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Trump: China Involved in 2020 Election

President Trump has warned Republicans that if they don’t get serious and get tougher, they may see themselves on the outside after the 2020 elections.

The president sat down with RealClearPolitics and talked about how the landscape has changed over the last few months. President Trump was feeling pretty confident that he would cruise to an easy re-election a few months. That has changed.

What changed, though, and who is to blame?


“China is involved in this election. You know, people keep talking about Russia. The problem is China — a much, much bigger kind of problem,” he said. The regime’s animus, as the president sees it, stems from ongoing trade disputes between the two nations: “China doesn’t want to see me get in because I’ve taken in billions of dollars from China.”

He said China is using the coronavirus to unseat what was a booming and stable economy until the pandemic hit. Now, he says Republicans, including himself, are in for a fight this November.

When asked whether China released the virus deliberately, he didn't deny it but didn't confirm it, either.

“There is always a possibility,” he said. “Probably not, but there's always a possibility—maybe more substantial than people think.”

The U.S. just officially withdrew from the World Health Organization after evidence kept coming out about lies protecting China and the W.H.O.'s inability to effectively identify the origin and dangers of the virus.

As the U.S. has seen a resurgence in cases it has also seen a dramatic drop in deaths.

That hasn't stopped the CDC, NIH, and WHO from issuing more panic about the disease.

The president discussed the drug, Hydroxychloroquine, and what he felt amounted to a political hit on him over the drug.

Skepticism of the drug, Trump said, amounted to “a political hit on me.” He added that early trials that found it ineffective or dangerous were a product of doctors prescribing the drug to patients who were “close to death and very ill.”.....“If anybody else recommended it, it would be fine,” he insisted. “When I recommend it, they tried to disparage it in order to disparage me.”

One thing is for sure.

The political landscape has changed and it's all due to the coronavirus. The question that remains is:

What will the impact be come November 3?


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20 thoughts on “Trump: China Involved in 2020 Election”

    1. So do I…just wish I could talk to others about it and give a convincing argument about why I will vote for President. He had done so much already and deserves another 4 years. Vote Trump 2020🙏

  1. Well yeah, since Biden has been bought by China, they would have it made with him in office. China could possibly make the USA communist within 4 years.

  2. Given the proclivity for major corporations (Nike, Disney, etc) to support BLM (Born Late Marxists) who have massive business interests in China and are doing China’s dirty work; I think the President is right on the mark and probably understating the impact.

    1. What about Trump’s business dealing with China. He got snookered on a personal deal and it made him mad. You don’t think Trump is using the virus to get rid of the less affluent Democrats? It would work. Also take care of the elderly who use Socialized Security? Trump is slick with Putin’s help. What about Trump’s support of everything Putin says? Do you know how long and how many oligarchs from Russia have been associates to the Trump organization? Looks like he is giving a piece of the US to everyone, but the allies. So notice that Trump says one thing one day and the opposite when it is useful. He even wants to send our grand kids to school where they are in a hot area of the COVID-19. Trump fears not the virus, not with his Adult Stem Cell treatment from way back. That treatment enabled him to over come his phobia and he could shake hands with the contaminated Americans around him. Wow. Did you know that? Look it up.

    2. Excuse me? Well, white supremacists are terrorist groups. If white police officers, Karens, white men, and even white children would stop abusing, oppressing, and causing the deaths of Africans throughout the diaspora, you wouldn’t have to worry about businesses supporting the BLM Movement.

  3. Do you think that China would help the Democrats Steal the Election. If they do, somehow they will blame Trump.

    1. Goose step via China? Or Russia? Likely either when dealing with the likes of Trump. They are all connected. Why else is Trump destroying our Democracy with his idiot attacks on every thing good and decent. That is right, he went before a Church, held a Bible and had his picture made as he had peaceful demonstraters attacked by the military. Trump is a dictator and will be officially when he is re-elected. Wait and see.

  4. Some of them need to loose. The united states is at war with the other side. They are caving to the minorities. No backbone

  5. Donald Trump is the only one who can fix this country from those trying to destroy us. They are not Americans

  6. Almost ALL politicians are in on the downfall of this county, Trump included! I have seen many things he is doing and has done and he is no conservative! Politicians are self serving, money grabbing liars. Most have sold us out for money and control. Please people, look at what is happening. Both sides of the isle are complicit!

  7. I think China has a very real interest in seeing someone other than Trump in office. It seems the Chinese are not interested in playing fair with anybody: they have been dishonest in many trades, diluted,doctored honey, forced labor with garlic, and many others. Trump has been the only one to stand up to the Chinese, the fake news, the democrats and the rino republicans. And we need him for another 4 years+.

  8. REPUBLICANS: We must fight for our lives this November 3rd. STOP ignoring this vital problem and realize our enemy is the Marxist Dems/Reps who want us to become a communist country like China. WAKE UP !!!

  9. I was scorned when I suggested that China and the Democrats, who are in bed with them, caused this whole pandemic. They were loosing the races for political office, so bad they were willing to sign a deal, with the devil himself. It turns out the devil is China. First an foremost the number of dead from the disease was doubled by the democrats in their states. NY, NJ PA and CT are the prime example. They made nursing homes take in Covid-19 patients, when they didn’t have the facilities, to make that a prudent medical decision. These facilities had a huge death count because of that action. They couldn’t give the medical quarantine needed to be effective, therefore a lot of sickly patients, caught the virus and died. This is because the governors of these states mandated that these nursing homes had to receive Covid-19 virus patients, even though they knew the death count, would be higher than normal. It turned out to be a death sentence, for the patients that were in these homes, before the covid-19 patients were admitted.