Where is the FBI?

Aren’t interstate movements of guns, drugs, cash, and violence kinda what the FBI exists for? According to the FBI, this is their primary investigative function.

They are to protect the U.S.A. from domestic and international terrorism, public corruption, organized crime, and violent crime, according to their website.

What, exactly, does the FBI think is going on right now across Democrat run cities in the U.S.? Do they not think it’s organized, funded, and violent? Has anyone heard a peep from FBI Director Wray about this?

I wonder if this sort of action is classified as violent, according to the FBI.

Why is it that the FBI could run a spy operation on a sitting President, using foreign spies as intel, but they apparently cannot spy or gather intel on a bunch of drug addicts and anarchists who are flying across the country, wearing the same uniforms?

These Antifa and BLM idiots are using U-Haul trucks and unloading them out in the open, yet the FBI seems confused about where to start.

Two more police officers were shot last night in Louisville and, over a lie once again, streets were set ablaze. A police station in Missouri was set on fire as well.

It's always in urban areas run by Democrats. Yet, with all these lead pieces of evidence the FBI remains stagnant and quiet and impotent on the issue.

There are two reasons that I can think of why this hasn't been handled. Either the FBI is incapable or it's complicit. Not too long ago, in 2016 and 2017, they were capable and complicit. Has anything changed?

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3 thoughts on “Where is the FBI?”

  1. I have been wondering the exact same thing! Seems like the FBI has either become complicit or TOTALLY INEPT! It’s bad enough they can’t keep drugs out of this country along with the border patrol. But now they can’t even figure out who is running this anti-American operation against our society in general. INEPT at best.

  2. Christopher Wray is ‘protecting’ the “institution” of the FBI; and by that, I mean people IN the FBI.
    There’s only ONE reason requested documents and evidentiary procedures are not delivered, slow-walked, hidden, misplaced, or locked away as “Classified” for 25 years. SOMEONE so high-up in the FBI or a ‘valuable’ piece of crap is being protected until they die.
    I think it’s Joe Biden. He’s such a criminal and everyone knows it. But, no one can do anything without evidence.
    I didn’t think Wray was a Clintonite, or an Obama hold-over when he was first appointed, but now I feel differently.
    He doesn’t seem to want the FBI cleaned up, and seems to be working harder at not cooperating than necessary..