Judge Rules Epstein Evidence Must Be Destroyed

A federal judge ordered that attorneys for Virginia Giuffre, a Jeffrey Epstein accuser of sex trafficking, must destroy evidence they obtained on Epstein.

Epstein was arrested last summer on sex trafficking charges and has been accused of running a high level, high profile sex ring that involved some of the world’s most powerful people.

Senior U.S. District Judge, Loretta Preska, said that Giuffre’s lawyers gained possession of the files improperly and that all the materials must be destroyed.

Preska also requested proof that the documentation had been destroyed. “Counsel shall submit an affidavit detailing the steps taken to do so,” Preska’s ruling added.

The July 1st order from Preska came after a request by Alan Dershowitz to access the documents that he says will help prove his accusers wrongly accused him of being a part of the underage sex ring with Epstein and others.

“I oppose the destruction of evidence that may contain smoking gun proof that my false accuser made up her story,” Dershowitz said. “I want all the evidence preserved because I have absolutely nothing to hide. I did nothing wrong. The evidence to be destroyed may also contain proof of wrongdoing by others. It should be preserved for appeal and for history. Destroying evidence risks destroying truth.”

Giuffre claimed Dershowitz and Prince Andrew were two of the men who Epstein forced her to have sex with as an underage girl.

Loretta Preska is a Senior Judge for the Southern District of New York. The SDNY has been accused of massive corruption and cover ups over the last few years as it pertains to the Hillary Clinton email, Anthony Weiner, Seth Rich, and Jeffrey Epstein investigations.

Preska was picked by George H. W. Bush, in 1992, to the seat on the SDNY. She was also on the short list of potential Supreme Court nominees for George W. Bush.

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113 thoughts on “Judge Rules Epstein Evidence Must Be Destroyed”

  1. They need to comply with the law and destroy the evidence. . . . . . After they make 10 copies mailed to undisclosed recipients. That SHOULD help lessen they chances for “suicide” later!

    1. Yes that’s probably one reason. The other could be because of Prince Albert .. Royal family Scandal

  2. It’s time for a non-corrupt judge to stop this travesty and rule the evidence admissible – no matter which big shots go down in the process.

    1. who the heck does this pos think he is???he should resign or worse.who owns this low life democrat communist,what do they have on him,or is he just another garden variety traitor?

    2. Admissiable evidence or not, as pertains to this particular case, you do not destroy potential evidence in a criminal case. Unless your purpose is to aid and abet the alleged criminal activity. Think it would be called being an accessory after the fact, in this or like cases.

    3. I’m with you but fear that finding a non-corrupt judge might be
      a “needle in a haystack” issue.

  3. You can’t destroy evidence just because you think they were wrongly obtained. Is it possible that you don’t want Bill Clinton and maybe some of the people that you associate with may be on the list?

  4. he did not kill himself someone had him killed to keep his mouth shut
    Now you want to throw all this away
    That’s wrong
    You must be paid off todrop everything
    Wonder who she is

  5. Funny how the elites from both parties protect their own. This does not seem like justice, but injustice; the evidence should perhaps be sealed, but not destroyed- destruction is protection.

  6. Of coarse how else to protect those in this society, that need to be exposed, Can’t have that hanging around for all to see, and know about, to many powerful people. But porn is allowed on the internet, and all over the place. If this ruling is allowed to stand, then their is another miscarriage of justice, to protect the rich and powerful. Two levels of justice.

  7. When Judges want evidence destroyed we should all be anxious. In a high profile case the evidence should be preserved so that the people involved are protected and those that have acted badly can be held accoutable

  8. Justice should be done. Just like any other person no preferences prosecute the guilty.
    This country needs to end discrimination and this is a form of discrimination.

    1. Is this Barbara Sabin from Phoenix? If so, this is Frankie from Santa Cruz.

      I agree with you, but I also just wanted to say “Hello” I hope all is well with you!

  9. I completely agree with Dershowitz and vehemently disagree with the judge. The standing of our current judicial system seems to be a corrupt mess and under the influence of cultural Marxist propaganda so prominent in all things these days.

  10. Evidence should never be destroyed if it has meaning in other cases. We deserves the truth, whether good or bad. If a Judge can have it destroyed with out using it in other cases is wrong!!

  11. Sadly, America, Like so many Other Countries, Are Under the wrath Of GOD. As Long As WE Continue To Except Abortion The Homosexual Agenda and injustice in our courts, WE will be Under GOD’S Judgement. It’s The LORD GODS Word, Not Mine !

  12. Why destroy the evidence? Who is putting pressure on this judge to destroy the evidence ? DO NOT destroy. The real criminals need to be exposed and brought to justice.

  13. Just another commie,socialist judge. No one should ever have the authority to ever destroy any evidence of any kind.

  14. Evidence should be allowed to be used in court !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is time that laws are applied EQUALLY in America , Not special laws and judges for the Clintons, Obama and other Democrats ENOUGH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. absolutely not destroy evidence. What is the matter with this judge? Perhaps she is also in the evidence!
    What has happened to our judicial system? It has become anti constitution anti- American justice. Can we get thm off the bench.

  16. This judge needs to be removed. Whenever I see articles of misuse of power it seems to come from the SDNY.
    There is no reason to destroy any evidence, especially in a case as high profile as this one.
    Knowing the corruption that follows Hillary, this judge must have ties to her somewhere down the line! If this is allowed to happen, it only proves how our judicial system has been so deeply compromized, we can no longer expect justice! Our Constitution speaks to this kind of thing and needs to be honored!

    1. The judge does need to be removed. But they will get another judge and he or she should be removed also. Hillary should be in prison and should of been done along time ago. She has many many. People in her pocket. Or they’re threatened by HER. You might be found in a park stuffed in a black plastic bag. They’re should be charge also on Obama. He new what was going on. Maybe she threatened him to. Oh the heck of it lets include Biden in being charged also with the crimes that took place on an island. We need to stop them

  17. This is truly amazing if justice is to be served the deep state must be challenged on this ruling. You all know who they are trying to protect.

  18. She must have been paid off to let something this go further. So much proof Clinton’s are in this (DEEP.. prison DEEP) She needs to be removed.. ASAP if you ask me..!!

  19. Destroy “evidence”? It shouldn’t matter how it was obtained, there is no logical or legal reason to destroy evidence. Ordering that it can’t be used is understandable, but destruction of “evidence” is not!

    This judge, being appointed by a Bush, just proves that the Bushes are on the wrong side of the “fence”!

  20. Sure glad Bush left office before he got a chance to put this crooked and corrupt “:judge” on SCOTUS. W was just a RINO. It has got to be tough to find a judge not on someone’s “Payroll”!

  21. Just another Corrupt Judge that is being paid by the Group of Rich and Powerful Men, some are politicians, that had sex with Epstein’s Young boys and girls. I hope that Mr. Dershowitz can appeal the judges order and get it stopped. Then petition the Attorney General to investigate this judges activities and follow the money to see where it came from. In his petition to the Attorney General , I would like to see him order the Congress to turn over the secret file of all of the names of the politicians, new and old, that have had the Government pay off the accusers of their sexual assaults. Wouldn’t that be interesting and news worthy!!!

  22. Another high profile coverup by corrupt people in high places. What a corrupt system of justice in this ckuntry

  23. Fake News??
    Didn’t the Federal Prosecutor say he had to drop all charges and could not prosecute because the CIA and World Wide Intelligence were involved and classified it as National Security Issue. Israel, United Kingdom and many others high ranking officials were involved???

  24. Judges can rule evidence inadmissible for a variety of legal reasons; but where in the Constitution or U.S. Law does a judge have authority to order evidence destroyed?

  25. This is not right. They all need to accountable.
    Why can all the Judges, The government, not have to abide by the law. They need to go to jail.

  26. This needs to go to a higher court. Evidence should not be destroyed no matter what. Banning its use in a trial is another matter.

  27. Am I naive or is this the jurisprudence that has existed all along? Justice is supposed to be blind but in this case it is not blind but very unfair and devious. I was never stupid enough to have thought justice equaled truth but I never knew that evidence was purposely destroyed. I feel I live in a Kafkaesque world and that my country has been hijacked by partisans in robes. Perhaps this nation needs to go to the dustbin.

  28. Well! This judge must have flunked out of law school. Destruction of evidence is obstruction of justice. She may rule it inadmissible, but she has no authority whatever to order existing evidence to be destroyed. They need to file a grievance against this pissant for abusing her authority and attempting to obstruct justice. This evidence amount to existing materials that may be paramount in other case and in other circumstances, and she has NO right, NO authority to demand its destruction. This must be another Obama judge. It should not be surprising since the Democrats have now revealed they are the party of no law, no order, no police, and apparently no evidence.

  29. Destroying evidence as this judge ordered smacks of cover ups of which she also may be involved with, in one way or the other.

  30. Dirschowitz is exactly correct. No evidence ever should be destroyed. Just think about DNA FREEING ALL THOSE INNOCENT PEOPLE . This must be stopped. Obviously there is something the judge wishes to hide. No doubt in my mind.

  31. Gee it sounds like she thinks she’s that important, where in the hell does she get off. This information is going to arrest quite a few pervs, not to mention a Clinton or two

  32. I’m really getting sick and tired hearing about some judges who want evidence destroyed. As far as I’m concerned evidence is evidence and should never be destroyed. What they are proving is the possibility that they themselves might be implicated in something that is illegal.and that might be the end of their careers and the end of their power. Well thats just too damn bad. If it were someone like you or me , we could never say destroy all the evidence. I wonder just what kind of a favor does a judge owe to anyone to be so adamant about destroying evidence. I have been complaining for years that the judicial system in the united states of america needs a complete overhaul. Some of the judges have DIRTY HANDS ( so to speak) Alot of people men, and woman alike that are connected to the judicial system are rotten to the core. Its disgusting.Why is this particular judge saying all Jeffrey Epstein evidence must be destroyed. Something smells fishey, there should be no doubt in anyones mind.Either this judge was involved with Epstein or someone in a high place has paid him off big big money We already know about quite a number of men in high places that spent time with Epstein in New York and also at his private island. It wouldn;t surprise me how many BIG SHOTS ( if you catch my drift) that we don’t know about are on the list.I’m anxious to hear what other people think about this. I can’t be the only one.

  33. I’ve heard of evidence being deemed inadmissible, but destroyed??!! and then demand proof that it was destroyed??!!
    I don’t know who that judge is, but it doesn’t pass the smell test. Epstein is dead but this clearly paves the way to make sure that other high profile persons are protected from being incriminated. This is the most blatant example of massive institutional corruption to protect the rich and famous!. Whose country is it, America??!!

  34. Here we go. Destroying evidence. We wouldn’t want to tarnish the reputation of high profile officials, foreign and domestic. How about confiscating legal firearms, blatant violation of the Second Amendment. Welcome to the Banana Republic of America. So sad.
    I wonder how much was paid and to whom it went toward destroying evidence. I wonder if the confiscation of legal weapons, a clear violation of the U S Constitution, which is paramount to treason will be swept under the carpet. Sad, so sad.
    Every elected official, every member of the armed forces (my self included) raised their right had and swore to defend and protect the Constitution of the United States of America. Failure to do so is criminal. Criminal prosecution apparently is not applicable to all Americans….So sad.

  35. One single corrupt judge should not be able to make this decision. I don’t care how the evidence was obtained. It is critical to putting all the pedophile politicians away for good for their crimes. supreme court must step in


  37. In my opinion, Judge Preska is ordering the destruction of the Jeffery Epstein evidence to cover up criminal evidence of the political upper class that can do just about any thing right or wrong and get away with it with no damage to their political standing or wrongful actions. THE EVIDENCE SHOULD BE SAVED AND IF CRIMES WERE COMMITTED, LAWFUL JUDGEMENT AND PUNISHMENT SHOULD BE DEALT OUT ACCORDING TO THE CRIME.

  38. It is becoming apparent Preska may be taking payments to deliberately rule against certain plaintiffs without legal support of the decision. Destruction of evidence is not in keeping with a judge that is supposed to uphold the laws. This incident requires investigation at much higher levels and an injunction against the destruction of evidence must be immediately enacted.

  39. Unbelievable a judge would have
    evidence destroyed.
    Smells fishy.
    Who’s she trying to protect?

  40. I don’t think many folks will be shocked when they here the news that a Judge orders evidence destroyed, do you??? Look there obviously are some VERY POWERFUL people on some of that evidence!! Not sure just how long this lady will live either! Sad, really sad how our country is headed downhill, big time!! I really feel bad for our grand children as they are going to encounter more junk then we ever did!! More then ever folks, we need to pray for our country now!!!

  41. I wonder how many times Senior U.S. District Judge, Loretta Preska visited Epstein’s island ? Or perhaps the call from Hillary with the mention of a suicide in Preska’s future ? Either way , this scream’s cover up and NOT justice . The liberals are scared to death all their dirty filthy monstrous secrets are about to come out . Sex with children , rape torture murder and blood sacrifices . Not to mention the drinking of blood . The liberals will do whatever it takes and suicide whoever they need to keep it quiet .

  42. I don’t see why the SDNY has been accused of corruption and covering up for these investigations the past few years. Clearly Judge Preska is only doing her job in ordering the destruction of evidence, possibly the only evidence of sexual abuse of minors by powerful and politically placed men. There couldn’t be anything less suspicious than that. Nothing to see here folks, move along.

  43. It’s time for a non-corrupt judge to stop this travesty and rule the evidence admissible – no matter which big shots go down in the process.

  44. Anything to protect big money. If this were a neighborhood pedophile, he would already be serving time. NO evidence should be destroyed!!!

  45. Well, but of course. Was there EVER any doubt that all Epstein records would be erased? Silly people. Too many powerful people caught in the web.

  46. Sounds like a corrupt judge being paid to destroy evidence that may be needed in future trials. No valid reason to destroy any such evidence.

  47. Any child hurt by an adult should pay for their crimes. Evidence should never be destroyed. We adults are to protect children and should not destroy any evidence of adults ruining a child’s life!


  49. How can this be? Evidence is evidence. And any judge that would order evidence to be destroyed is corrupt. And should be removed from the bench. I wonder why George H.W. Bush picked her? I have heard rumors about him too.

  50. I don’t think it is right to destroy evidence, it may need to be used at a later date. Judge Loretta Preska needs to be fired because what she had done should be illegal or is illegal.

  51. That’s right sweep it all under the rug so the people do not know and cannot know who is guilty.
    That is OK, because there is one person that will not be fooled and that you cannot hide from, and this includes the judge.


    There will be a judgement day for all of us!

  52. I wonder how much this Mickey Mouse judge got paid under the table for this travesty… sickening to say the least…

  53. This is totally wrong! This judge is corrupt and must be removed! Appeal the decision to a higher court! Drain the swamp!

  54. Bottom line: They might get away with all of this here on planet earth, but the kicker is GOD IS WATCHING AND TAKING NOTES!! They may get away with these crimes now, but Judgement Day will finish them off! Can’t wait!!!! JUSTICE WILL PREVAIL!

    1. Where is the Supreme Court on this one? Or is Roberts in the little book?
      Epstein isn’t dead.

  55. I hope to God that they don’t destroy those evidences things are bad enough as it is. Please don’t let this allow .

  56. This is another piece of garbage following the left. How dare this so called judge announce this. This judge needs to be impeached and removed.

  57. When are we going to realize and acknowledge that there are two different legal systems in this country. 1 for the masses (most of us) and one for the wealthy and politically connected. Evidenced by the Clinton fiasco.
    So what this judge has done is prove the point. You can get away with murder as long as you have a judge in your circle of supposed friends.

  58. Looks like this is another corrupt judge. Time for SOMEONE to eliminate these anti American judges. What has this country fallen to when a judge wants illegal information destroyed so it can’t be brought to light? God help us please! Looks like the justice system is as corrupt as the other two branches of the government.

  59. Whoever heard of destroying evidence. The Judge can rule the evidence out of the trial, but how can see demand that evidence gathered be destroyed? That’s just wrong!!! They should never follow her order without an appeal! Here’s a thought, may sound crazy, but theattorneys for the plaintiff should convince Dershowitch to appeal the judge’s order pro bono since he says it will help his case that their client has pressed against him!!! This way maybe they both win!!

  60. Loretta Preska is a corrupt Judge and for any body to take her serious, is deadly wrong. All evidence regardless of
    how or when, where, is was confiscated should be held as evidence. Same with witnesses, you get witnesses as they come forward, not a single flaw within both.

  61. Efforts will be implemented to destroy and hide anything if not all to protect MANY big name American males who were screwing the young girls. Sadly Maxwell Epstein’s young girls recruiter will not live long enough to see 2021 or draw her Social Security. Evil start at the White House and downward.

  62. Trump is the most powerful man in the land! I know he can stop this wrongdoing.
    Why hasn’t he done anything!? We need you Mr. President. Prove to everyone how evil everyone but you is!