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Gaetz: Congress Won’t Act on Big Tech Because They’re Bought Off by Big Tech

Rep. Matt Gaetz was on Hannity’s show Wednesday night and he ruffled some feathers by dropping a truth bomb about congress’s inactivity on Big Tech.

He say’s not to expect much action against the tech giants because those same tech giants have already “bought off” Congress.

Gaetz said the Department of Justice will have to be more active in holding Big Tech giants accountable because congress won't eat their own.

He also said "Google... is the most dangerous election interference in the world".

“Here’s the message to the president: Congress will not do anything on big tech because Congress is bought off by big tech,” he said. “But we’ve proved today that many of American’s largest technology platforms are not acting in the best interest of our country. They’ve pulled out of deals as Google has with our own military to keep our service members safe. But then Google has no problem going and partnering with the Chinese military of all folks. Even General Dunford, the chairman of the joint chief of staff, said that Google is directly benefiting the Chinese military. But it’s not that they are just working with China, they are trying to turn our country into China. Google, in particular, is the most dangerous election interference organization in the world.”

“Twitter shadow-banned four members of Congress during the Russian hoax — Jim Jordan, Mark Meadows, Devin Nunes and Matt Gaetz. That wasn’t a coincidence, Sean,” he said. And you know what? The Department of Justice should go and investigate these major tech platforms and prove that they are not biased. We’ve got enough smoke. There’s definitely fire. And I think the Department of Justice needs to be a lot more active in this civil litigation.”

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4 thoughts on “Gaetz: Congress Won’t Act on Big Tech Because They’re Bought Off by Big Tech”

  1. I have been saying this for almost 2 years now. The only way for any thing to actually happen is to bring these pomp ass holes to justice. Especially Google. How can we allow an American company to benefit a known adversary? I wish Matt would name names and then let us do something about getting there collective asses out of congress. I’ll bet Nadler is one of the top people on the list.

    1. Oh, I AGREE! We need names, so we can elect someone who will do OUR bidding. We did not elect representatives to go to Washington to get rich. We elected them to take care of OUR interests, and protect us from outsider influences like China.

  2. Just like “TERM LIMITS”, which most Americans want…..but the Anal Pores in Congress enjoy the “fluff addiction” too much. As on wiser than me has said before:

    “Politics is supposed to be the second-oldest profession. I have come to realize that it bears a very close resemblance to the first”!