New FBI Texts: “Trump Was Right”, Exposes Extreme Corruption

Newly released FBI text messages and notes show “Trump was right” about it all.

These corrupt FBI agents were literally trying to unseat a duly elected president and they were so confident that what they were doing was illegal, they went out and bought professional liability insurance policy in case they got caught. They purchased this policy less than two weeks before President Trump was inaugurated.


He wasn’t supposed to win. They got caught. Even the analysts doing the work seemed to figure out the goal was to get Clinton elected, as they discussed over text messages.

The FBI didn’t willingly release these texts, either. They were only disclosed in federal court filings by Sydney Powell, Michael Flynn’s attorney.

“[T]he new AG might have some questions….then yada yada yada…we all get screwed,” one agent wrote.

This was right before they pressured the new A.G. Jeff Sessions to recuse himself from the investigation. Now it makes sense.

They all knew what they were doing was illegal. They were just so confident Hillary would win that it would never get out. Once President Trump won, they got scared, so scared they needed protection and scrambled to buy time to cover their tracks.

Trump suggested that his first intelligence briefing (Jan 5, 2017 meeting in Oval Office) on the so-called "Russian hacking" was delayed because "perhaps they needed more time to build a case". He was right, as one agent admitted.

And I thought Obama said there were no scandals during his presidency?

You know what, perhaps, the worst part of this is?

The FBI has had these texts all along and refused to release them. This could have stopped they Flynn saga a long time ago. This would have put a stop to the "conspiracy theory" dialogue, 3 yrs ago.

I wrote an article the other day about the utter incompetence or corruption at the FBI and asked which it was. I now think it's likely that it was, and still is, corruption.

Why would FBI Director Wray just sit on these texts and notes. He has allowed the country to be drug through the mud with lies but he knew all along.

Trump was right. This is much, much bigger than Watergate.


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One thought on “New FBI Texts: “Trump Was Right”, Exposes Extreme Corruption”

  1. It is not enough to see these econversations made manifest. What is required — for the sake of the nation — is to see the incriminated parties swiftly and severely prosecuted for their clandestine, illicit, traitorous stratagems to throw this country into chaos.