Blacks Give Trump 46% Approval Rating in New Poll

The Democrat’s stranglehold on the black community may be coming to an end according to a new Rasmussen poll.

It appears many African American voters are no longer buying into the Democratic Party’s campaign inciting racial tensions against President Donald Trump, as a daily tracking poll found on Friday that 46% of likely black voters approve of the job he is doing heading into the November election.

Many other polls are not showing the same lift as the Rasmussen poll, but the poll shows a jump from 25% on last Monday, before the final Presidential debate, to 46% on Friday – just one day after the debate.

The Hill also released an article, last week, that corroborates at least some of the poll’s findings.

In an article titled “Black male voters are tired of being taken for granted” the Hill supports the poll’s findings among Black males.

The study showed that 18–30-year-old black swing voters view Democrats more negatively and Republicans more positively than their older peers, as even though they believe the mainstream media’s anti-Trump narrative that his is racist, unfit for office and has bad policies, they look up to the way he “shows strength and defies the establishment.”

The real poll that will tell the story is on November 3rd but this is encouraging for the Trump campaign.

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3 thoughts on “Blacks Give Trump 46% Approval Rating in New Poll”

  1. Trump has done more for the African American community in 4 years than the Democrats have ever done for them … rememember the Democratic Party is the party of the KKK .. Biden was a friend of a Grand Wizard … the media has gone out of its way to try and destroy this president … time to vote for the People and not the establishment… Joe Biden

  2. Old Joe Blow said something like: ‘If you don’t vote for me, you ain’t BLACK!’ Despite what the Demoncrats believe and demonstrate, this proves that black people have brains and are quite willing to abandon the Government Plantation! The Demoncrats have catalyzed the decline and destruction of the black nuclear family for decades now and enough black people are waking up to realize that now. It was the REPUBLICANS who freed the slaves and it is the Republican who respects black people the most today.