The Game Is Changing: Feds in Camo Snatch Suspects and Drive Off in Unmarked Cars

The chaos in Portland seems to be meeting an enemy, and no thanks to their Mayor, Ted Wheeler.

“Federal law enforcement officers have been using unmarked vehicles to drive around downtown Portland and detain protesters since at least July 14,” Oregon Public Broadcasting reported Thursday. “Personal accounts and multiple videos posted online show the officers driving up to people, detaining individuals with no explanation of why they are being arrested, and driving off.”

It appears the feds have decided that enough is enough. If mayor Wheeler won’t protect the people then the feds will.

A lady in the background can be heard repeatedly yelling “Use your words” and “we’ll get you out”.

Some are suggesting they may have actually just been nabbing an informant since there was no confrontation or words spoken between the feds and the man arrested.

“The tactic appears to be another escalation in federal force deployed on Portland city streets, as federal officials and President Donald Trump have said they plan to ‘quell’ nightly protests outside the federal courthouse and Multnomah County Justice Center that have lasted for more than six weeks,”

Portland has been a violent and destructive mess but Mayor Ted Wheeler has refused any federal offers to help quell the violence.

Something tells me Portland won’t be getting any federal funds to rebuild as the Democrat run city has stood by and watched for about 50 days as buildings were destroyed and innocent people assaulted.

The Daily Wire has a list, from the Department of Homeland Security, of the violence that has taken place in Portland at the hands of the leftists.

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12 thoughts on “The Game Is Changing: Feds in Camo Snatch Suspects and Drive Off in Unmarked Cars”

  1. This was not an escalation from the Feds, this was actually set up by BLM to make things worse on law enforcement any everyone else in America. No federal officer detains anyone and takes them into custody without telling they are under arrest or using hand cuffs. You can see from the video that the suspect puts his hands behind his back and no cuffs go on him. This was 1 video that was started before they touched him. The problem is that the media are running stories like this without using they damn brains because the democrats are in on both sides. The democrats paid everyone to fake this video.

  2. Good job! Enough is enough! It is no longer a matter of BLM rights but it is a paid anarchy mob tolerated by Demoncrap officials that seeks to destroy the rights, economy & security of the law-abiding citizens.

  3. Close Department of Education. Return all current funds to States.
    Return responsibility to States where it was when we had excellent Teachers interested in students’ brains instead of their pants, students proud and grateful to be students learning from valuable curriculum and graduating with confidence in themselves, their futures and their country. Educate them as we did the Greatest Generation and enable them to be the New Greatest Generation… giving them understanding of God Country and Family… and self worth.
    It’s the fault of generations after WWII that turned over our Uniersities and Colleges to Professors we “wanted to help” who escaped or we helped escape and get here… to full our Higher Leaning positions and we let them free range on our kids… they were and are forever MarxistsCommunistsBolshevicsProgressives and simply want to own whatever country they are in… WE have been STUPID, just plain STUPID not to oversee and call to task those INGRATES.

  4. No aid for Portland! Politicians encouraged this destruction. Vote these people out and elect leaders who will defend everyone, not just protesters and anarchists. Destruction of property IS a crime.

  5. I spent 28 plus years in the military and I never thought I would see the day when radical groups like ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter become more dangerous than any enemy I was ever faced with overseas. For Marxist groups who want to overthrow the government of the USA to establish a hardcore socialist society has never worked out for Cuba, Venezuela, Russia and others who have been deluded by these radicals. Our kids may have to pay the piper.

  6. It is about time! These anarchists should have been stopped 6 weeks ago. That girl in the video sounds like she is talking to a toddler. “Use your words”. Stupid!

  7. Portland has been run by nothing but demons for over 60 years. Demons do not care about their serfs because they know their serfs will still beg and be grateful for scraps, as long as they can live in filth and have sex in the streets with minors. All the other major demon-run cities are much the same.

    The left has been working very hard for several decades dismantling our schools, and these ‘protestors’ are the new CONFEDERACY; the results of their labor. The left want to remake America away from our founding Constitution. They are smart enough to USE the Constitution to dismantle it.

    The Confederates never really went away. There have been pockets of them across the U.S. since the war ended. They are the very groups that are causing anarchy in our streets and ruling our halls of law today. They’re called by many names like; democrats, democratic socialists, antifa, blacklivesmatter, black panther movement, occupy wallstreet. They are Neo-Confederate groups like; Ku Klux Klan, White Nationalists, Sons of Confederate Veterans, and the Council of Conservative Citizens. They are skilled at making themselves sound innocuous and reasonable ‘democratic’ concerned citizens.

    The modern Confederates (democrats) have been using race and bigotry to gain and keep power since they were slave owners. In many ways, they still are slave owners. They get elected and “own” people based on freebies and social discord, and various victimhood issues. They own major corporations (like the New York Times) where they can spread their influence and hate ‘under cover’. The own Hollywood, and major media outlets where they can disguise their intent in romantic films and “socially aware” family television shows.

    They helped get black politicians elected to run (ruin) cities inhabited by large groups of ‘under-classes’ prompted by their past ‘racially divisive’ laws like Jim Crow and Segregation. The confederacy birthed the democrat party. Many of the failing major cities have had black ruling politicians, and they STILL can’t get ‘their’ people out of poverty and crime, or manage their infrastructures.

    The main reason we see “all the reasons to hate Trump” is BECAUSE the new Confederates are actually LIVING it right now. They are ‘projecting’ what they’d do onto Conservatives, to a compliant sheeple who only vote on emotions; or base their votes on multiple levels of laziness like welfare handouts produce. The ‘Russiagate’ scandal is a fine example of their projections. Everything they said Trump did, is something they ACTUALLY did.

    We physically fought the CONFEDERATES once, and we may end up physically fighting them again.

  8. There is a lot of whining & crying coming from the Brown Wheeler camps over the presence of the feds & their actions but I say it’s about time someone did something ! Gov, Brown Mr. Wheeler you want them to leave then do your jobs & protect the city of Portland it’s businesses , property & people from the lawlessness that has become a daily occurrence but alas it seems that you would rather embrace the embarrassment of having our state & Portland become a festering scourge like Seattle! It saddens me to the core to see 2 such beautiful vibrant fun city’s to visit become third world waste lands that will not recover or at least not for a very long time truly these are sad events come upon us !