Facebook Steps Up Censorship of Trump Ads Even if They May be True

The pressure to censor information from pro-Trump groups and even the campaign has gotten to be too much for social media giants. The alt-left, that has taken over the Democrat party, has now demanded Facebook censor ads that are using Biden’s own words during speeches.

To Facebook, fact checking is all about their opinion of those facts.

In a couple of new examples, Facebook fact checkers aren’t even disputing facts but now claiming the ads or articles are missing ‘context’.

In an August 4 ad run by America First one of the fact check sites, Politifact, gives the ad a ‘mostly false’ rating for directly quoting Biden saying “If you elect me, your taxes are going to be raised, not cut,” and warns that his plan will raise taxes “on all income groups.”

See it for yourself.

What does that sound like to you?

What's more is that Politifact actually admits their mostly false rating is, well, mostly false in their review of the ad.

new ad from a pro-Trump super PAC uses out-of-context footage of Joe Biden to claim that the former vice president wants to raise taxes for Americans across the board.

Versions of the ad from America First Action began airing Aug. 4 on Facebook and on TV screens in Wisconsin and North Carolina. They focus largely on a comment Biden made in response to a voter during a February campaign stop in South Carolina.

But the America First Action ad presents that remark out of context. And while some tax experts estimate that Biden’s plan would mean higher taxes on average for all income groups, those increases would be relatively small for all but the biggest earners.

Politifact then cites a Biden campaign official in its review, as a source, to explain that, although this is exactly what Biden said, what he meant was that it would hurt those pesky GOP wealthy benefactors from the Trump tax cuts.

I mean, that's a much better talking point for him.

And then goes back into raising taxes, again.

“We should charge people the same tax for their capital gains as their tax rate is,” Biden said. “And I think we should raise the tax rate back to, for example, I take it back to where it was before it was reduced. It could go higher.”

But I guess that's not what he 'meant to say'?

I recently re-posted a video of Kamala Harris saying the protests "are not gonna stop before election day and not gonna stop after election day. They're not gonna let up and they should not."

This was rated 'Partly False' by Facebook fact checkers and cited a USA Today article. These are her own words, nobody else's.

Congress better get off its butt to address this political censorship taking place on social media platforms across the board. With Facebook itself, 43% of people admit they read their news from the site.


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10 thoughts on “Facebook Steps Up Censorship of Trump Ads Even if They May be True”

  1. I have trouble on Facebook when I try to access a Trump post. Mostly I the message says sorry the address you are trying to get is invalid. BS. I am not quoting them. Which Facebook will use as an excuse to say I am wrong!!! Thanks

  2. Truth has become a dirty word in America. Even if Biden only raises taxes on those making over $100K, you can be sure corporations are going to pass those tax increases onto the consumers…which includes EVERYONE. So while he intimates the poor won’t be effected, he is wrong and a liar.

    1. Jack- He told the truth…. He VERIFIED months ago that the FIRST thing he intends to do is REVERSE the tax cuts that Trump put in when he got into office. So EVERYONE’S taxes are going to raise just from that. The middle income, the low income and senior citizens too. Matter of fact, the increases to the big money incomers will be of a smaller percentage of their income when compared with others. Someone who makes $50K paying an additional $2500 of their income is losing 5%. Someone making $400K paying an extra $16,000 in taxes is only paying an additional 4%. So the middle, low and senior incomes STILL get hit harder that the rich elites the democrats so love to pander to. Add to that YOUR comment about the trickle-down effect of business tax increases and the poor get poorer and the rich get richer. So what else is new with democrat policies.

  3. A civil servant running for office should not have a smirk on their face when riots are hurting the public. I would think more concern on wanting to stop the rioting and a straight caring face to be more appropriate. This civil servant seems to know the future most likely because someone has told her.
    Such as a strategic plan that is known to her, one that she is oh so confident about.

  4. Shame on you. The Democrats can post anything they want, but Republicans can’t. Why don’t you ban ALL political adds? Just remember, karma will get you.

  5. “Hi my name is Joe Biden”, no, what he meant to say is “Hi, I’m the voice for Pelosi and Schumer”….. “Hi, I’m the puppet for the radical left.”….. “Hi, I’m incapable of thinking a coherent thought on my own.”….. “Hi, this is an advertisement for Depends… where’s Jill?”

  6. Facebook and Google nee to be broken up They a both monopolies that have too much control as News TV and Print Media have lost all their business to them.