Chief Justice Roberts Likely to Decide the 2020 Election

In an interview with John Catsimatidis, former Clinton Adviser Dick Morris said that he thinks the entire election will be in the hands of Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts.

“The blue state governors are mailing out tens of millions of ballots, and they’re going to be returned with a vote on them, probably for Biden,” Morris told host John Catsimatidis. “And those people will not go to the polls to vote on Election Day. So what you’re probably looking at is that you’re going to have on election night a report that Trump carried … all of the potential swing states. And they’ll say that Trump has 330-350 electoral votes and won a landslide. And then, day after day, week after week, you’re going to find another million ballots counted here, another half-million there, another quarter of a million in another place. And gradually, these Democratic liberal secretaries of state who are in charge of the election in most of these blue states will say, ‘Oh, well, we’re sorry. It turns out Biden carried Wisconsin, not Trump.’”

If you’re a conservative, this isn’t good news.

Chief Justice Roberts has been anything but a reliable conservative vote during the Trump presidency and he's made his bias known.

Morris said the Trump folks will sue but those suits will be handled at the state level, which is largely run by Democrats, and he expects the states will uphold the late tally of votes.

Democrats and big tech are already setting the stage by preparing people for a long, drawn out election process.

When asked about whether this could lead us into a civil war, Morris didn't take the question lightly.

“Well, there certainly will be major conflict. I hope there won’t be civil war and it’s serious enough that I don’t take your question metaphorically.”


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2 thoughts on “Chief Justice Roberts Likely to Decide the 2020 Election”

  1. I have said from the beginning this is Not going to be a legal election I truly believe if are a good American you know in your heart something this important to our country we need to go Vote in person and Not the lazy way. You stand in line at Lowe’s,Home Depot, Walmart and all the stores so take a minute and GO VOTE in person Everyone should feel better and proud

  2. Here in Oregon the whole state seems to be on fire.
    Since there have been no thunder storms to blame it on,
    Arsonists with the liberal sick mindset to even further destroy our economy is on the minds of many hardworking Conservatives. Oregon has had mail in balloting for years, therefore the whole state government is democrat liberals.