Trump’s Tulsa Rally Not What You’ve Likely Heard

Amidst the media chaos, fake news, fake ticket buys, and security concerns, the Trump rally in Tulsa broke records once again. 7.7 million total viewers tuned into Fox News During President Trump’s speech at the rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

This was the largest audience that’s Fox News ever recorded on Saturday night
primetime from 8 PM to 11 PM.

Trump’s State of the Union address is the only telecast on Fox News in 2020 to outdraw the 9 p.m. hour of Trump’s speech on Saturday, which averaged 8.2 million total viewers.

As Fox News notes, ESPN could only draw an average 8 million viewers for the NFL draft opening night.

The speech also drew more viewers than MSNBC's most watched Democrat primary debate.

That's not taking into account all the viewership metrics, though. The president's campaign also touts the amount of folks who watched online and through other streaming platforms.

“President Trump’s rally in Tulsa attracted over 4 million unique viewers across all of the campaign’s digital media channels. The live-streamed pre-rally shows drew an audience of more than 2.5 million unique viewers by themselves,” Trump 2020 communications director Tim Murtaugh said in a statement.

You'd never know that, though, if you watch the news or Google it. 8 pages into my Google search and all I could find was how "dangerous" holding a Trump rally was for Tulsa and how "embarrassing" the turnout was for the President and his supporters.

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9 thoughts on “Trump’s Tulsa Rally Not What You’ve Likely Heard”

  1. I saw so many snowflakes on various social media sites, running their mouths about how bad Pres. Trump got trolled over ticket requests. All I have to say is, they did nothing to harm him or affect the people who are still going to vote for him. They have shown their true colors, desperation and utter stupidity. There is nothing they can do to change my mind about my vote.

    1. Absolutely!! For quite some time now I’ve followed the advice of a true patriot … Rush… don’t ever believe the news the first time its blurted out and carried forward by the snowflake announcers, protesters, politicians and students… it’s always BS and proves to be so.

  2. The democrats will pay for every lie and false statement this November.
    The liberal left has gotten so far off base, most democrats with a free thinking mind or probably either going to not vote this election, or flip their vote and go Republican…..even as a one time democrat, I can’t believe what the dems are standing for and the stupidity of making Joe Biden their candidate.
    It’s like shooting yourself in the foot. By voting for anyone that supports rioting and burning and taking down
    history, you are putting this country in jeopardy of civil war and total unrest for many years.

  3. All traditional media outlets are full if SHIT. lets just call it what it is. Trash. I would rather have a colonoscopy then listen/read their garbage. Turn it ALL off.