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Watch: Movie Maker/Talk Show Host Blasts Board and Health Officer Over Mandates

Movie maker and talk show host, John Ziegler, went off on the Ventura County Board of Supervisors and Health Officer Dr. Robert Levin over arbitrary orders and mandates for COVID-19 “protections”.

He questioned why nobody on the board has acknowledged that the health officer has been wrong on almost everything. Instead they continue to take his word for it and keep citizens locked down and businesses shuttered.


Ziegler called out the political nature of the decisions being made regarding the virus.

“COVID/BLM- took advantage of a unique opportunity while the entire culture was on its knees. Massive BLM protests were the moment we realized the COVID scare wasn’t so valid. Graduations were being canceled while BLM was promoted and huge “protests” (without “social distancing) were occurring.”

For more, check out Citizens Journal.

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One thought on “Watch: Movie Maker/Talk Show Host Blasts Board and Health Officer Over Mandates”

  1. The leftist are that arrogant. Their Marxists disease takes away their willpower, and common sense.
    It does not matter what any ‘expert’ says. It was an opportunity to wield power.
    Perhaps the ‘good citizens’ of Ventura County have acquired a backbone?
    Maybe a few Californicator liberals will loose a seat of power in the next election?
    I hope THAT disease spreads to other liberal states . . .