Video: Facebook Moderators Caught Bragging About Suspending Trump Supporters

How many times has Mark Zuckerberg and his spokespeople said they do not promote or punish certain political viewpoints?

In a recent email, a Facebook spokesperson wrote:

“The reviewers’ decisions are regularly evaluated to ensure our policies are applied fairly and accurately,” said the spokesperson. “We do not promote political viewpoints of any stripe and the comments included in this video are not consistent with our policies.

This has once again been found to be untrue, according to an undercover video of Facebook moderators in which they brag about kicking off Trump supporters.

Zach McElroy, an employee of Cognizant (a third-party firm hired by Facebook to moderate the platform) said he noticed a big difference in the way Facebook handles conservative content versus liberal.

“I saw upwards of 75% to 80% of the posts in that queue were from Republican pages, politicians, journalists, and pages that supported the president or supported conservatives.”

The video shows about a dozen content moderators, working for Facebook, who brag about citing people wearing "MAGA" hats as 'terrorism'.

“like half the time when I delete people for pro-Trump sh*t, I’m like, you should be on a watch list, dude,” while a woman said that on her last day with the company, “If someone is wearing a MAGA hat, I am going to delete them for terrorism and just going to like go crazy.”

Donald Trump Jr. addressed the issue on Twitter, saying, “Enough is enough we can’t let them interfere with elections any longer.”

Will Mark Zuckerberg admit the bias on his platform or continue to deny it exists in the face or video evidence?

More so, will anything be done about it before the election? Should anything be done about it?

Several Republican political candidates had their pages suspended in the days leading up to the 2018 election. It sure seems like election interference. Is it?

For more on Facebook censorship and political targeting, check out the Washington Times page.

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8 thoughts on “Video: Facebook Moderators Caught Bragging About Suspending Trump Supporters”

  1. This is EXACTLY why I kicked the little chicken shits to the curb a year ago
    I am 65 years old and I don’t need to two bit punks telling me what I can say or think or believe
    This is EXACTLY what is wrong with the world
    Just look around with what is going on
    It’s a CRYING SHAME that this country is being torn down and apart by these little entitlement punks who have most likely never really worked hard a day in their pathetic lives I for one can live the rest of my life without being bullied or brainwashed with this crap

  2. Zuckerberg has some nerve calling Trump supporters “terrorists.” What the hell does he call the looters and arsonists who are wrecking our cities? They are all despicable and are living in lalaland. Just because you are rich, Mark, doesn’t make you right. SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP! And how about no one cares what you think,

  3. You have an obligation and solemn duty to the American People to not be prejudiced to any party affiliation and I hope that will always be the case!

  4. Despicable. I avoid Facebook. People need to do their own fact-finding. All lives matter. Destroying my life does not make me want to help someone else. I will not bend to violence. The rioters are creating a greater racial divide. Violence begs violence. They should have stayed in school.

  5. People or shall I call them kids who go around destroying our cities and stealing stuff out of the stores. Things never went on like this. Tearing down statues. They should be jailed for vandalism. It’s history. Rather we like it or not. Perhaps they should be put into a museum.