Republicans Blocking Subpoenas for Comey, Brennan?

On Wednesday Senator Ron Johnson said that his Republican colleagues on the Homeland Security Committee were blocking subpoenas of former Intelligence Agency Directors that headed up the Russian investigation.

Former FBI Director James Comey and CIA Director John Brennan are two of the individuals that Johnson said they need to hear from in order to get to the bottom of how this investigation kept going amidst all the inaccuracies and lack of candor (lies, in layman’s terms).

According to Cassandra Fairbanks’s article, a senate source reached out to Gateway Pundit and told them it was Mitt Romney leading the obstruction.

Would that really surprise anyone?

Johnson says he needs the support of his Republican colleagues on the Committee in order to get the subpoenas passed on, as there are 8 Republicans and 7 Democrats on the Committee.

However, the Homeland Security Committee has already authorized those subpoenas.

But Johnson told Hugh Hewitt that not all of his Republican colleagues were on board with the subpoenas and that approval did not include the list of Obama administration officials that he wants to subpoena, now.

“We had a number of committee members that were highly concerned about how this looks politically,” Johnson responded. When pressed further by Hewitt, Johnson said “I’m just not going to be naming names that way.”

Johnson says if he loses just one vote then it's dead in the water.

Hewitt pressed him on it.

"If there's a senator who is blocking a subpoena, we need to know who that is so we throw them out," Hewitt said later.

Senator Johnson then sort of backtracked his comment and said it's not necessarily that the subpoenas are being blocked, it's just that the other Committee members want the subjects to voluntarily testify.

Sure, that'd be nice, but I bet you and I wouldn't just get to say "no, thanks" to a subpoena if we were suspected of a crime, and then walk away scot-free.

So, what now? Do we just wait until after the election and see what happens? That could be convenient for some.

If they're concerned about this looking "political" then they're right. It looks very political that they won't subpoena these individuals for political reasons.

The reason they're not moving forward with subpoenas is political, by their very own admission.

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68 thoughts on “Republicans Blocking Subpoenas for Comey, Brennan?”

  1. Any time a politician ‘objects’ to anything, you can bet that politician is also involved with that ‘something’.
    Like Mitt Romney’s association with members of Hunter Biden’s company in the Ukraine.
    There are a few RINOs stalling, but if their constituency slam their offices with e-mails and phone calls, they’ll “have to do the right thing”.

    FOX news just reported; Former FBI lawyer Kevin Clinesmith will plead guilty to making a false statement in the first criminal case arising from U.S. Attorney John Durham’s review of the investigation into links between Russia and the 2016 Trump campaign, Clinesmith’s attorney told The Associated Press on Friday.

    1. I think everyone already knew that the only prosecutions in this crime were going to be of all the small potato’s and not one of the big wigs who committed the crimes and caused all the trouble in the first place.

  2. Romney is a no good SOB….he should be recalled. What ever happened to the petition with over 200K that the people of Utah put together….get it started again and put the SOB out of office!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Mittens don’t cover for the Biden baby. He has impregnated a young girl from Arkansas along with the other stolen money from Ukraine. Your children and grandchildren will find out what a sleeze you were after you are dead.

    Do the right thing for once and tell all.

  4. It is time for Republicans in Congress to step up and do their jobs NOW! We need to know who these people are so we can vote them out. No one but politicians and government workers can commit crimes and not be held accountable. These congress men and women are aiding and abetting these criminals and should be criminally punished for not doing the job the American voters elected them to do. Mitt Romney has been an embarrassment to this country and needs to go. I am so sorry I voted for him and have been so disappointed in his childish behavior.

  5. What do you expect from Romney, a class a idiot, missed his chance at the presidency years back. Dont know why the president endorsed him but was a big mistake. Now have to suffer with his ignorance. Need to get rid of that lowlife soon

  6. These CS SOB’s need to be removed from anywhere they can open their mouth. They need to be put in a corner by their self and not be included in anything. They are traders yo their party and need to be r removed.

  7. This election is crucial & it needs to up the number of GOP senate seats to the point that the Mitt Romney types are no longer needed to get the job done. Collins, & the twit from Alaska have done enough dammage & need to be sidelined until they can get weeded out.

  8. What!?! Why is the law different for them than it is for citizens?!
    It is political and it is a lack of spine. What trash we have in Congress!!!!

  9. I am appalled that Senator Romney would object to subpoenaing Comey and Brennan! Other than obstructing President Trump every way possible, despite the fact that President Trump supported Romney when he was running for his senate seat in Utah, Romney should be pushing for the investigation of Comey and Brennan’s involvement in the Steele Dossier and the fraud committed on the FISA courts.

  10. Mitt needs to go. If he wants to be a democrat he should run as one. He is such a jerk that he wouldn’t make a good butt wipe.

  11. Romney is not a Republican or a conservative so what’s the big surprise. He should be cut off from party benefits as he’s not really on the team anyway. What’s he got to hide??

  12. Nit wit Romney,needs to be honest for the first time in his life,he is a fake republican,working with, the left and globalist scum that want to rule the world!give into the left and the country will come to a really bad end!

  13. Romney needs to be removed from this committee. How did a Jr. Senator even get such an important position. Very Wrong, and any others that go along with this Romney betrayal because they don’t like our Great President Trump should also be replaced now.

  14. It’s painfully obvious that Romney is one of those so called Republicans.
    He will say and do anything to undermine the President. Hopefully the
    voters in Utah will have the sense to “send him packing” when his term
    is up.

    1. Romney should know by now – demos are using him. They splashed him with mud when they thought he might be the candidate. Now that he is not a threat they tell him he is a friend and like having him as a chum. RINO.

    2. I totally agree. He’s a turn coat, once again putting power and money for himself. Power Monger.
      Oh I know he probably thinks he can take it all with him when he dies from this world then goes to his planet through his Mormonism belief. You know they teach that only the men get to have their own planet and then they get to choose who can joining them on their planet. They really believe this. I wish they would kick Traitor Romney out of politics. He is a Deep State member. 🌚

  15. I am thinking that there are as many corrupt politicians on the Republican side as on the Democratic side. Demand term limits and get rid of them today.

  16. This cuts both ways. While there may be jousting between members of those atop the Democratic and Republican parties, they protect each other. The jousting also expands the divisions driven amongst unsuspecting individuals. Additionally, Attorneys General are nominated and approved to protect the guilty, not to prosecute the guilty.

  17. I am sick to death of mamby, Pam you RepublicansWho are consistent in one area and that’s NOT STANDING UP for America because the Democrats own them and they are afraid they might make President Trump look good. Never mind grudge carrying Romney, he is no longer relevant! Others need voted out if they don’t represent us!

  18. Every single one of the Republicans that stands in the way of voting for the truth should be walked out of their office.
    We want the names of every Republican on that committee.
    We the people are now watching every step the Republicans are taking!! You better vote and support fellow Republicans and the true Americans of this Country or you’ll out out of “any” power.

  19. Mitt Romney has become a traitor to our way of government because he got his feelings hurt during the last Presidential election cycle and then proved his lack of character when he did not follow the lead of his fellow Senate Colleagues but instead followed the totally false narrative of his new found democratic friends. I voted for Mitt and even sent several contributions. What a fool I was. Mitt is a Rino and it appears even worse. He needs to go back to Utah and return to his faith, renew his character.

  20. looks like the swamp isn’t just dems!!!! the whole bunch of idiots need to be kicked out and put people in that remember who put them there and for what ; THE PEOPLE NOT politics! a middle class person with low income wouldn’t have a choice if they wanted to answer a subpoena or not they would either go or GO to jail. old dogs comfortable in their bed they need to be retired and new put in that remembers they are there in Washington for the people and not the bucks and special favors!!

  21. Johnson needs to get a spine! Get the subpoenas served!!! People that have something to hide NEVER show “voluntarily”. Romney has been a huge disappointment. He’s just another male who’s ego was hurt. Instead of recognizing how much Trump has done for this Country, Romney has doen everything to undermine him. A total loser!

  22. As a Utah voter I supported Romney in his bid for the presidency in 2012 and his senate seat in 2018 but it seems that his hatred for President Trump has eclipsed any support for the Republican Party.

  23. What a shame! Mitt Romney is such a resentful guy! Does he believe in God at all? He doesn’t want justice done for our battered president. He is going to have our party struggling in the November election. He must pay a big price for that.

  24. This is the sole purpose that Romney wanted in to Congress. He hates Trump as much as his democRAT buddies . Ron Johnson should “fight to the end” to subpoena these traitors. And then fight to the end to expell Romney from the GOP since he is a RINO.

  25. It is a shame that any Republican would become a turncoat, this one certainly has. He is another traitor/Arnold, who in history was a traitor to the American way.. He needs to be voted out of office or recalled for his lieing ways.

  26. When our elected officials vote to not let subpoenas to be issued , means only one thing they are almost always in the mix of those being subpoenaed. We have spent millions of dollars to get to the bottom of all the corruption in Washington.Now when it is time to bring out to the American People we see members blocking the subpoenas from being issued. It is time to reveal the corruption and to et the hammer fall on those that are guilty and throw out the members that are covering for them,

  27. Mitt Romney again! HOW THE HELL THIS MAN SIDES WITH CORRUPT DEMO_RATS? I’m so sick of this
    dude, hopefully this shit out

  28. Do the people of Utah have any idea who has obstructed many of the positive things this POTUS is doing? I hope there is time left for this country to vote this originator of the “Obamacare Structure” from the East Coast out of his office.


    1. So who are you going to support? A democrat!?? No, continue your support for the Republicans but vote the RINOs like Romney out! He only one politician in the Republican party. The rest of them have been working with Pres. Trump. “One drop of dirty water does not pollute the ocean!” (Ghandy)

  30. Republicans dressed in wolf clothing have a ‘republican’ name but a democratic stance on anything that will impact Obama’s cohorts. Just drain the swamp and all politicians Who cannot fairly the status with their own party.

  31. What is wrong with the Republicans in charge of these investigations??? What do they have to hide comes to mind! If nothing then grow a backbone for a change or leave! JW

  32. What a disappointment our people in high places are, afraid to do their jobs. You want those guilty to come forward and voluntarily testify. If you believe that will happen, I have some property in Florida….The FBI needs to be
    cleaned out along with all those weaklings in the DOJ Department. Come on boys, lets grow some oranges and
    stand up and be counted. You have been hiding in the shadows long enuf, the American people are paying you to
    protect them and their Country. DO YOUR JOBS AS YOU HAVE BEEN APPOINTED TO DO. We have
    certainly waited entirely too long already for so many who committed criminal acts to be brought to justice.

  33. This is utterly disgusting! The evidence is there, Homeland Security approves; testimony should be expected.

    Approval by the RINOs in nonsense! Get er Done!

  34. Romney is a sorry “little” man! I will be actively working to get mit to not have a second term! He’s a sore loser! He’s taken over McCain’s Anti- Trump position! Another sorry bitter loser!

  35. They need to be subpoenaed. There is so much corruption in the government. They are not above the law. What has happened to laws, rules, jaul time. Stop the political stuff. Be honest and get to the truth. Is anybody honest anymore? This is so unfair. They should be in lots of trouble for what thsy all did. If a person that isnt in government we would be in jail already.
    Stop dilly dally and gst to the bottom of this, niw.

  36. Mitt Romney should admit he is a liberal who hates President Trump/ He considers Trump to be an obstruction to his own ambitions to becoming President of the USA. He really should announce he is a Democrat and switch parties.

  37. Very true a republican blocking the subpoenas is a RINO and should be thrown from the party. WE WANT THE TRUTH!