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Trump Reveals List of Dem Demands in Coronavirus Relief Bill

“Why would Democrats want to do that?”

That’s what President Trump asked in response to an ultra liberal wish list that Democrats tried to jam into the coronavirus stimulus bill.

From the White House:

"Everybody has ID requirements...but the Democrats want to ban it..Why would they want to do that?"

Democrats also wanted to ban signature requirements for federal elections, including states that already have it.

Trump called them out:

You know what it’s about?  Fraud.  That’s what they want: fraud.  They want to try and steal this election because, frankly, it’s the only way they can win the election.

Democrats also tried to ram through universal mail-in-voting in all states, and as we've seen in NJ, NY, and PA, that would be a disaster.

Another stuffing for the relief bill was packed full of bailouts for Democrat states that have been poorly mismanaged.

So, what does any of this have to do with relief for citizens and businesses affected by the pandemic?

Democrats are clearly using the pandemic as a hostage for power grabs and they don't seem to care who it hurts. I mean, they're all still getting paid.

While Americans are having to be told "No" on another round of stimulus payments, by Democrats, they're trying to authorize stimulus checks for illegal aliens..

The Democrat bill includes stimulus checks for illegal aliens.  So if you were able to get into our country illegally — and our border is, as you know, doing very well right now.  We have a very strong border, and the wall is up to 276 miles.  And we’ll be completed with it around the end of the year.  We’re going to do some extra mileage in certain areas that people didn’t realize were so bad, so we’ll be completed with it.  Right after, we’re going to do the additional mileage.  We’ll do it probably a little bit after the year.

So much for representation in Congress. At least for American citizens.

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One thought on “Trump Reveals List of Dem Demands in Coronavirus Relief Bill”

  1. What is the big deal about showing an ID to vote? You have to show ID to do everything else, and it doesn’t stop people from doing all those other things! If it were to eliminate all requirements to prove who you are, like a “just trust me’ thing, that’d be different. It’s always ONLY about voter ID laws.
    That = corrupt intent.