Huge! Another Peace Deal in Middle East by President Trump

Either President Trump is a genius or past Presidents didn’t have a clue how to negotiate peace. Or perhaps, they didn’t want it. Maybe it’s all of the above.

President Trump secured another huge peace deal between Israel and Bahrain on the all-important anniversary of 9/11.

And he also earned a second nomination for a Nobel Peace Prize.

A member of the Norwegian Parliament, Christian Tybring-Gjedde, nominated President Trump for the Nobel Peace Prize on Wednesday after Trump successfully brokered a peace deal between Israel and the United Arab Emirates.

President Trump hinted that there was more to come after the UAE-Israel Peace deal.

“This deal is a significant step towards building a more peaceful, secure and prosperous Middle East,” Trump said in an Oval Office announcement of the deal.

“Now that the ice has been broken, I expect more Arab and Muslim countries will follow the United Arab Emirates’ lead.”

And he was right.

Don't forget about the Serbia-Kosovo economic normalization, earlier this month, after a long and bloody history between the two countries.

The President has preached 'peace' since he took office and he has worked toward it at every turn. It was said that we would be at war with North Korea immediately after Trump won.

We weren't and we didn't partake.

Same with Iran. Didn't happen.

Instead, President Trump has brought peace to the hardest place on Earth to do it...The Middle East.

While it's early and not complete, it has to make one wonder what the former Presidents of the U.S.A. were doing. Did they want peace or were they slaves to the profits of war?

This man has more than earned a second term. If the people of the United States really want to see peace around the world, and at home, they'll vote him back in. There is simply no other choice for peace.

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5 thoughts on “Huge! Another Peace Deal in Middle East by President Trump”

  1. Yes, peace. But at what cost? Seeing these two countries “coming to terms,” let us take a very close look at the “details.” Both are suspect of offering “peace for a price.”

  2. I am proud of President Trump. I know he has made mistakes, but who hasn’t? He has really missed the mark on our environment, but I pray he’ll change his mind and make that right!

    The radical left scares me, terribly. Our country has always made me proud, just as it is. Socialism isn’t an option.

  3. Past presidents were in the hip pocket of the military profit complex. They may have wanted to be remembered for trying to bring peace to the middle east, but were too afraid of the deep state.
    Going up against the deep state is what got Kennedy killed . . .

  4. We do not even have peace here in the U.S. Racial injustice and gun violence running rampant makes it very unpeaceful in my opinion