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QAnon: House Drafts Bipartisan Condemnation of ‘Q’

Reps. Denver Riggleman (R-VA) and Tom Malinowski (D-NJ) introduced a resolution Tuesday condemning the group named QAnon.

The media has picked up steam in its reporting of the message board found in different parts of the internet and on social media posts, across the world. They say it’s a ‘fringe group’ that promotes dangerous conspiracy theories.

They may be right.

It does promote conspiracies although not all conspiracy theories are false simply because they’re labeled conspiracy theories.

For example, the Q boards started posting pictures of high profile politicians with Jeffrey Epstein years before the mainstream media even acknowledged it or spent any time covering it (and many of them still haven’t).

The Q boards also promoted the ‘conspiracy theory’ that President Trump was being spied on by the intelligence communities, years ago, while there wasn’t a soul in the mainstream media willing to dive into that issue at the time.

I, myself, have not read the entire board and this article is not to support or defend QAnon. There could certainly be parts of it that promote dangerous theories. I just haven’t seen them so I can’t say for sure.

My question about this resolution has more to do with the timing.

“QAnon is arguably no longer simply a fringe conspiracy theory but an ideology that has demonstrated its capacity to radicalize to violence individuals at an alarming speed,” Riggleman and Malinowski say in their resolution, quoting a report from the Combating Terrorism Center at the West Point Military Academy.

Perhaps this is true but, again, I’m not seeing that across the country.

What I am seeing is a few very violent groups of people causing massive destruction and violence across the country.

The groups that are causing this destruction and violence are not Q supporters. They are wearing Antifa and Black Lives Matter gear, holding those signs, and chanting those slogans.

Yet we do not have a bipartisan resolution condemning those groups. Democrats won’t even say they condemn them, let alone draft a resolution.

Why not?

How many people across the country have been terrorized by ‘Q’ supporters? Not argued with at a rally, terrorized. How many buildings have been burned down by Q supporters? How many people have been beaten and jumped by Q supporters?

This violence we are seeing across the country is a real issue. This violence and destruction is actually happening before our eyes, yet Congress is spending their time drafting a resolution to condemn a message board that promotes conspiracy theories?

According to Miriam-Webster:

Definition of conspiracy

1the act of conspiring together They were accused of conspiracy to commit murder.
2aan agreement among conspirators uncovered a conspiracy against the government
ba group of conspirators conspiracy made up of disgruntled aristocrats
So, what is more dangerous and worthy of congressional time? Fighting a message board that implicates elite politicians and world leaders in disgusting acts, like pedophilia, or the real-life violence and destruction that has spread like wildfire across the country over the last few months?
Congratulations to congress for doing something but for your next trick try doing something of value.
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13 thoughts on “QAnon: House Drafts Bipartisan Condemnation of ‘Q’”

  1. I am saddened by the state of our government. They are not listening to their people but then are shocked when we vote them out or support someone who is listening to us, Donald Trump. Wake up America before they resolutionize all our rights away!!!!! God Bless America,

  2. Article nails it! They are going after the wrong groups! Antifa and BLM are the problems boy the Q BOARDS, BUT OUR POLITICIANS ARE AFRAID TO TOUCH THEM EVEN THOUGH THEY ARE THE RIOTERS, LOOTERS, ARSONISTS AND GENERAL THUGS!

  3. There IS a conspiracy within the entrenched, corrupt Federal bureaucracy to bring this country down. You would have to be blind not to see it. There is a current audit of post office payroll records that shows an overtime racket. The post office is just a small part of the corruption. It exists all throughout the Federal bureaucracy. There are people in high places who are either actively promoting the theft, or ignoring it when it is plainly visible.

  4. Yeah, some conspiracy theories are true. Our government was stolen from us in 1963. Not even Qanon has the courage to confront that.

  5. It is like most everything that congress does impeachment BS, a good example . I hope that it ism’t more ofthst. got to stop my eyes are going…

  6. QAnon must really be hitting close to a raw nerve and truth … Interesting to see which group is a problem for Congress

    Go after groups that are harming the common in the street citizen? Oh NO .. that’s a sacred cow

    But let’s go after a group that is exposing our dirty laundry … That is way more important…

  7. May or may not be any ‘conspiracy’, but when liberal politicians waste time on it, there is at least SOMETHING to it, you can bet on that!
    Washington has leaks in every corner and crevice, from every division and organization.
    Just like Adam Shiffty always insisted he’d SEEN it, then LEAKED it; there’s always evidence being used in the push-n-pull of the swamp.
    Any politician who writes up a bill on anything without concrete evidence they’re willing to share or include should be sanctioned, or dismissed by the people.

  8. I like the idea of a Q being out there, watching over us and warning us to help keep evil at bay. An idealology that is threatening to them(the dems) is a good thing . It might make them look over their shoulder while lying and stealing our heritage.

  9. Congress is the root of so many of our problems. Overspending? House originates spending. Bureaucracies with lawmaking capacity? Congress creates them with such powers. Law making judges and courts? They won’t impeach or defund. But they can swing for the fences on this – while ignoring the real destroyers of our cities. What a story excuse for “leaders.” They defile the word.