Will Americans Comply With Another Lockdown Order?

I recently had a conversation with my dad, who most of his life has been a liberal but in all reality has never thought voting really mattered. He is a Vietnam veteran who has travelled the world but prefers to live in a small town. Vietnam soured him on politics, as it did many folks who served in that war.

He lived through the protests of the 60’s and 70’s, which I did not. He’s a history buff and has wisdom and experience far beyond my own. So, when we talk, I tend to listen closely even though we do not always agree.

I believe you can learn a lot from people with whom you disagree.

When the lockdown orders came, amidst the coronavirus pandemic, he was sort of shocked. He wasn’t so much shocked at the lockdown orders but at the ease of which Americans forfeited their freedoms and businesses.

Given what we now know and how many times the ‘experts’ were wrong, he wonders if people will simply comply with another order.


We are being told that another wave of the coronavirus is coming. This is shortly after we were told we may not likely see another wave.

We are seeing the economy rebound and jobs starting to come back as states relax the lockdown orders. In fact, we saw the biggest jobs increase ever.

Recently, we were told that the protests are more important than coronavirus risks.

Now we are being told that the Trump campaign holding campaign rallies may be too dangerous.

The CDC has recently delivered warnings that another lockdown may be necessary.

John Daniel Davidson disagrees with the assumption that American will comply with another lockdown order and he's provided good reason.

Simply put, the people in charge have shown themselves to be rank hypocrites who care more about politics than science. For months, we were told that large gatherings were deadly because of the coronavirus, but when protests broke out in late May, large gatherings were suddenly okay.

He provides the exact date as June 4th when 1,000 public health officials signed a letter claiming the protests were “vital to the national public health and to the threatened health specifically of black people in the United States.”

In Dallas, TX the District Attorney sent a salon owner to jail for reopening her business a few days ahead of schedule. Then he turned around and let 674 protesters, who had been arrested, off the hook.

In New York City, Mayor Bill De Blasio allowed a massive protest of thousands of people for "Black Trans Lives Matter". He then threatened parents, who took their kids to the park, with jail time.

John Daniel Davidson says the writing is already on the wall:

There are two only possible conclusions here. Either de Blasio somehow believes that catching COVID-19 isn’t a risk if you’re at a BLM rally, or he doesn’t actually care about preventing the spread of the virus and wants to use the pandemic to exercise arbitrary power over New Yorkers, punishing those who defy him and indulging those who share his political views.

This sort of hypocrisy is happening in Democrat-run cities all over the country and he provides many examples in his article.

In the end, he concludes Americans won't and shouldn't comply with another lockdown.

Enough of this. Americans should never listen to these people again.

I wonder if he's right. I'm guessing we'll find out soon enough.

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10 thoughts on “Will Americans Comply With Another Lockdown Order?”

  1. I agree we should never comply with another lock down. This is simply a political game played by the Democrats to mess with the election in November. If Trump wins they will continue to push the virus if Biden wins it will all go away. That includes the black lives matters just like the last election.

  2. No, I think lock downs for the china virus are not needed. People get it about washing hands and social distancing and if your not feeling well then stay home. If your paranoid about going out, then stay home while the rest of us work. Another lock down will not be tolerated. We will not ruin our economy over deaths due to a flu. The numbers are not accurate and you hear doctors and nurses saying that these people died of natural deaths and were labeled Coronavirus. MONEY, MONEY, MONEY!!!! The MEDIA HYPED this whole Pandemic and lied to us about everything!

  3. Now that we know for sure that the first one was bullsh1t, contrived by the MSM to trash the American economy and lose Trump the election, you can bet there will be little compliance.

  4. I too are from the that time, Polio, We went went to school w/ Measles,chicken Box. Also the Flu is a Corona Form (But was not one that crossed over) We were shocked on Protests of the Vietnam War (I served also, But found out it was not all that it was made out to be for its cause. We were spit on, call names, and in some attacked by “Elitists” .
    The People today only want what they can get for FREE. They do not want God, Country Just Gimme Gimme’ They have been brought By the elite the very very Rich, Unless we get serious cut down, on “O” My feelings are Hurt, Statues that “OFFEND Me” College Professors that are not Life ,Liberty and (MOST IMPORTANT) and the Pursuit of Happiness ( Remember Pursuit Only) not Guarantee to Succeed.

  5. In all reality, you’d think and hope that the sheeple would have learned their lesson but I doubt it! As for myself, I didn’t believe the Godless, Satan worshiping, power-mad NWO-elitist ghouls, i. e. Demo(n)crats lies from the jump start! It was all about getting rid of Trump and a show of power as well! I abhor the thought of wearing a mask that is of no use and laugh at most of the liberal retarded sheeple that wear it as a badge of honor! Sheeple had better wake up and realize that we are witnessing a COMMUNIST REVOLUTION and in my opinion the only solution will be to fight fire with fire as these demonic psychopaths aren’t about to stop unless they are physically made to do so! WTFU!

  6. No way will people allow to be locked down again. They are going to go on with life but be safe and clean. I know in michigan they won’t allow it again.

  7. No way they will not comply with any lock down again in michigan they will tell the idot gov to get lost and leave us alone.

  8. It seems to me that one should not have to be told what to do to save one’s life. It is very simple. Do the stay at home if possible. Wear the mask, that is possible. Don’t look to the President, he takes advise from no one with scientific knowledge, therefore blames everyone for any wrong information HE gives. Read books. Real books, non fiction, by those who give the inside information on your president. I recommend “the House of Trump/The House of Putin. to start with. When I suggest background information, this hast it. Then go one to those who know him and understand his (Trump’s) need for approval. His focus on what he wants most, “money”. And what he plans to obrain by being President. It is neither Democrat, nor Republican we are dealing with. It is people’ whose influences have been going on for years through ourside sources. Think, how was Trump found to be involved with the Russians regarding the election? So easy for the FBI to follow the Russian spies and right to the Trump organization and Trump with his kids (adult ones). It does not take a genius to know what to do to find out things. Just read books. Read both sides, if you will. And do not trust anyone who takes Putin’s side against American security as did Trump against his own NSA.