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Trump May Intervene in Case Against St. Louis Couple Protecting Home With Guns

Missouri Governor Mike Parson  said that he spoke with President Trump about the, seemingly political, case against the St. Louis couple, known as the McCloskeys.

Mark and Patricia McCloskey made nationwide news after they were filmed standing outside of their home with guns as protesters came through the neighborhood. The protesters allegedly broke down a gate to the community on June 28.

“He understands the situation in St. Louis and how out of control it is for a prosecutor to let violent criminals off and not do their job and try to attack law-abiding citizens,” Parson said at a press conference… The conversation I had with the President, said that he would do everything he could within his powers to help with this situation,” Parson added.

After the video went viral, police served a search warrant at their home and confiscated the rifle that Mark was holding and the handgun that Patricia was holding was turned into police by their attorney.

The St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner has all but refused to prosecute rioters for their destruction and violence but has, apparently, made the decision to go after this couple.

The Missouri Attorney General, Eric Schmitt, says Gardner has a record of political prosecutions.

“Kim Gardner has an abysmal record in prosecuting violent crime, has recently released and been complicit in the release of dozens and dozens of inmates who have been charged with violent crimes, and has a record of making politically motivated decisions not based on the law. So, this is certainly something to watch.”

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88 thoughts on “Trump May Intervene in Case Against St. Louis Couple Protecting Home With Guns”

  1. St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner is a SOROS acolyte. She only takes orders from SOROS. His money got her elected. She’s a demon, and he’s the devil.

    1. AMEN! I agree. Soros is the devil incarnate and HE is running and funding ALL this unrest and illegal stuff. We have a 2nd amendment right. These folks are LEGAL gun owners! The protesters broke through a private gate on private property – and somehow this moron is gonna find the home owners at fault? SHE NEEDS TO GO AWAY!!!

    2. Criminals were riding in the couple had a right to protect her home with guns. Please can’t be everywhere and the mayor has it and there’s more record for protecting the citizens. We have a second amendment right he defend her self as needed from criminals farm and domestic. The riders are committing terroristic threatening and terroristic acts. I agree with President Trump
      They acted in self-defense

  2. Fight for your rights.
    These communist bastards will not get away with this.
    Go live in a communist nation and you will not turn this nation into one no matter how much you try!!!

  3. Glad to hear President Trump will step in help this couple this should not have to be done by the president because those people did no wrong. They were only protecting their property. And as far as the prosecutor goes maybe she’s in the wrong field. When a prosecutor has problems prosecute and those who break our laws it’s time for her to go this isn’t her field

  4. The McCloskey’s have the right to defend themselves and property from lawless mobs!!!! Just like they did in the Wild West !!!!!

  5. Those who threatened them were not charge, and at the same time they confiscated the weapons this couple were using to protect themselves. That’s a violation of the 2nd and 4th amendment to our constitution. It’s actions like these that are going to lead to a new civil war if we aren’t careful.

  6. Law abiding citizens are unjustly having their 2nd amendment taken away as if the Red Flag Law exists in all states. Then the judge declares you a mental case and your gun is being held. Hundreds of dollars have to be spent on attorneys and court costs which most people do not have. The Red Flag Law stomps on the 2nd Amendment and should never be in any state. We the people have a right to defend ourselves in our homes.

  7. What is there to watch? If you know her decisions are political, not based on law, then you need to fire her, recall her or whatever the law says you can do to get her out of that position and put someone in there that believes in the rule of law.

  8. 7-18-20
    Re: Killing law enforcement people.
    To my brothers and sisters in law enforcement as well as people who support them. I am asking for your help in implementing a new federal law to make it an automatic death penalty to kill a law enforcement officer. The following was sent to the news media and various departments around the country. I hope you will sign it and pass it around. Second generation officer now on a 100% disability from a combination of job related injuries and preexisting war wounds received in Vietnam while serving in the Marine Corps.
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    You can view and sign the petition here:
    Here’s some more information about this petition:
    Automatic death penalty law for killing a law enforcement officer.
    I am requesting that a new federal law be implement that makes it an automatic death penalty for anyone killing a law enforcement officer whether at the state, local or federal level. At the very least it will be a deterrent and make people think before they attempt to murder a lawman.
    If you believe as I do that law enforcement people deserve to have a deterrent to help protect them, then please sign the petition giving your support.
    Gregory J Topliff

    1. Depends upon States Rights. The Fed cannot supersede states rights without Congress passing a law.

  9. So, the question is why doesnt the Missouri Atty General remove this person from office for dereliction or political corruption??

  10. It is political zealots such as this City Attorney who are causing all of the looting, arson, assaults, etc., by not enforcing common laws that should protect the citizens of his city. He should be recalled, fired, disbarred, or whatever action to remove him from any jurisdiction whatsoever.
    Secondly, as just as important, is that the couple involved have a CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT to protect themselves and their property. These “protesters” first broke into the neighborhood, and then evidently made threatening remarks or moves that frightened the McCloskey’s, who properly responded by arming themselves if the situation got out of hand. This is still the United States of America, and the citizens have basic, unalienable rights to protection, especially under the 2nd Amendment.

  11. Should I assume that a lawsuit will be filed against Gardner as well as the city and a criminal charge against Gardner for breaking the law as well as the judge who signed off on this illegal search and confiscation of their property???

  12. Donnie can’t interfere. The gun charges are state, not federal. Not even Barr or any federal attorney stick their nose in.

    1. Even if you are correct, Trumps good deed of bringing public attention to the matter WILL still help the folks involved. Many of the rest of us wouldn’t mind finishing their job.

  13. It’s time for our President to step up & take some action against the lawlessness going on in our country. These landowners have a right to protect their homes.

  14. It would be interesting to see what crime is alleged in the search warrant and the basis authorizing the seizure of the weapo.

  15. Give the couple back their Huns we as Americans have the right to bare arms. What the heck is this country coming to! Arrest Kim Gardner ass!

  16. If he’s appointed, get rid of him and get an attorney with the right mindset prosecute the offender not the VICTIM.

  17. I thought this was the job of our attorney general Barr. I have not heard him speak out on this. Someone must set up and do what’s right. Too many republicans are chicken Solution; arrest Kim Gardner for thief. Problem solved. .

  18. President Trump should get involved. This poor couple has gone thru enough. THey were just protecting their property from these thugs. WHY ISN’T THIS KIM GARDNER GOING AFTER THESE THUGS??
    The couple should be left alone & trump should intervene. I hope he can help Gardner lose her job which she should
    She is a disgrace to every law official & should go ASAP

  19. Kim Gardner sounds like a real loser who doesn’t know much about the law it’s people like her that make people like me angry. Hope she’s gone soon

  20. George Soros bought and payed for several of these prosecutors across the country. Is it the communities that have his prosecutors that are also having the riots? If I knew there would be no legal repercussions I might loot and riot too!!!

  21. It’s horrible that citizens get in trouble for protecting themselves and their property while protesters are allowed to break down gates and destroy other people’s property and nothing happens. This is not the country I grew up in. Things need to change!

  22. Saint Louis is a communist terrorist place and should be removed from any aid from the federal Government in any way. America does not support Terrorist and that goes double for Domestic common trash terrorist. The leadership should be removed and placed in gitmo for the Military to hold trial on them and hang them if found quilt’y

  23. This America, it is so horrible when law biding citizens are arrested for protecting their property, their family with their 2nd amendment right. Those thugs who broke down their private gate, they threatened the home owners, and much more. These thugs where not arrested for their crimes. So I think if President Trump can help this couple out would be the right thing to do. We have laws and rights as American citizens have to obey, but if you are a rioter, starting violence, spreading hatred its ok for you to do. Also if you don’t agree with these thugs, they will try to ruin you anyway possible. So we support this couple and President Trump. This lawless bunch of people need to pay for their crimes and do time for them also. Not the Innocent people. Our Constitution is still well alive and a legal document and these people aren’t going to take this away from us. Stop our country’s corruption, support your police departments, start arresting these law breaking thugs. Saving America’s rights, keeping America safe and free.

  24. President Trump needs to intervene with MANY states that are under COMPLETE control by corrupt democommunist “mayors”,. and ‘governors” that are USING this “control-us” virus to circumvent the U.S Constitution, Bill of rights, IGNORE their sworn oath of office to push every unconstitutional “law” they can shove in, and attempt to garner more POWER and CONTROL to turn the citizens of this country into their “royal subjects”, they can openly use, abuse, tax to death, or “eliminate” (just like “emperor’ cuomo did to the nursing home residents in N.Y. by sending in positive virus patients to these elderly that are very vulnerable and MURDERING THOUSANDS)

    1. All Black Public Officials Are Collaborators with this Marxist attempt to take over America, BLM, The Chinese Virus Non Pandemic, Pandemic, Doctors, those Demi-gods, you all worship, are actually racketeers, in fact the entire scope of the Medical Profession, FDA, Big Pharma, are deeply complicit in the biggest legal racket in World history. Nobody, do you understand that word, Nobody ever died from the Chinese Virus, if one gets killed in a car wreck, ot sudden cardiac etc. etc. the Autopsy, remember Autopsies can only be legally performed in Only two instances. One, if a person dies under suspicious circumstances i.e. Criminal victimization, drunk drivers deaths, or if one dies without being under the care of a Doctor. Now autopsies have become common Everybody who dies in America 2020 is Autopsied, starting to get the utter compound, complex, unbelievably Evil Scheme you America are almost unbelievably webbed in around through and through. Hiding, called lockdown praised as the “the good of us all” what is good when you are forced inside you homes, unless of course you wear a mask and keep anti-social social distances(5 feet, haha, WTFU) now the cops are the criminals and the criminals Are Victims of racist white cops and God forbid a cop shoots-and kills one of these savage bitch/bastard animals who is trying and too often succeeding to kill the cop and savage bitch/bastards come in All colors, shapes and sizes. There are Black savage bitch/bastard animals, White savage bitch/bastards there even Albinos with pink eyes that are savage bitch/bastards…………I could say more, much, much much, more, hey, but WTF, in closing I just say good night………Good night Mr. and Mrs. Civilized America…….wherever You are.

  25. these democommunist need to have there asses kicked and start acting like real officials and legit they should be ashamed of them selfs for all the wrong they do if you want justice shut down the WELFARE SYSTEM the n you will see the bad guys cry.
    as for the McCloskeys i give them PRAISE they are heroes to the GOOD AMERICAN PEOPLE THE JUDGE IS A BIG PHONY MONEY HUNGRY PERSON.

  26. I would be frightened if someone came out of their house with guns in hand. However, they did it to protect their property. Property owners have been killed recently in protests that turned into riots. It’s been all over the media. I believe this couple has a right to bear arms and to protect there property. The guns were brought out to put fear into the protesters minds. Fear is a good deterrent.

  27. Gods blessings always. Thank God they need PRES. TRUMPS input. No one should be afraid to protect themselves No one should be afraid to protect their possessions either .

  28. Trump or any POTUS has no business interfering in any police case. His reactions are based on retaliation and revenge, not about the law.

  29. We must all recognize that the RIGHT to keep (own) and BEAR (carry) arms is second only to FREE sSPEECH in our Bill of Rights. the Founding Fathers were very wise and concerned that it was only in the dictator-run nations that people were prohibited from owning guns – like Hitler in Nazi Germany to cite a recent and timely example. Free people must remain ever-vigilant to make certain we never let the politicians take total control over gun ownership. In fact, crimes of all types would see a dramatic drop if every home was required to own a firearm.

  30. Harassing the McCloskeys for using the Second Amendment right to bear arms in order to protect themselves is an attack on law and order in our country. The first law of nature is the law of self preservation and self defense. In response to St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner’s vicious attack on our civil society, I respond by providing the following quote from the meticulous, methodical and vastly underrated President Calvin Coolidge. He said the following when he was Governor of Massachusetts:

    “It is my purpose to maintain the Government of Massachusetts as it was founded by her people, the protector of the rights of all but subservient to none. It is my purpose to maintain unimpaired the authority of her laws, her jurisdiction, her peace, her security. This ancient faith of Massachusetts which became the great faith of America, she reestablished in her Constitution before the army of Washington had gained our independence, declaring for ‘a government of laws and not of men.’ In that faith she still abides. Let him challenge it who dares. All who love Massachusetts, who believe in America, are bound to defend it. The choice lies between living under coercion and intimidation, the forces of evil, or under the laws of the people, orderly, speaking with their settled convictions, the revelation of a divine authority.”

    — Governor Calvin Coolidge, excerpts from an Address at the Tremont Temple, October 4, 1919.

    When St. Louis Circuit Attorney Gardner refused to prosecute rioters for their destruction and violence but , apparently, made the decision to go after this couple, Gardner decided to attack the long held concept of a “government of laws and not of men” that John Adams so eloquently documented in the Massachusetts Constitution and which through merit became an integral part of the United States Constitution.

    It is obvious that Kim Gardner does not believe in “a government of laws and not of men” and thus does not believe in the cause of Americanism. She is a barbarian who has the ultimate goal of destroying the American republic and if possible, destroying western civilization itself.!

  31. Ms.Gardner should be fired for not upholding the law. Her decision is, obviously, politically motivated and even the Missouri Attorney General has listed her record as “abysmal”. If he cannot overrule her, President Trump should intervene. Why is it wrong to defend your own property, especially when not even one shot was fired and they were trespassing? If President Trump does not win this election, I fear for our country!

  32. Please don’t tell anyone, but this is another reason why we love him. He just does the right thing, never the Political correct thing.
    Wake up America. the enemy is here, and has been since the 60’s, You know who they are from their words and actions.
    Get rid of these Anti-Americans in the November Elections. Be sure to get to everyone you know, to vote them out and make this Election a positive demonstration to the fake news, so they have to report it. Then turn them off completely in our lives. Remove their Power over the weakest among us. Then join the school boards and take our Education system back. You get the idea, lets do it right America. We owe it to the past and the future to act now.

  33. Well, this is sorta like Alice in Wonderland, nothing seems to make sense….only this is not a bedtime story, but crazy reality.
    May God help us, and our country.

  34. The McCloskeys should sue DA Kim Gardner for Malicious Prosecution, Accessory After the Fact, Abuse of Process, Misuse of Authority, Civily & Criminally & file an Ethics Complaint to assess a fine. Fight back!

  35. Good for President Trump. Why doesn’t Gov. Mike Parson stand up for them and put an end to it. Why is he putting all this on the president to resolve. The couple were in fear for loss of life and property and received no help from the local authorities whose job was to protect. We also see the police were overwhelmed and had their hands tied by local government who resisted put a stop to situation and ask for assistance if needed.

  36. One cannot defend his/her home in St. Louis??? But protestors are allowed to destroy an owners property without worry of prosecution??? This appears to be the rule of law for St Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardener. Let’s hope someone with common sense intervenes.

  37. Who was against the law, the couple or the protesters??. Why can Kim Gardner go away with all of what he wants against the law abiding citizen?
    Manafort, Stone, Flyn…Cohen all have been prosecuted, but none in d democratic side have been prosecuted..WHY? They have persecuted you since day one and nothing happened.
    George Soros is not a perfect citizen why nobody can go after him. WHY? WHY?

  38. terrorists in charge they want police to take guns away from law abiding citizens trying to protect themselves and their property and/or terrorists want to refund police and they then want anarchy


  40. Criminals were riding in the couple had a right to protect her home with guns. Please can’t be everywhere and the mayor has it and there’s more record for protecting the citizens. We have a second amendment right he defend her self as needed from criminals farm and domestic. The riders are committing terroristic threatening and terroristic acts. I agree with President Trump
    They acted in self-defense

  41. Kim Gardner , circuit judge has the law backwards.Rioters are criminals not protesters and they should be prosecuted as such. Couple who defended their home has every right to defend her home with weapons if necessary they obviously couldn’t fight off that many people without weapons and I never fired a shot but they protected their home and should have the right to do.

  42. Ms gardner’s certainly sounds like she’s predicting good people and defending climinals.
    She should be forced to resign and be disbarred.
    It’s people like her that are destroying our great nation .
    The McCloskeys should be returned their weapons and ms gardner’s should be made to make a formal apology to them nationaly.
    As for the protesters they should be delt with by the law.
    This type of bad behavior should not be tolerated.

  43. Watch the whole video where the rioter and looters break a lock on the metal gate to get into the property. The rioters and looters need to be arrested for breaking and entering. Someone said one of the rioters had a gun. The night before on TV, one homeowner called the police to come protect them, the captain on duty said “You are on your own”. All of this factors into homeowners are worried to death. Two killed in Seattle riots, hundreds of people the past 3 months have been beaten almost to death.

  44. Why aren’t these rogue judges prosecuted and removed from the bench in violation of their constitutional duties? They are charged to enforce the law not make the law. They are in direct violation of the Constitution.

  45. I take issue with “they were protecting their home”…. ever had your house burned down? They were defending themselves!

  46. We are in a cultural war that threatens to turn into a real war against people in office like Kim Gardner. It is best that the president shut down these kinds of government officials, if that is within his power to do before the war turns more violent. No law abiding citizen wants that to happen. It is everyone’s moral right to protect their property from mobs or any other threat to their life and well being.

  47. This was ridiculous and corrupt how democrats are taking guns away from people defending their property from others wanting to destroy and harm them. Why should honest, hardworking citizens not be allowed to defend themselves against thugs?

  48. George Soros is a WWII Nazi SS soldier with Himmler as a helper ID’ing Jews in Hungary where he lived. Stole their money, property & enjoyed killing them. Nice guy huh?

  49. Help the s couple. Protecting what they have worked all their life to build. What gives rioters the right to destroy someone else’s life.

  50. I certainly hope that President Trump will apply tremendous pressure on this idiot prosecutor!! This is a national disgrace!! She should be removed from office for gross incompetence.

  51. Get rid of Kim Gardner. If you are violent,break the law and cause destruction to others property justice should be served. What are we supposed to do-sit back and let protestors damage others property. Stop trying to make a name for yourself. You are not doing your job.

  52. That’s our rights, to protect ourselves and family. If I fear for feel fear for my life and my loved ones , darned right . I’m gonna be ready before it’s to late.
    In a case like this best to be prepared (better than the later.
    Hell Yeah there’s lots of haters out there,I’m scared 😱 to wear red any Trump red cap or things about supporting republicans ,.
    I have right even so (more) my uncle’s fought in WWII

  53. This couple had every right to protect themselves and their private property. The hypocritical public fails to understand that when the trespassors broke thru the gated community they entered into community comon grounds areas, including the street. Each homeowner is also vested ower of the common grounds areas, and again a right to protect all the properties.. if I were in their situation, I would have stayed inside my door way, but as they say if you are going to shoot, protect yourself, make sure they have one foot in your door way.

  54. Kim Gardner needs to be fired, or removed from her job!The National Guard needs to go in and help police clean up the law breakers…whatever it takes. It concerns right and wrong, not what is political! Stand Up! Soros needs to be delt with also. !