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‘If We Had Not Been Told There Was a Pandemic, You Wouldn’t Have Known’

Prof. Udi Qimron is stepping up to head the Department of Clinical Microbiology and Immunology at Tel Aviv University and he weighed in on the controversial pandemic that is the coronavirus.

 “There is a very great interest for anyone who has supported the draconian measures taken around the world to say that Sweden’s policy has failed. Because if it succeeded, and trillions went down the drain for no reason, someone will have to answer for it.”

“That is why all over the world they prefer to claim that [Sweden] was wrong. But in the end, the truth came to the surface. In a world where decision makers, their advisers and the media were able to admit their mistake and the initial panic that gripped them, we would have long since returned to routine. The ongoing destruction due to the inability to admit this mistake, despite the epidemic’s small mortality numbers, is outrageous. History will judge the hysteria.”

He notes that the total number of deaths does not surpass 0.1% of any country’s population and at least 99.99% of the world’s population has survived the virus outbreak.

Professor Qimron uses data to come to the conclusion that the coronavirus is not nearly as lethal as it is being sold.

"If we had not been told that there was an epidemic in the country, you would not have known there was such an epidemic and you would not have done anything about it," he said emphatically. "The fact that this issue runs all day in the media inflates it beyond its natural dimensions. If black death had raged here, as in the 14th century, you would not have had to follow the situation in the news, the bodies would have piled up in the streets. We were not and we are not in this situation today."

He says the smart thing to do is the exact opposite of what almost everyone around the world is doing. However, he says, Sweden seems to have reached a depth of immunity after they decided that lockdowns were not helping and only prolonging the outbreak. Their lives went back to routing as the W.H.O. and countries around the world lambasted them for not following the recommendations of government and wold agencies who have been so consistently wrong with their recommendations.

Qimron would open schools and ask young people and children to take off their masks.

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11 thoughts on “‘If We Had Not Been Told There Was a Pandemic, You Wouldn’t Have Known’”

  1. Too bad he’s a professor at Tel Aviv U, since the American media hates Israel.
    I wish we had government who could have resisted the demons who wanted to use this “pandemic” for control.
    The damages done to the economy and society will live longer than a lifetime.

  2. Two thoughts: First, the reaction has been political, not rational. Our media has supported and encouraged the reaction and not worried about what history will think.
    Second. “Their lives went back to routing as the W.H.O. and countries around the world lambasted them for not following the recommendations of government and wold agencies who have been so consistently wrong with their recommendations.” I believe the words “routing” and “wold” should have been “routine” and “world”… darned spell-checker.

  3. PROPAGANDA!!! FAKE NEWS!!! SOCIALISM/DEMOCRATS. It still comes up pendingThese are all at fault and totally corrupt. I’m so tired of the democratic party and the way they treat our President. Voting at 16? Are you fn kidding me? We should raise it to 25! Millenials, for the most part, don’t realize how hard we fought for freedom in the USA, and against communism and terrorism. Term limits were voted in for congress/ government many years ago. Why hasn’t this been carried out? This is why government is so corrupt. Unemployment? Supreme court ruled the backlog was to end and all were to receive all retro pay due, by Aug 5. That was 2 weeks ago, and my daughter has been out of work since June 5! She is a single mom with no income at all right now. Yes, she is getting married next month. But still, her 17 yr old son can’t get a job because he can’t get an ID. All because of China and this Covid-19. He can’t attend a classroom school, and he is IEP. These kids don’t do well on line.This is plain bull. There is no excuse for delays like this. She has about 6 wks of $600wk on top of her unemployment, plus a few more weeks. All I can say is she better get EVERY CENT, before some illegal gets it.

  4. We have been training for the day the Socialists take over—
    We are like good little children, and are “following the rules” as we’re told to do! I sincerely hope that everyone (with any good sense) Will take off the silly masks and get back to normal. STOP LISTENING TO THE DEMON CRATS!

  5. I saw a sign at a store that stated masks were required to enter. NOWHERE did it say masks were required once inside. I thought about testing the reaction to complying with the letter of the signage.

  6. His numbers are incorrect. One reason they are incorrect is because of limitations in testing. Japan is a great example of people not getting tested that should get tested. In fact some were even told to get tested by their doctors and still couldn’t.
    this guy might be some kind of fancy professor somewhere but he is NOT on the front lines. Doctors on the front lines are saying things much different than he is.
    Facts are that this coronavirus spreads a lot easier and kills a lot more in varying ways than ANY other virus commonly seen anywhere.
    The real problem is that governments are burying their heads in the sand in place of finding real solutions. Masks are NOT a real solution. In fact due to their stupidity masks are becoming part of the problem because stores are opening up to full density because they mandate masks. This is based on a huge assumption that masks will stop the virus which is absolutly false. It doesnt stop the virus getting out if you happen to have it and it doesn’t stop anyone from getting the virus floating around in high densities in stores.

  7. To date, because of fiddling the numbers, miscounts, recounts and not being able to agree on how to determine the cause of death for a death certificate, we will never really know how many people actually died from corona virus. What we do know is how politically expedient this all is. The left is very anxious to keep American schools closed because when schools open that will be one giant step for normalization and that means that people will feel safe and comfortable going to the polls in November and rejecting the mail in ballot idea; on the other hand, the left also has to push school via internet because they can’t have parents actually teaching their children and discovering what’s really being taught in the public schools, the lies, the twisting or just ignoring the truth, the garbage that has been fed to our children for decades now. The most important thing to do come November is VOTE IN PERSON – we already have a fair amount of vote corruption in this country but mail in ballots would guarantee the appearance of a majority for the left. As it is, even going to the polls, I think we can expect another long recount with lots of “lost” ballots, “incorrectly” marked ballots and all the other poling lies that the left trots out at every election.