residents Say They’ve Had Enough, Stand Up To Looters

South Philly residents have come together to put and end to the looting and the rioting in their community and their city. They say they’ve had enough and they’re just tired of it.

Fox & Friends host Ainsley Earhardt interviewed Philly resident Anthony Giordano:

“We are fed up with the crime and the revolving door in the criminal justice system, the looting, and the rioting,” he asserted. “This was not protesting that was happening in Philadelphia and around the country. This was looting and rioting and criminal behavior. And we were not going to stand for it.”

We are starting to see citizens stand up to the looting and rioting in other cities as well.

Just last weekend, protesters in Brooklyn, NY defended a Target store from looters and the video was posted on Twitter by Andrew Solender.

Giordano said what they're doing is working and deterring looters from their area of the city.

"South Philadelphia is a tough neighborhood. We are strong here. We are blue collar. We mobilized all the neighborhoods. I was in and out of every neighborhood yesterday making sure everything was fine," he said. "We were being circled at some point. They wanted to get into that Target. We refused to let them get into that Target. And, South Philly stood strong yesterday."

They have a Facebook account for the group, Stand Up South Philly and Take Our Streets Back and its' gaining followers rapidly. They're not fighting against peaceful protesters but they're standing against the violent protesters and rioters.

"It's absolutely disturbing and atrocious how they are putting a mark on Mr. Floyd's memory by rioting and burning the cities and the country down. This man suffered a horrible death," he noted. "We stand with Mr. Floyd. We stand with the African-American community. We stand with the protesters. We get that they are angry. But, we stand with the peaceful protesters."

Read more on this story at Fox News.


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15 thoughts on “Philly Residents Say They’ve Had Enough, Stand Up To Looters”

  1. God bless you for standing up against looters and anarchists. So proud of South Philly for taking a stand for the people of their community. I only hope that our city of Pittsburgh can do the same.

  2. I agree this is no way to do the memory of George Floyd ! is this the way you want him to be remembered ,im white and I cant stand what you ignorant people are doing GO HOME this rioting and burning your town down is not the way GROW UP

  3. These Black Lives Matters, hypocrites don’t include all the thousands of young Black males killed every year in the streets of Chicago.
    All the foul mouth mayor can say is F Trump.
    This protest is nothing but political by the progressive left
    And what about the 77 year old retired Black peace officer killed protecting his friends store.
    Killed by Black rioters. Where’s Black Lives Matter people.
    No where
    It’s nothing but lefty politics. Orchestrated by that Scumbag George Soros

  4. Thank you Brothers and Sisters for actively standing up to people who are putting a stain on our United struggle for justice. I am 78 years old and remember the riots of the Martin Luther King murder and fought along side of other brothers and sisters to protect our neighborhoods. It was an UGLY THING TO EXPERIENCE. My prayers and love I give you all. STAY BRAVE, BLACK and strong. We all will change this corrupt and unfair system for ALL of us.

  5. I personally feel that justice is a elusive term . The problem is attorneys, judges, & legislators often get caught up more in procedure than achieving justice for all.

  6. I used to live at the south end of Broad street. So I know the Pride, these Hard working citizens have in their business’s. Looters take not only merchandise; but the very heart and heritage of these people. I say, stand up
    in unity against these criminals. They are using the public’s righteous anger over the senseless death of George
    Floyd. To justify their wanton theft and arson. This paints the “Peaceful protestor”. With the stain of criminality.
    Arrest and Prosecute the guilty.

  7. I thank Heavenly Father for people like you who have the courage to stand against the looters, burners and robbers. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU.

  8. philly and every other city and all 50 states
    enough is enough

    jail them – whatever its the Antifa Terrorist group

    An attorney for the supporters of the Columbus statue in South Philadelphia has laid down a Spike Strip to slow down the mayor’s attempt to speed through legal red lights in order to remove the monument from Marconi Plaza.
    George Bochetto, a former Pennsylvania boxing commissioner, went toe-to-toe with Mayor Jim Kenny’s Administration by filing an injunction and a restraining order blocking the move.
    “You must follow the law,” Bochetto said in an interview with A.M. 990 host Chris Stegall this morning. There is a legal process for removing historical monuments under a Preservation Statute, he added.
    Bochetto called members of the Philadelphia Art Commission who voted Wednesday to remove the statue, “kangaroos.” He praised Judge Paula Patrick for ordering a halt to the action pending legal review.
    If the eventual decision is to remove the sculpture an expert must examine it first under Preservation rules. Bochetto said it’s made of marble and is 150 years old, donated to Philadelphia by the Italian government. Officials in that country have been writing to the attorney for news about the statue’s fate, and may want it returned.