Cruz Legislation: Governments Withholding Police Protection Are Liable To Private Property Owners

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) tweeted that he is introduction legislation that would hold local government liable to private property owners if they were infringed upon and officials deliberately withheld police protection.

Minnesota Dems willfully allowed Minneapolis to burn & then blamed the police whom they demonized. Now, they want the fed govt to pay the bill. I’m introducing legislation to make local govt liable to private property owners if officials deliberately withhold police protection.

This comes after President Trump denied Minnesota Governor’s request for $500 million dollars in property damages from the looting and riots in Minneapolis after the death of George Floyd.

Tim Walz, Democrat Governor of Minnesota, was caught off guard and tried to pin the blame back on the Trump administration.

Walz’s office released a statement reading, “The Governor is disappointed that the federal government declined his request for financial support. As we navigate one of the most difficult periods in our state’s history, we look for support from our federal government to help us through,” as The Daily Wire reported.

The Minneapolis City Council voted to defund the police and said calling the police 'comes from a place of privilege'.

Well, apparently, so does getting federal grants for your mess.

Jenna Ellis, senior legal advisor to Team Trump, agreed:

“Wise. You want to defund police and let the woke mob run wild, do it on your own dime, Gov. You should have asked the President for help BEFORE you incurred this much damage.”

After all, President Trump did say, many times, that the federal government is willing and ready to help.

Instead Walz and Minneapolis Mayor, Jacob Frey, decided to have the police stand down and even abandon a police precinct.

I'm guessing Seattle and Portland are a little nervous right now.


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49 thoughts on “Cruz Legislation: Governments Withholding Police Protection Are Liable To Private Property Owners”

  1. Glad that the President declined to give financial help to those cities that defund the police and allowed the mobs to destroy the cities. The leaders of those cities are responsible for allowing the destructions to happen and to clean their own mess. They need to grow up.

  2. No $$ for them letting the crappy mess go on! Government is not responsible for them allowing that. I stand with Cruz

    1. You go Ted. We the real tax payers are good and sick of paying for the messes and wars and debacles caused by out of touch, spoiled brat politicians. We learned in kindergarten, you make a mess, you clean it up. Time it started applying equally to everyone in the country, rather than just to the law abiding. Now we’ll see how far this bill gets. My guess? Not far.

  3. I suppose they think that it’s okay to display their liberal policies by supporting the looting and rioting in their cities while having the police stand down. It’s not! It’s irresponsible and criminal. Safety of lives and property is paramount to a civilized society. Let them alone deal with it.

  4. Good start.
    Stand up for president Trump
    Where is the outrage from our elected Republicans?


  6. The nation’s taxpayers SHOULD NOT be forced to pay for incompetent dicision’s of local officials. This is not some disaster like tornado or earthquake that couldn’t be foreseen. Like they say”Those that call the tune,pay the piper”. Telling the police to “stand down” or refusing federal aid places blame SQUARELY on those that called the shots.

  7. It is about time. I am so sick of this lawlessness being tolerated and made famous by a bunch of thugs.
    I don’t even watch local and network news anymore – they fall all over criminals making them heroes – our HEROS are fighting to keep our country safe, not “marching and vandalizing citizens who have NOTHING to do with social injustice. STEALING shoes and jewelry and TV’s are not fighting social injustice – you morons!

  8. Note to ALL the STATES who want to defund your Police Departments,


    Maybe send your bills to the personal bank accounts of THOSE who are pushing it ???

  9. I’m glad I voted for Cruz and a big “Way To Go” on new legislation, I never even thought about Beto whoo!

  10. All democrat socialists mayors and governors need to be refused any protection and allowed to be beaten and murdered as they allow done to the citizens who pay for protection and do not receive it. It is not their money but taxpayers authorized on their itemized bill. It does not say only protect politicians.
    If I hear of a socialist politician injured or killed at this point I will only cheer as they do and not care who did it as they apparently do not.

  11. Very nice, but like every other good bill introduced in this Congress, it’s going nowhere. Does anyone believe that a House controlled by Nancy Pelosi is going to approve a law that would hold their allies in state and local government responsible for their actions?

  12. I absolutely agree with Sen. Cruz legislation. This situation should have never happened in Minneapolis nor anywhere else in the USA. And as a veteran, I was sorely discusted with the whole mess.

  13. Minneapolis Mayor better figure how to put things back together. The government has no responsibility to give them any money because the rioters were allowed to tear everything up. Suck it up and fix your mess

  14. Good. The Socialist Democrat governors encouraged it and allowed it. Let the Marxist BLM restore it with the funds they collected from Chinese/American companies and Muslim/American companies. They’ve collected millions, that should be used to restore the destroyed black neighborhoods and businesses. Blacks are some of the wealthiest Americans in Hollywood, Sports, the Music Industry and with other means, that they should help restore their central cities. Reparations have been made for years to all Americans with Welfare, free lunches, free education, free housing, or in subsidies. They’ve defunded and scorned the police force, which spent much of their time in the troubled neighborhoods. Berkley, Seattle, and Minneapolis have all seen a rise in crime, since defunding the police. Omar of Minneapolis, with the Muslim Squad, and some Democrat Socialist Congress have encouraged the anarchy, and want to defund not only the police, but Immigration and Customs, and military, to leave us defenseless. The Matxist BLM are following a pre-planned strategy to destroy the American economy and defeat us. Communism used the same plan to conquor Venezuela. The inflated covid, fear numbers are part of the game plan, since investigators have reported Florida and other states had inaccurate numbers. Please stand strong with President Trump.

  15. THANK YOU!! Standing up to do the RIGHT what we have been begging for since these “protests” started! As far as we, the quiet, law-abiding citizens of America, are concerned, all those who chose to deface or destroy monuments, burn businesses, hurt people, did so knowing the wrong they were doing and all have participated on some level of terrorism!!

  16. We agree with the President and Senator Ted Cruz, they must be responsible for supporting mobs, anarchies….to devastate America.

  17. No city or property should receive Federal Money if the local leaders refuse to allow the police or any protection group to protect the city or property. These cities that want Frederal Aid should have asked for the Federal Government for help before the rioting, burning, and property destruction got out of control. NO FEDERAL MONEY SHOULD BE GIVEN TO THOSE CITIES THAT CALL OFF THEIR POLICE FORCE IN FAVOR OF ANTIFA OR BLM GROUPS WHO ARE TERRORISTS. BRING BACK LAW AND ORDER AND MAKE ARREST TO PEOPLE DESTROYING PROPERTY, BURNING AND LOOTING.

  18. I’m so glad to know we still have a chance to save this country. I am very glad to see this article. Thank you Senator Ted Cruz for everything you have and are doing. Thank god for our President Trump. Best president in my lifetime!

  19. Many of the avatars in this comment section resemble stylized versions of the Wuhan virus.

    Coincidence? I think not.

  20. They should make those low life politicians pay for the damage and throw their sorry asses in jail for not doing the job they swore an oath to protect the citizens of Minneapolis. I am hoping the people of that city are not that stupid they do not hold those clowns accountable for their crimes.

  21. Those state Governors need to be not only responsible for what they allowed, but need to be prosecuted for assisting in the deaths as well as harm done to individuals n their property. They ( governors) are accomplishes to crimes committed from lack of restraint on their part. They need to be punished accordingly. They deliberately allowed people to be harmed and businesses burned. I appreciate Ted Cruz’s legislation. Our police should have been able to protect their self’s as well as the public without fearing criminal charges. How stupid that these governors allowed our policemen to be burned and beaten and killed.

  22. Trump is awesome… make those states clean up their own mess instead of protecting their law abiding citizens…

  23. let the democratic party pay for the rebuild, i think the covid 19 is effecting Waltz and Freys brains, who ever voted the 2 idiots should be real proud of how they are wasting tax payers money, this country is turning into a joke||

  24. Oh no, the taxpayers of the USA are not responsible to clean up the Minneapolis, Portland, or Seattle messes. I’m from Oregon. We have governor Kate Brown who’s more interested in forcing masks and closing small businesses, about her intelligence level. By the way, she’s said to be gay. Then we have Mayor Wheeler of Portland, probably more into his boyfriend and gay rights rather than the destruction. Wheeler was asked by Trump if assistance needed. No, we can handle it. We had the feds protecting the federal building, Wheeler told them to stay inside the building or leave. What a bunch of pea brained idiots we have running our democratic sanctuary state. Portland is a shyyt hold with all the houseless drug addicts camping on the streets.

  25. Good for Senator Cruz. The democrat mayors / governors need to take responsibility for their own neglect, indifference, insensitivity, etc. to the destructive acts of the criminals. I feel sorry for the citizens in those cities who did not vote for those idiotic, moronic, democrats. Why is it that these destructive protests are only in democrat run cities? What is wrong with the minds of people who are democrat and vote democrat ?

  26. I agree with the stand taken by the White House, and endorsed by the proposed legislation. We need our local governments to protect us from lawless mobs. Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness is for all, not just the overly-sensitive people who think they are victimized, while, in fact, they have more rights and benefits than any time in our history.

    People in other countries must be looking on in wonder that Americans, who have so much, complain that they want to take away even more from others.

    The Founding Fathers must be spinning in their graves!

  27. Why do i have pay for this!!!!!!! Nancy needs to pay Di Blassio and every Democrat governor and Mayor should reach deep down in their pockets and pay for all the damage!!