Trump Campaign Sets Amazing Record

President Trump’s campaign rescheduled a rally in Tulsa, OK for Saturday, June 20th and the ticket requests are outrageous! They’re smashing records and there’s still almost a week left.

As of Tuesday morning the campaign says they’ve passed 1 million tickets.

Brad Parscale, President Trump’s campaign manager, tweeted out:


President Trump's campaign had originally scheduled the rally for June 19 but, after consulting with a few leaders, decided to change it by one day. Juneteenth (June 19) is a commemoration of when Texas slaves were made aware of the end of slavery in the US two years after the Emancipation Proclamation.

Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) said he was glad the President rescheduled the rally.

"The president moving the date by a day once he was informed on what the Juneteenth was, that was a good decision on his part," said Scott

It should be noted that the Joe Biden campaign did, indeed, hold a rally on June 19, 2019 without an issue.

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8 thoughts on “Trump Campaign Sets Amazing Record”

  1. You need to do more of this spreading “campaign good news” instead of complaining about how much the bad guys are beating us up by outraising us $wise. Good news is a much greater encourager than whining about the competition.

  2. I support President Donald Trump!!! You have my vote in November. Please know that there are a lot of people who support the President so do not get discouraged. Keep up the good work.
    Sincerely, Margaret Aucoin
    p.s. I do not have the money to support your campaign financially I wish I did

  3. Trump is all about himself. He doesn’t care about anyone’s safety or well being, just needs to feed his ego. January 2021 can not come fast enough. Complicit republicans should all be voted out. So basically all of the except Romney as he at least showed some integrity. I never dreamed we could have such an unqualified, corrupt and inept person as our president. Just sad.

  4. I wondered who initially suggested June 19th? It appears a ‘double agent’ may have done that so the press could have a field day. But caught it – and changed the date in time 🙂

  5. I totally Support MY PRESIDENT And his Administration as well. Stand up with the man and team that has taken us to new highs. And lows (caused by this Corona Virus distraction. President TRUMP WILL bring the country out on top once again in 2021 and beyond. NEVER GIVE UP ON YOURS AND MY PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP.