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Wisconsin State Agency Forces Masks While on Video Calls

According to a report from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources has mandated that its employees wear masks, not only in the office, but also while on Zoom video-conference calls.

What? Does Zoom spread the virus now, too?

In an email from Natural Resources Secretary Preston Cole:

“Also, wear your mask, even if you are home, to participate in a virtual meeting that involves being seen — such as on Zoom or another video-conferencing platform — by non-DNR staff”

There is zero medical evidence that I can find that provides for any benefit of wearing a mask on a video-conference.


Cole said they want to set an example, for others, about taking public safety seriously.

Not too long ago, Dr. Anthony Fauci said wearing a mask is more of a symbol.

Symbol of what? At what point, if not long ago, has this gone way overboard into a symbol of power and submission? When do we force everyone to wear burkas since they cover more of the face and obviously provide more protection?

GOP Rep. Joe Sanfelippo of New Berlin said this is "ridiculous".

“I’m more inclined to support things that actually do help as opposed to just putting on an appearance of helping,” he said.

Are mandatory face shields just around the corner? I wonder if any members of Congress or NIH, CDC, etc.. bought any stock in companies that produce masks, just a couple of months ago?

We've shut down mostly small businesses while allowing larger corporate companies to remain open and profitable. We've forced people to wear masks in order to enter and operate businesses even in areas that aren't and weren't hard hit by the virus.

We are starting to look more like China than the United States of America. At what point does it stop? Does it stop?

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8 thoughts on “Wisconsin State Agency Forces Masks While on Video Calls”

  1. Preston Cole of Wisconsin’s DNR should be ‘cancelled’ for working while stupid.

    This is virtue-signaling. We must make the lemmings feel safe! Considerate healthy people should sacrifice themselves on the altar of dummycrat virtues!

    All it does is teach the normally stupid people to be ridiculously stupid.
    Even the very liberal CDC doesn’t suggest wearing a mask indoors unless trapped around strangers.
    It’s odd the ‘scientific’ left refuse to believe the science about masks . . .
    The demons want to compound the hysteria. Keep the virus around until November.

    No one is ‘safe’ from Coronavirus (COVID is an influenza virus). By the time we LEARNED about it, it was everywhere. All you can do is be intelligent and take precautions where needed. JUST LIKE YOU’D NORMALLY DO FOR THE FLU EVERY DAMN YEAR!!

    Too many studies prove wearing a mask is pointless to “control” the virus. There isn’t a mask made today that can trap it; even more so for all the hip designer crap and bandanas. Do your own homework.

    Only the obviously sick should wear a facial covering to HELP keep others safer. Healthy people forced to wear a mask, face possible illnesses caused by the mask. Masks worn all day breed bacteria and is a resting place for other types of viruses; that are everywhere in our atmosphere (we don’t like to think about). Since the coronavirus can simply pass through the mask, the ‘healthy’ person breaths it in.
    Modern humans are not ‘clean’ beings. We grow and harbor millions of different types of bacteria in every corner of our physical bodies, especially the mouth and sinuses. Breathing through a mask all day combines some of those carried bacteria with the outside air and the trapped bacteria and virus from those around you — wham! New bacteria or virus! Then you breathe THAT in, and let it become part of you.
    Do you know someone who is always ‘stuffed up’, blowing their nose, or breathing through their mouth because their sinuses aren’t cooperating that day? They most likely have a STAFF infection. It is extremely COMMON and most often goes undiagnosed because of all the ‘self-help’ over-the-counter products, and doctors don’t bother with non-payola. When you stop seasonal drainage with antihistamines, the contagion gets stuck in your sinuses, and staff develops. Staff can pass the blood-barrier, and kill you. It can spread to others.

    The best ‘cure’ for coronavirus is SUNLIGHT. Go outside.

  2. This is absolute insanity. We are becoming a communist country. This has NOTHING to do with controlling a virus that CANNOT be controlled.
    Americans are NOT stupid. We are clearly aware of what is taking place. Anyone with COMMON SENSE will not follow or agree to this dictatorship behavior.
    If it continues I clearly see a civil war.
    These out of control politicians need to be removed.

  3. When will rank and file US citizens get their heads out of their a**** and start taking over their own lives, say no more and tell these gov’t officials to stick it? They’re just pushing us to see how far they can go. Way too many sheep. Just like Kamala Harris, threatening a mandated gun buyback. Almost100 million people own guns in this country, how many do you think will give them up w/out a fight?

  4. Most people I observe wearing masks do so in such a way that it basically eliminates whatever effectiveness these masks could potentially provide (which is basically no protection whatsoever, although it apparently makes some people feel like they are doing something to halt the spread of the China Flu). As a former NBC Specialist in the United States Marine Corps (MOS: 5711), my extensive training in the wearing of and use of protective masks makes me conclude that the wearing of most “masks” by individuals in the civilian world is useless in stopping the transfer of any disease (other than the wearer’s bad breath). This is more about little Napoleons trying to force others to do their bidding than to effectively accomplish any health benefits.

  5. This mask propaganda has never been anything, but an experiment to see how many sheep that can be herded and how far they can be pushed before there is a push back. So far the Socialists appear to be ahead in the game.

  6. Civil disobedience is what is called for. DO NOT wear a mask, because it is useless. Symptomless people are NOT contagious. And Hydroxychloroquine/zinc therapy works. Stop cowering in fear.

  7. What happened to common sense??? Politics and Government are necessary things to put up with. Common sense tells us if we do not want to catch the virus and do not want to spread it if we do come into contact with it, we should take precautions like wearing a mask if it is prudent. Not to please a government official !!! If we do not care, then protect you friends and family!!

  8. The masks are a symbol of oppression. We have flattened the curve months ago. Laws need to be instituted to make masks an option not a law. Absolute nonsense . If it was effective then why are people eating with no mask sitting six inches apart.