TX Update: Governor Abbott Orders Bars to Close, Confusing Texans

Friday morning, Governor Greg Abbott (R-TX) order bars to close across the state of Texas in response to an increase in coronavirus cases.

“At this time, it is clear that the rise in cases is largely driven by certain types of activities, including Texans congregating in bars,” Abbott said in a news release. “The actions in this executive order are essential to our mission to swiftly contain this virus and protect public health.”

Abbott shut down river-rafting trips and banned all outdoor gatherings of over 100 people.

However, just Tuesday, Abbott gave the authority to local governments to choose whether they wanted to place restrictions on outdoor gatherings.

Monday, he said shutting down the state again would be a last resort.

Governor Abbott is getting blasted, on Twitter, from both people saying he should've never reopened and others saying this is a clear violation of their rights.

In one tweet, a picture of the protests in posted with the message:

The bars have nothing to do with it governor Abbott

This brings up an important point.

Protesters and rioters were allowed to roam the streets, without consequence, and ended up causing destruction and violence in cities like Dallas. Abbott didn't seem to have a problem with it then.

“Every Texan and every American has the right to protest and I encourage all Texans to exercise their First Amendment rights,” Abbott said in a statement

Texas opened up long enough to allow weeks of protests and then as the protests died off, it shut back down.

Many, on Twitter, are saying they "won't comply". Read the comments for yourself.

What then? Will they be arrested?

Abbott also required everyone to wear masks in public, even though the same experts who he's relying on have said even though masks aren't 100% effective they're a symbol of what you should do.

"I want to protect myself and protect others, and also because I want to make it be a symbol for people to see that that's the kind of thing you should be doing," Fauci told CNN's Jim Sciutto, adding that masks aren’t 100% effective but are valuable because they show “respect for another person.”

Needless to say this is going to cause a lot of controversy across the plains of Texas.

And Governor Abbott may have just created an election to watch in November.

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2 thoughts on “TX Update: Governor Abbott Orders Bars to Close, Confusing Texans”

  1. Is Texans are not confused. We have a great governor. His decisions have changed recently according to the data. He began reopening during a time when the positivity rate was lower. Then the cases began to rise and the reopening is paused. The bars closed because they were too crowded and people were not following social distancing. The Dallas protests were outdoors. As our governor said, we need to open Texas due to the economy. We can do this if people will comply with wearing masks and social distance.
    Don’t mess with Texas.

  2. The new cases of the vivid virus, is probably coming
    From the demonstrations, that what held in most cities
    From unlawful people, which should have been
    Arrested for the destruction, the items, being stolen
    The fires they set.
    What about all of the law abiding people that had to stay home, could not get out, go to work, school or anything
    else they wanted to do just because of the riots the
    Demonstrations they were doing
    I am sick and tired of the Democrat party, because they are
    Running these out of control cities and do nothing about
    Law and order.;