C-SPAN Callers: Democrats Moving to Trump After Night 2 of RNC

The stark contrast between the Republican National Convention and the Democrat National Convention couldn’t be clearer.

The Democrats’ convention offered a jaded view of America with no hope in sight. They set their sights on how evil and bad half of America is and offered no solutions. Instead, they offered a view of America that is not fixable. It’s a terrible country with terrible people and those terrible people are refusing to give these great people (elite politicians and celebrities) more power.

How dare you!

Democrats didn’t call for unity or peace. In fact, in the few days since their convention, the Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has labeled Republicans an ‘Enemy of the State’.

People are noticing.

The Republican convention was full of messages of hope and unity. Black democrat leaders spoke of their admiration for the direction that President Trump has gone and offers in the future.

Real people, not celebrities, gave powerful speeches about real life issues.

After the second night of the Republican National Convention, viewers of the convention had been calling into C-SPAN and, according to Jim Hoft’s count, 16 out of 18 callers were enthusiastically supporting President Trump.

Including lifelong Democrats.

There are plenty more videos of the callers and conversations, here.


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9 thoughts on “C-SPAN Callers: Democrats Moving to Trump After Night 2 of RNC”

  1. Democrats are vile. They do not denounce violent rioting, and are definitely anti US Constitution. THE DNC was nithung re than Trump bashing. Nothing about illegal immigrants over veterans support. Nothing about tye costly proposed Green Deal. Nothing about raising taxes.Michelle Obama intimating that the riots will get worse if the Democrats don’t win.Hillary telling Biden not to conceded the election under any circumstances, and of course, Pelosi stating that Republicans are enemies of the state. Really?

  2. The hate portrayed through the Democratic Party is getting more obvious daily. They see nothing but doom and gloom and their agenda is to spend oOUR HARD EARNED MONEY on ILLEGALS.. giving them free education, free housing, they won’t have to
    Lift a finger to suck our economy dry. I worked my whole life and would work still if I were able..I take pride in the fact that I worked for everything I have. Democrats show no emotion toward their so-called fellow man. Hatred will get us nowhere.,their convention was doom and gloom.., as if they hated our country where the Republican event was filled with hope .. I’m going with Hope.

  3. There is no comparison between Trump and Biden. Just by watching one night of convention you can see never stops. He has done so many things in his first term. The farmers, lobster fisherman, abortion, veterans, school shootings regulations, prison reform. I can go on. The man never sleeps. He doesn’t need this job. I don’t know why he wants this job at 74. He’s above all a family man. He talks to all of his children everyday. Wherever he is.
    The Democrat’s they just let people riot lute and ruin our cities.

  4. So proud to call myself a Trump supporter. A lifelong Republican, I’ve always voted for the individual, not the party. However in 2016 and now, 2020, voting has never been easier. The contrast in the two parties has never been clearer. And the future for our country has never been darker——IF Donald Trump IS NOT reelected. So often when I hear the voice of the left in various forms I just want to scream at them to wake up. I have a family member who has not spoken to me nor acknowledged any correspondence from me since 2016. Though I love him, his values and vision for our country is so far different from the conservative cause, that I don’t know him any more. So sad.
    My prayer is that President Trump is given the opportunity to continue what he / and others have begun toward bringing our country’s heritage, culture and love for America, and that with support of the House and Senate he will be able to function with far less negativity. God bless America, and God bless Donald Trump.

  5. When faced with a “fork-in-the-road” choice — dark doom-n-gloom on the left, or the light of hope and prosperity on the right — most people are going to choose to hope for the best and gravitate toward the light. Only a severely hardened heart will head into the darkness.
    The demons have over-played their hand trying to beat their minions into submission with their over-kill mantra of “Hate Trump, Hate America”. When you constantly harp on something to ANYONE, it gets old and annoying.
    If they hadn’t pushed Trump into a lockdown scenario, and avoided the temptation of draconian rule, they might have gotten away with it. No, the demon governors couldn’t resist, and Pill-osi lost her mind.
    Then they put up an empty shell of a man with a 48-year history of doing nothing, against a man who did more in 46 months than several prior administrations combined.
    The demons forgot WHY Trump was elected in the first place.

  6. I am so happy to see the Republican Party tell us what they want to achieve. I get tired of all the negative
    remarks cutting each other down. Is this what we want to show our children that that is how you win
    by being so negative. She glad to see the Republican Party finally taking the high road and telling us
    what they will actually do for America!!! We don’t need a bunch of teenage or immature rebuttal but give us facts just the facts!!!! We have been viewing too much of people hurting others, let’s move to a strong America and show those that come after us that America is truly wonderful!!

  7. How does the Speaker of the House Dare to say something like that? The audacity of the woman is so offensive, I hereby pledge to convince no less than 3 of my family, friends, and acquaintances, to leave the Democrats and join the Republicans before Nov. 3. Democrat lies and the legacy of LBJ’s breadcrumbs tossed to constituents to endlessly subjugate them, is easy to show from a half page talking-point prop. That’s what all of us must do. Many, many people aren’t even aware that riots are still going on, that conservative news and web sites are being actively suppressed. The ugly truth of the Democrats, to take over and change our entire culture, cannot be ignored. It cannot be tolerated. Deny them, wholly and decisively. Remain mindful, kind, and grateful for the blessings bestowed upon us. Live in a sustainable manner. Continue to learn. And pray to God for us all.