Democrats Again Misleading People With Manufactured Intel Documents

Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe hits back at Congressional Democrats for creating a misleading and incomplete ‘classified’ document that they sent over to FBI Director Christopher Wray regarding possible foreign interference in the U.S. elections in November.

“In response to your specific questions, I can confirm the IC did not create the classified addendum to the 13 July letter, nor did we authorize its creation. The IC was not consulted prior to its creation and subsequent release to the entire membership of the U.S. House of Representatives”

The addendum was attached to a July 13, 2020  letter sent to the FBI Director by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff and Senate Intelligence Committee Vice Chairman Mark Warner.

“Unfortunately, this addendum only draws selectively from a small number of IC reports and focuses on only one threat actor in the elections security space. In summary, the classified addendum apparently prepared by the aforementioned individuals, by no means reflects the full and complete analysis of the IC,”

Sounds like more of the same from the Congressional Democrats over the last 3 and a half years.

Of course, it “leaked” to the press as well.

This is almost the exact same strategy used to start Crossfire Hurricane, the FBI code name for the operation to spy on the Trump campaign and associates.

  1. Create a Fake Intel Document
  2. Leak it to the Press
  3. Press writes a story on it, Cable News outlets cover it and feign outrage
  4. Open investigation based on information reported from the Press AND Cable News coverage.


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2 thoughts on “Democrats Again Misleading People With Manufactured Intel Documents”

  1. I am sick of the fake news and “anonymous” sources. I think is time to start prosecuting news outlets/reporters that publish, or verbally spread vicious lies just to drive a narrative that is not factual or accurate.

    This country, and the “American way” is based on truth and honesty, so if it is not true and honest it is not American.

    I don’t understand why anyone in America who claims to be a Patriotic American would think that Communism and Propaganda are good. Fire them, Deport them, or put them out of their misery, they’ve got to go.

  2. The democratic to me is lost in space and the only thing they gave are fake news to divert the attention of people like them.
    See their candidate sleepy Biden on his propaganda all he talks is about the virus and racial issues, racial issues he talks because with out the minorities he can hardly get votes
    His agenda is EMPTY, and is so boring that Shen he talks he gets sleepy