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The Left’s Coronavirus Narrative Gets Blown Up

As of July 1, 71% more Americans have died in New York nursing homes than in the entire state of Florida. Florida has a larger population and a much larger population of older folks.

Somehow, though, all you’ve likely been hearing about is this spike in cases in states like Florida and Texas (red states). The media has tried to brand this as a “Trump failure” to manage the ‘pandemic’.

However, people aren’t afraid of getting sick for a few days and then getting better. People are afraid of death and dying. So, naturally, you should look at the death rate and the threat this virus provides in terms of killing people.

When we started the “15 days to slow the spread”, it was intended to keep hospitals from becoming overwhelmed so much that they wouldn’t have enough space, supplies, and staff to treat the infected.

That was March 16th.

We are now a third of the way through July and the narrative has drastically changed. Flatten the curve has turned into stop the virus at all costs.

The leftist mainstream media would have you believe that red states have some kind of unique responsibility for the virus outbreak and are the true danger spots.

But the numbers don't add up.

As of July 1st here are the numbers.

Deaths per million:

New Jersey: 1,708.7

New York: 1,651.6

Connecticut: 1,212.2

Georgia: 264.2

Florida: 163.2

Texas: 86.1

The numbers are clear. New Jersey and New York were the leaders in failure by an extremely large margin.

"11 of the 12 states with the highest COVID-19 fatality rates are from traditionally blue states." Louisiana being the only exception.

Yet some in the media and on the left are calling for states to model their containment and management measures after the "successes of New York".

It's abundantly clear that Democrat-run states and districts are not the model we should replicate. So, why are we letting Democrat governors, mayors, and bureaucrats tell us what to do, where to go, and who we can interact with?

If a low death rate is not to be celebrated, then what is?

Are we to live this way until the virus is completely eradicated (which many say will never happen, just like the common cold or flu)?

As a last note, lockdown measures don't seem to have the data to back up their successes, either.

After all, blue states tended to have the most stringent lockdowns. Indeed, eight red states—Arkansas, Iowa, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Oklahoma, Utah and Wyoming—declined to issue stay-at-home orders at all (though some took less severe measures).

None of these states were among the states hardest hit by COVID-19.

Yet many of us find ourselves under the threat of more lockdown measures.

Why? Is this about a virus or an election?

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8 thoughts on “The Left’s Coronavirus Narrative Gets Blown Up”

  1. It is totally about the election.President Trump had America heading the right way and things were looking good. Then the Democrats stepped in and look where we are now! There are some that should be tried for treason, the way they’ve treated our President!!! The way things are going, we’ll be speaking Chinese when we ask permission to go to the bathroom!!!!

  2. It is definitely about the election. Its funny the democrats didn’t say anything about the virus when all the protesting started. It wasn’t until Trump had his rally. I dont think they want him to have his rally because they know he is gonna win the election.

  3. My wife and I have deeply researched the CDC web site information and concluded the same outcome. Data is all over the map from the states and provinces. Deaths tell it all. We should concentrate protecting the few vulnerable among us. The other 99.96% of the population will be fine. And treatment for most, if even necessary, is a few treatments with an asthma drug and a antibiotic to prevent pneumonia. This is a cover up to divert attention from the treasonous actions of the Democratic Party from the 2016 election, and a misdirection to dissuade Conservative voters in 2020. No doubt about it. Just check the CDC web site.

  4. This is a great echo chamber you have set up here. Maybe if you could get someone that has a rudimentary understanding of statistics or that knows how to divide you’ll figure it out.

  5. It’s all about political propaganda to destroy this nation as a whole and then to take over the people. The virus has been used as an excuse for their efforts to subtly usher in socialism (via primarily blue states) I.e., shutting down their states. “They” determined which business was and was not essential – which of course was mainly “big business corporations/franchises” many of which to my understanding are democratic supporters. Coincidence??!!

    Of course the blame will be placed on Trump no matter what direction the wind blows. BTW The “swamp” still needs to be drained!!!

  6. Florida, Texas and Ohio were in the news again last night for ‘fudging’ their COVID numbers. Seems someone in FL can’t do math; rearranging decimal points, and counting only the positive cases. Their 98% positive cases were actually only 6%; and all the negatives cases were discounted. TX clinics were only reporting positive cases and in some clinics counting all cases as positive. Ohio was the worse, listing every test a “new case”, even when it was done on the same patient. The people reporting new cases are simply trying to skew the numbers to make the virus appear to be “coming back”, when the actual death counts are dropping to near zero.
    They need to continue scaring the lemmings, and want to continue their draconian power-trips until November. All the states that have gone back to “Phase-1” lockdowns are only doing it because of the election.
    Watch all this stupidity and madness disappear after November. The demonrat’s dummycrats are getting tired of all their restrictions too . . .

  7. they have managed to bulsh*t the whole country into panic, at what cost! the failure of leadership can be seen in the face of the demoncrats, perhaps if hillary was pres. we would be dead by now, after all Russia is the bad boy on the block. God bless you all and remember they can’t kill or soul so we’ll be back for the recount!