How Trump Kills Many Birds With One Stone

The Democrats’ lawlessness is now out in the open for everyone to see. The protests turned riots after the George Floyd death have been a subject of widely criticized and supported discussion since the start.

We have seen Democrat governors and mayors institute harsh lockdown measures when it looked like there was no actual data to support it. We have seen those same mayor and governors allow protesters to gather in huge numbers but arrest people going to church or taking their kids to the park.

We have seen many Democrats defend the riots and even call them peaceful protests while buildings are burning in the background.

We had the Mayor of Seattle, Jenny Durkan, claiming we might see a ‘summer of love’ out the Seattle CHOP zone takeover of multiple blocks and a police precinct.

They have praised rioters, turned a blind eye to violence and arson, and at the same time trashed good police officers trying to keep innocent people safe during those times.

President Trump has denounced their handling of the riots and takeover, just as he denounced the handling of riots in Minneapolis and New York City that saw the mayors and governors offer protection and praise for the rioters and disdain for the police.


There have been many calls for President Trump to send in the United States military to stop this madness. It mainly seems to be happening in democrat-run cities. If Trump decides to send in the military, right away, then he will certainly be accused of intruding on the states' rights and the right the people of those states to have their elected officials run their state.

Democrats threw the first stone with the claims of racism when President Trump banned travel to and from China. They focused on impeachment while the virus was spreading. They said he overreacted.

Then they changed their minds and said President Trump didn't act fast enough.

Here is a timeline of their actions during the early stages of the pandemic.

Once impeachment failed they moved straight to the pandemic blame game.

As soon as the economy started to reopen, there was the George Floyd death. They went all in on the blame game with that as well.

They began to attack the police and some even justified the violence that arose out of the riots.

As the riots started to die off, and the economy roaring back again, the Coronavirus fears started coming back. Now many Democrat governors are pushing for more lockdowns again.

Meanwhile, the media still stokes and defends protests in some major cities.

The Democrats and media been baiting the President to send in troops, and some Republicans have been calling for it as well. Not so much the politicians, but the citizens. Now, he could do that, and perhaps he will, but to do it right away would be a move sure to lead to more impeachment proceedings that harm our country.

Instead, he has held the governors and mayors accountable to their citizens. Many have failed and failed miserably.

President Trump is reminding us of the constitution and the role the federal government is supposed to play as well as the role the state leaders are supposed to have.

At the same time, he is letting the Democrat leaders show us exactly who they are and what the country will be like if they take over in November. They are doing their best to remove God and church from your lives. They are doing their best to take away your second amendment rights. They are trying, and somewhat succeeding, to remove your first amendment right through censorship and suppression. They're getting students kicked out of colleges for voicing conservative values that are directly against the political correctness doctrine.

Hate Speech from the left is considered Free Speech. Free Speech from the right is considered Hate Speech.

All the while President Trump is rebuilding from the best economy the world has ever seen. It's truly amazing when you think about it.

He's been attacked by consistently false stories in the media. He has been under attack from a corrupt intelligence community. He's had entire states businesses locked down and shut down.

Yet our economy is roaring back, once again.

President Trump is showing everyone the stark contrast between America First, under Trump, and big government corruption under Democrats and an establishment that seeks to destroy the greatest country ever assembled.

President Trump is giving people a choice in November.

You have seen a side that  despises individual liberty and the Bill of Rights - and you have seen a side that puts Americans first and offers a move to a more successful and equal future for all Americans.

I'm confident people will choose the brighter future for Americans in November.

The choice should be easy but the road most certainly will not.


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7 thoughts on “How Trump Kills Many Birds With One Stone”

  1. Many Thanks to President Trump who has stood tall and strong against the unspeakable left who would tear our great country to shreds. It Is unthinkable to watch what is going on with those who would destroy our sacred country. Those of us who remain proud and grateful for our wonderful country need to give our well deserved president a strong endorsement and get out and VOTE for him.

  2. god bless america and bless Donald Trump to do what right and not listen to no other than the people that stand behind him and those that stand his way , shall know is power to win win win!!!

  3. What can be done with the News media thats lying constantly? I don’t watch or listen to it anymore,So I miss a lot of things not political.

  4. I know and have unfortunately heard all of this…but. as President an executive order on every city that does not comply to protect the citizens in 24 hrs.the gov will do ASAP.
    If gov and mayors do not protect and allow lawlessness it will continue..we have to be strong and immediately stop the violence!! Your job at all costs is to defend the USA against ALL foreign and domestic threats!!!!…it is in the not use any political stuff to detour ur actions..the people NEED to see u act..not talk, not to hear of new law of 11 yrs to convict…they only see no Baltimore last nite another statue in the bay!! Where were u to STOp this..the press was there !!! Come on….I dont want to loose my Counrty to tyranny!!!like the Nike add says ” just do it””
    This is a war and u know it is!!!
    You were elected because u were NOT a politician..follow your gut!! Help save our Country!!
    Contact me and I will tell u how to do this…..that is if u really want to know…?????