More Family Benefits Unearthed for the Biden Family

For the Biden family, government positions become a source of profit.

In 2009, then Vice President Joe Biden’s niece, Casey Owens, got an important job in the Obama administration as an adviser to the Treasury Department’s strategic and economic dialogue.

Just 4 years after college, Owens was hired away from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to advise senior officials on U.S. – China relations.

She wielded considerable influence over the direction of U.S.-China relations between 2009 and 2011, as she described her team as “advising” former Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner and responsible for “coordinat[ing] the priorities within the agenda for the Dialogue” and “spearhead[ing] the negotiations of proposals.”

As Natalie Winters points out, there was no outrage from the media on the Biden family cashing in on U.S. – China deals.

Before President Trump, China was taking us to the woodshed, economically.

It seems the Bidens were, too.

Hunter Biden is now widely known for landing billion dollar deals with Chinese companies as well as similar deals in Ukraine.

Many allege these deals only materialized due to his father’s position. In 2013, for example, then-Veep Biden and his son traveled via Air Force Two to China, and twelve days later, Hunter landed a $1 billion contract with a subsidiary of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)-run Bank of China.

So, imagine what a Biden presidency would look like for you, the ordinary citizen. Higher taxes, limited freedom, and national mask and business closure mandates have already been touted by the former Vice President.

If the past is any indicator, he and his family members won’t be in the same position as you. Recessions and depressions don’t hit the folks who are cashing in off taxpayer money like they do the folks who are paying those taxes.

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8 thoughts on “More Family Benefits Unearthed for the Biden Family”

  1. Many politicians go to Washington for nothing else but to create wealth from the influence they can sell. They will do and say anything to their constituency to get to Washington.
    Sad, but new “news” about Biden’s (or his family’s) corruption just doesn’t phase me any more . . .

  2. Hmmmmm…….the key word in the entire essay is ALLEDGE. Where’s the concrete evidence? Maybe if they donated a few mil $$$ to the election campaign, the could have gotten real government jobs like….. post master general. There is no one moer corrupt and using the government to line his own pockets than trump! After all…..he wrote the book that everyone else uses!!!!!!

    1. As you said your response is baseless, and we have a video with. Biden’s own words concerning the level of corruption with Ukraine, China is no difference, Trump did not get into government to enrich himself, he was already immensely wealthy if you didn’t know.

    2. Ron, so just to be sure, your saying that Dejoy contributed millions and was able to get a job paying less than $300,000? That kind of logic is why Democrats don’t have a chance of ever balancing a budget.

  3. Dems hate it when facts are in there face . I am not saying that all Dems are idiots ,however I am saying every idiot I have met (65yrs old) turns out they were a Democrat
    Please prove to me in any form that a man worth 4.3 Bil. has any reason to enrich himself or has done so, off of the American taxpayer. How much damn money does one need -ron hotchkin.

  4. And the trumps are just as bad or worse. They have been all over the world plying their trades on the taxpayers dime. Daughter Ivanka has been in all and everyone’s business all over the world without a high level security clearance and so has her husband who was one of the ones who f’d up the purchase of protective gear and ventilators for the states that were in need of them when the Covid virus was in high gear. So don’t talk about the Biden’s unless you talk about the trumps family all up in the White House getting their money via taxpayer