CNN Suddenly Changes Tune on Mount Rushmore

Recently, CNN hailed Mount Rushmore as a “monument of two slave owners” created on land that was “wrestled away from Native Americans”.

However, back in 2008, CNN praised the landmark as “quite a sight” when Barrack Obama visited it on the campaign trail for President of the United States.

Fellow anchor Betty Nguyen added: “Barack Obama is in South Dakota today. He arrived there last night. Take a look at this. He got a good glimpse of the majestic Mount Rushmore. Well, South Dakota and Montana have closed out the primary season on Tuesday.”

When Bernie Sanders visited Mount Rushmore in 2016, CNN referred to it as “this monument to 4 great American presidents”.

My how times have changed.

President Trump went to Mount Rushmore over the Independence Day Weekend at CNN gave a much different description of the monument.

The coverage started off by back handedly criticizing the lack of a mask mandate and social distancing at the event. Then it morphed into a much less glowing description of Mount Rushmore.

But at a time of racial unease, when protesters are tearing down statues of slaveholders and calling for the names of Confederate generals to be removed from army bases, the Rushmore event is a reminder that Trump is fighting to preserve these relics of heritage and history that some see as symbols of oppression. And to indigenous people, Mt. Rushmore, with four white presidents, two of whom were slave owners, is one of those symbols.

Then, they had their guest, Nick Tilsen, Founder & CEO of NDN Collective, on to make some additional disparaging comments about the historic monument:

And to blow up a mountain and put the faces of four white men who were colonizers, who committed genocide against indigenous people, the fact that we don't, as America, think of that as an absolute outrage is ridiculous.

Will CNN be apologizing for 'getting it so wrong' in 2008 and 2016 when they offered nothing but praise for the Democrat candidates visiting Mount Rushmore?



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26 thoughts on “CNN Suddenly Changes Tune on Mount Rushmore”

  1. demorats will not stop until they dismantle this great nation and remake it in their marxist image.

  2. demorats will not stop until they dismantle this great nation and remake it in their marxist image!

  3. The hypocrisy continues. These people are never ending. If they were capable of using a third of their pea brains and seek the truth on history we would be the greater nation that we are and should be. God bless America.

  4. Let the right, confederates, Trump and whoever else desire to praise and look up to the images of these devilish idols. This colossal sculpture carved into Mount Rushmore is a history and a reminder that these facial figures entails murder, mayhem, discrimination, cruel inhuman treatment of
    God’s ppl that continues on today. And it is a reminder to every person that has knowledge and has read the United States Constitution that it is a fake, a volatile feud, counterfeit and deceiver to minorities which have never been created equal under the laws of this Country, The United States of AmeriKKK.

    1. But you were ok with this in 2008 and 2016??? Sounds like selective outrage. Makes no sense for you to be so upset now if you weren’t then.

    2. We will never be a perfect country. Mt. Rushmore is a beautiful piece of art. Funny I remember talk about having the racist obama likeness added to Mt. Rushmore. You can’t pick and choose what part of history should be destroyed. People want to destroy everything for something they don’t agree with. Just childish, immature and easily mislead.

  5. It is sad that we as a people continue to rewrite history to come to terms with our flaws. Communists and Socialists are known to do the rewrite history instead of use this moment to teach about our flaws and how it effected the individuals involved. We have missed the boat to create a historical study into are past and the reason we must change how we. Approach race relations going into the future. We also need to show all sides of issue. All sides I mean how after freeing slaves blacks held as many as 50000 slaves in south. All sides American Indians held between 20000 to 30000 slaves in Indian Territory after slaves eete freed. So how do we approach a fact that is undet studied. So all sides are at fault. We should do more soul searching before we lash out on anyone side. You can’t rewrite history. We.need to teach it so everyone inderstands this must change in our hearys.

  6. I know it’s true, but don’t you think enough is enough, you and the rest of the news media are putting our country in turmoil taking about taking down of our most precious monuments in the country. Where would we be without Georgia Washington and the revolutionary war. Why don’t you go after the root cause of slavery in our country, the country’s whom brought the slaves over, England, Spain and Portugal. Where would the world be before Christianity without slaves. We are a more civilized world now. I agree black lives matter they have had it tough for to many years, let’s make it right now now a leave history alone.

  7. The Demorats are full of lies and disease.
    They cheat to beat you.
    They steak your brains and brainwash you.
    They take young kids and make them sex slaves
    They say they love Blacks, but started the KKK
    They have destroyed 20 cities with the BLM.
    They are scum that belong in jail.

  8. CNN is a fucking joke. Don’t watch them and don’t believe a word they say. Fuckin libtard ass kissers

  9. CNN wont apologize. I can’t believe how evil, disparaging, whiney, and just plain mean our political parties have become. But, I guess they’ve been doing this since day one. I cant stand watching, or even listening to almost all Democrats, spewing theirs lies and hate speech, to anyone how will give them the time of day. Unfortunately, it’s our young folks who are being targeted, and they wont see it until it’s too late. America is headed for a fall. A VERY HARD FALL.

  10. CNN need to get their stories straight. These Presidents fought against any kind of slavery. I guess these News people don’t know History. Look’s to me like they need to study it. Otis a shame because they are the ones that are pick on different races and the Republican Party. The station most be owned by Democrats. Talk about picking sides. How does that sound to the rest of us.(Americans) I will pray for that station that opens their eyes.

  11. CNN, doesn’t that stand for Communist News Network?? Who do these idiots think they are? Why are they supporting efforts to delete the history of our great country? There is no place for all of this left-wing, conspiracy thinking, riot encouragers in the world of “news”. Get a life.

  12. YOU PEOPLE AT CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, et al. are such liars and hypocrites that as a former listener and watcher you ALL make me want to cry. How sad, that grown-up people, suppose to be intelligent people, are so conniving, lying, and dumb. Pfui! NEVER again will my television be turned on to one of your broadcast crap .

  13. Fake news CNN. All the protesters will be the first to call 911 when crimes are committed against them and they have no way to defend themselves in democratic city’s . When they defund the police the crime rate will climb 300 % and the liberal judges will release these POS the next day .

  14. CNN crew and cast are all liars. Caught again!!! CNN are the ones that are prejudiced. Thump is a great president. CNN and the rest of the progressive liberals are actually destroying America. What is there plan when we are vulnerable to China??

  15. CNN has so noted their mistake and has smelled the coffee cooking, smells great don’t you think! there is time to remember our past and the mistakes that have been made. now you can joint society again with a breath of new air.

  16. CNN had changed the vision and the language in the same way that the leftist wants to change America. Always the left wants to have a distortion of the reality to attack the democracy and their principles and institutions

  17. If they want to get rid of slave owner images and names, try this. Tear down the Washington monument in D.C. oh and then change the name of Washington D.C and Washington state. Personally I think it’s all ridiculous and just people beating a dead horse.

  18. I guess the thousands of white (and black soldiers) who died fighting in the Civil War to END slavery don’t matter. No one ever mentions their sacrifice. They didn’t believe it was moral or right to own another human being. They fought and many died to make sure no one was anyone else’s slave ever again. All I hear about is “our white ancestors owned black slaves” so that means today that ALL white people are bad. Well if white people died fighting in the Civil War to free bkack people, (applying the same standard), doesn’t that mean today that ALL whites people are GOOD? You cannot have it all one sided. That’s not fair either or equal!

  19. It just goes to show us what a group of wishy washy “go along with the crowd” liberal imbeciles at CNN. Say one thing then do another seems to be their mantra. If you want truth go to FOX News.