New Declassified Doc Shows FBI Director Wray Hid Exculpatory Evidence

Is it time for FBI Director, Christopher Wray, to be canned?

Many already think so but a new declassified document isn’t going to help anyone defend him.

The document, just declassified by new Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe, shows that FBI Agents used President Trump’s first intel briefing as a means to spy on him and gather information to help their Russia probe, instead of giving him a defensive briefing.

The briefing was written by FBI Special Agent Joe Pientka.

The summary indicates that the agent coordinating the briefing, Joe Pientka — also one of the agents who later interviewed Flynn days after Trump’s inauguration in 2017 — paid special attention to any mentions that Trump or Flynn made of Russia.

Pientka has been protected by Director Wray from all congressional demands for testimony and appearance.


Gregg Jarrett, who has written a book on the Russian Collusion setup, says it's time for Wray to go after the new documents tend to prove Trump's innocence but the FBI concealed them for the better part of 4 years.

Gregg Jarrett: At the heart of it, Joe Pientka. You’re right. I write about it in my book. But interestingly the government has scrubbed him from all reports including the FBI report, the Department of Justice report, even the FISA Court report. And the FBI has removed him from their website and sequestored him to San Francisco’s field office refusing to make him available, not withstanding any repeated demands to Congress. That’s the coverup by the existing FBI director Christopher Wray. And the other part of this equation is that the documents today – they’re exculpatory. They tend to prove Trump’s innocence and yet the FBI and Christopher Wray have concealed these documents along with the intel community for the better part of four years. It’s unconscionable. It’s corrupt.

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8 thoughts on “New Declassified Doc Shows FBI Director Wray Hid Exculpatory Evidence”

  1. Wray is connected to Weissman and Comey. He is hiding the exculpatory evidence of the worst crime in American History. He must be removed by the President immediately. He will be an accessory to this conspiracy to remove the President! He cannot be FBI Director for one more minute!

  2. I could not understand why Christopher Wray was ignored through this whole sordid cover up. Now I know why. He was at the head of it as Director of the FBI. It’s about time for him to be given his walking papers & indicted for his part in this disgraceful plot to get Pres. Trump. Never trust him again.

  3. I THINK THE ATTORNEY GENERAL, HAS THE “AUTHORITY” TO SEE INTO THIS, AND GET DURHAM TO EXPEDITE HIS FINDINGS, BECAUSE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE ARE WANTING TO KNOW JUST HOW (CROOKED) THE obama regime was, and just what they and the clintons along with the communist members in congress and senate WERE COVERING UP. WE, THE AMERICAN PEOPLE ARE NOT STUPID, and WE WANT JUSTICE DONE, not caring one cent, that it will start with OBAMA, HIS ADMINISTRATION MEMBERS and others. TREASON, IS TOO GOOD FOR THEM. Lets get this BALL rolling for it does not look good for the TRUMP ADMINISTRATION for letting this go on for almost FOUR (4) years now. LET’S SEE, SOME JUSTICE FOR ALL, DEALT WITH HERE….

  4. Wray has proven beyond a doubt that he is a member of the deep state.
    Yes, Wray should be fired; and Flynn should take his place.