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Seattle Mayor Outraged That Protesters Showed Up At Her Home

After weeks of praising the protesters and rioters in Seattle and calling the takeover of a police precinct in Seattle a peaceful protest, Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan got a small taste of her own medicine.

And she didn’t like the flavor.

Black Lives Matter protesters showed up at her house on Sunday afternoon to protest her, now wavering, support for the “CHOP” (Capitol Hill Organized Protest) zone.

Durkan announced last week that the city would no longer support he CHOP zone and would eventually remove the barriers. The CHOP zone, however, still remains.

The protesters were joined by Seattle City Council member Kshama Sawant (who reportedly let the rioters to the city building that got much of this started). Durkan was furious about her involvement in the protest at her home.

Durkan was outraged and said the protest put her family and children at risk.

"Tonight she did so without regard for the safety of the Mayor and her family. The Mayor was not even home — she was working at City Hall. Seattle can and should peacefully demonstrate but should not put families and children at risk,"

Strange, huh?

What happened to the "summer of love" that she predicted, in support of the CHOP zone and protests?

Once again, these elitist politicians publicly support one way of life and set of rules for their citizens and another set of rules for themselves and their families.

Don't you get it, yet?

Their lives and families are more important than yours.

You can takeover buildings all you want, burn down businesses, assault citizens on the streets...but don't you dare protest in their neighborhood and put their families at risk.

Local TV station KING-TV spoke to a protester about why they were at Durkan's home:

"We came down to Jenny Durkan's mansion to bring the demands of the movement and of the families who have been impacted by police violence, uh, to her doorstep and she seems to not be able to hear our demands any other way," she said.

Meanwhile, children are getting shot in and around the CHOP zone but, hey, it's not their kids so let's not get distracted from the real news of the peaceful protests, right?

When will the good people of America have had enough? When will they decide, regardless of party, to vote out these politicians who publicly show their disdain for the citizens, families, and businesses that aren't theirs?

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13 thoughts on “Seattle Mayor Outraged That Protesters Showed Up At Her Home”

  1. On fox news last night Hannity had a father who lost a son in a shotting in the forbidden zone a week ago.
    The father was not allowed to see his dead son or has yet to hear from the mayor, city or police to tell him the details of what happened. Today he. buries his 19 year old son and is till waiting to hear from someone to tell him what happened thar day..
    As a person who does not support the actions of the people who are attempting to change things by mob rule nothing will change until both sides of the issues addresses the senseless killings of our children.
    When will someone please step up and stop this madness before we have total war.

  2. They’re MARXISTS, YOU IDIOT! Human beings are dispensable and you’re included, honey! SURPRISE!

  3. With all the violence in Democrat run cities, this is just an example as to what will happen all over our country if a Democrat becomes President of United States!

  4. Seattle has the leadership it deserves. It’s your own fault, citizens of Seattle. GEtg real! Nearly every Democratically led city has allowed itself to be led by the nose by a Democrat to one or the other of numerous disasters. Incompetentence served up by loser leadership. None more clearly demonstrated than a mayor like DeBlasio who didn’t like his DaDDY, SO HE ONLY USES HIS MOMMIE’S MAIDEN NAME!

  5. As John Locke, the English philosopher stated, “If you do not agree with the majority, you should leave the “country”,or accept the will of the majority.”
    This unlawful demonstration has gone on far too long, and law and order should be restored.
    Law abiding citizens of this country are upset when the lawless elements go unpunished.
    “Love it, or leave it!”

  6. As long as elections are so loosely monitored and the results so easily corrupted, it doesn’t matter how, or even if, we vote. The real question here is how long will it take for the Republicans to get off their collective dead duffs and do the jobs they were elected to do? My best guess of that date would be the 12th of never – because they are no better than the Democrats — just quieter.

    1. I thing Republicans are outnumbered because our public schools are run by Democrats and they are not educating our children correctly to be good citizens, but to be good useless idiots in the war to make this country a socialist europa under Marxist rules.

  7. The Chickens have come home to roost get used to it you liberal Dim-Bulb you opened the Floodgates and you get a Flood

  8. It serves Mayor Duran right, and she got a taste of what it means to cave in to unreasonabl demands.
    Many on the right agree that black lives do matter, but the leaders of the BLM movement only recognize the black lives that are negatively impacted by white policemen, but do not recognize black lives killed or harmed by black people, because they do not really satisfy their narratives.

  9. All people who fear a dipshit like biden winning have every right to be nervous!! My best advice, buy all the ammo you can…..and be ready to use it!!

  10. You should have stopped in the first place. You are responsible for these blasted crazy idiots. Stop all of this crap now, they are liars and disgusting numb skulls. We are America stand up straight and do the right thing before all destroyed or more people get killed!! Be the damn leader you are suppose to be or get the hell out of America!!

  11. The protesters have done us one good service and that is to awaken us to the idiots in the Democratic party in practically every city in America where the protests have turned violent. These people will do anything to hurt our economy so that Trump loses in November. It’s so easy to see I’m shocked that anyone other than the far far left would vote for this spineless creep.