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Desperate Third World Plea: Democrats Extort the United States

Monday morning, Joe Biden, shot out a tweet (his advisers most likely given his state of being) insinuating that if Donald Trump is re-elected the violence won’t stop.

This comes on the heels of a Kamala Harris showing with Stephen Colbert where she not only defended the riots but she encouraged more of them.

Kamala tells you how much they want them to stop:

“And everyone beware, because they’re not gonna stop, I’m telling you,” she warned. “They’re not gonna stop before Election Day in November and they’re not gonna stop after Election Day. And that should be — everyone should take note of that on both levels, that this isn’t gonna let up. And they should not. And we should not.”

Now how do you know they’re funding it all?

The Federalist put together a great piece that ties the Biden/Harris team to the well-funded rioters through their cronies at the Ford Foundation.

The Ford Foundation has invested almost $2 billion into groups that’s sole purpose is to cause disruption to achieve ‘social justice’.

The Ford Foundation boasts key members of the Joe Biden and Kamala Harris campaign as alumni executives. Harris’s sister and ex-campaign chairwoman Maya Harris served as the Ford foundation’s vice president alongside Biden’s now senior advisor, Cristóbal Alex, who served as its program director during the Obama presidency.

Some of Obama’s top staffers are now Ford Foundation’s top staffers. Taara Rangarajan, now Ford’s chief of staff, served as Obama’s national security advisor from 2013-2016. Before that, she served as a special assistant to Susan Rice during the Benghazi affair. Another Ford exec, Xavier de Souza Briggs, served as President Obama’s associate director of the Office of Management and Budget.

They call out the groups being funded by the foundation such as the communist Worker’s World Party and the Dream Defenders Group that use third world mafia tactics to attain it’s goals.

The Ford Foundation is stacked full of Democrat activists, too.

Like other private foundations, Ford is governed only by basic IRS filing requirements and has virtually no public oversight. With woke leaders like Cisco’s CEO Chuck Robbins, Ford Motor Company’s Henry Ford III, and abortion giant Planned Parenthood’s former president Cecile Richards sitting on Ford’s board, be assured it will not cut off the funding to these Democrat street squads.

You need to read the Federalist article on these connections. It’s clear as day that Democrats are attacking America and will be accusing President Trump of the very thing they are doing. They’re just hoping you’re all dumb enough to believe their words, not their actions and your eyes.

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3 thoughts on “Desperate Third World Plea: Democrats Extort the United States”

  1. It’s not going to stop, and we should not.” This is a quote from the video I just saw of Kamala Harris. This is what the democratic party offers us as a Vice President, if elected on November 3rd, she can’t hold a candle to Mike Pence. What a combination, Joe and Kamala. I’m 73 years old, some of my blood was spilled and I almost died a number of times in Viet Nam and I’ve been a moderate democrat all my life until about 6 – 8 months. Now I’m a moderate republican, I haven’t changed, the democratic party has and I can support them no more. “TRUMP 2020”

  2. If this is true we will no longer be driving Fords. Ford vehicles have been our choice for work trucks and family cars all my life and my father’s life. I am 67 and Dad passed away in 2017 but if he were still here would be appalled to hear this. What disappointing news!!

  3. America, we’ve got a problem! The Democrat Party has lurched so far to the left, that it is no longer the Democrat Party of the USA. We are dealing with hard-core Marxists, on the order of Vladimir Lenin.